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Getting Down to the Bones and the Muscles

The bones and the muscles play a significant role in how people exercise and stay active. Muscles move body parts and can pull bones. Tendons attach muscles to bones. The tendon acts in a way that forces the bone when the muscles are contracted. Therefore, we couldn’t get around correctly without muscles or bones. It is up to you to take care of them and give them exactly what they need. It is essential to eat a healthy diet along with regular exercise. However, no matter how much someone exercises or how healthy they eat, something additional is often needed to maintain adequate bone and muscle health. It would help to educate yourself about what you have missed out on.

For decades, a massive combination of diet and exercise plans has been pushed to the public. Everything from losing weight to gaining muscle has been put into the minds of the general populace. The problem is that many products marketed for these purposes do not always contain the most natural ingredients or the necessary nutrients to do the job. In addition, some have been able to help muscle health while not being able to support bone health and vice versa. Recently, though, there has been a massive uprising of people taking it upon themselves to provide equal care to both their bones and muscles, as those are the two things that keep them standing up in the first place. This uprising comes from the use of excellent products from Sparkle Wellness. It’s a significant coming together of individuals finally taking their health into their own hands. The year 2023 is getting ready to turn into 2024, and it is up to you to join this uprising of health awareness that is changing people’s lives for the better.

Maintaining Strong Bones

As mentioned, bones and muscles have to do with what allows the body to move physically. They also protect one’s organs. Everything from one’s brain to one’s heart is provided a protective barrier with the help of the skeletal system. Bone is a tissue that grows and helps hold one’s body together. Without bones, the human body would be just a mesh of skin and cartilage. It also takes strong muscles to complement one’s bones. The two main components of bones are collagen and calcium.

One of the biggest problems people encounter when their bones weaken is becoming more prone to fractures and injuries. This problem is a huge one that most people face. Breaking bones is no fun. Also, constantly succumbing to injuries causes huge inconveniences in people’s lives; they must miss out on essential tasks. It’s best to keep the entire body protected so that one can continuously handle their daily responsibilities. With fewer chances of sustaining an injury, people can stick to their regular schedule better.

When bones are more robust, they are generally less prone to encountering as many fractures and breakages[1]. Nevertheless, they are still going to occur occasionally. With more muscular strength, the bone healing process tends to be quicker and less painful. Similar to how a wound heals quicker when someone has low rates of inflammation, a bone break can heal faster if one’s bone strength has been maintained.

One of the most essential things about maintaining bone health is bone mineral density (BMD). This is the measurement of minerals in one’s bones, like calcium. Like anything in the human body, BMD declines with age. When too much reduction occurs, one will likely develop osteoporosis[2]. While calcium supplementation certainly helps with maintaining a decent BMD, it often takes something more than that.

Like BMD, another thing that starts to slow down as people age is that of bone turnover. This scenario involves the remodeling of the bones as the mature bone has worn out its welcome in the body[3]. It’s a critical process because it helps offset bone loss. As people get older, however, this replacement process is not as efficient as it once was. Maintaining bone turnover for one’s health and well-being takes something natural and proficient.

Maintaining Strong Muscles

Just as crucial as maintaining strong bones is maintaining solid muscles. Strong muscles enable one to enjoy favorite physical activities like sports and playing with children. In addition, it helps people complete daily chores that require physical exertion, like cleaning the house and mowing the lawn. Some people have jobs that require significant amounts of manual labor daily. These workers must keep their muscles strong and well-kept to effectively approach their responsibilities.

Some people in this world are either athletes or just life-long exercise enthusiasts. Even though athletes are generally playing a sport in the prime of their lives, they still need something besides protein and calcium supplements to keep their muscles toned and ready for any competition. The same goes for those who are long-time exercisers or gym goers. As time passes, they often don’t have the energy levels they used to, so some supplementation, as long as it is healthy and recommended, certainly helps.

The stronger one’s muscles are, the better one’s joints are supported[4]. This support enables people to have both strength and stamina. More muscle also helps you control your body fat level. Maintaining one’s body fat level is essential to avoiding weight-related issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol. Having more muscle helps one manage blood sugar better.

Since the muscles are what are attached to the bones, strengthening them, in turn, helps strengthen the bones. The bones move as the muscles move, so it makes sense that one would rely on the other for support. The stronger the muscles are, generally, the stronger the bones are.

Losing Muscle Mass and Bone Density

As people age, it becomes much more challenging for them to keep up the health of one’s bones and muscles. Over the years, the strains put on the body begin to catch up with people. While it is sometimes hereditary, the loss of BMD occurs with age. For many people, their bodies will inevitably lose an adequate amount of BMD as time passes. The same can be said when it comes to one’s muscles. It’s an inevitable part of life that needs more than just diet and exercise to be adequately contained. One can take control of one’s life by strengthening BMD and bone mass, even when one has reached the age where both begin to decline. It all comes down to a little something called collagen.


Collagen is a word that, for many years, people associated with a substance that was simply used as a beauty supplement for people’s lips and faces. While this is undoubtedly a large part of what collagen is, the truth is that there is a lot more to collagen than just that. Collagen is the most abundant protein, comprising various body parts, including skin, cartilage, bones, muscles, and tendons[5]. The body produces collagen. However, like with many things, collagen production declines over time.

Importance of Collagen for Bone Health

Since collagen is a major component of bones, it plays a part in overall bone health. Studies have shown that collagen supplementation can help improve bone density as one gets older[6]. This improvement, in turn, can help prevent one from developing osteoporosis.

Importance of Collagen for Muscle Mass

The supplementation of collagen has a lot to do with how one maintains muscle mass over time. Since collagen makes up muscles themselves, it’s only fitting that its upkeep is a part of what keeps muscles strong and toned. It boosts protein synthesis[7]. When one takes protein supplements and collagen, the body can absorb all it needs to keep muscles intact.

 Additional Benefits of Collagen

Benefits to Skin Health

Collagen is what helps people maintain skin elasticity. It increases skin hydration, preventing skin from developing wrinkles and fine lines[8]. However, as people age, collagen production begins to decline, resulting in the skin losing its elasticity no matter what someone’s age is. Without the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, not only will one’s skin look healthier, but it will also enable the person to feel more confident about themselves, especially when communicating with others.

Helps with Hair Growth

Studies have shown that collagen can play a role in keeping one’s hair growth steady[9]. In addition to the decline in bone health, muscle mass, and skin health that occurs with age, the upkeep of one’s hair also tends to become more complex. For many people, hair loss occurs. Others just have trouble maintaining their hair’s overall thickness or texture. Through amino acids and proteins, collagen can fight off the effects of aging on one’s hair. Also, collagen has been shown to help the tissues on one’s scalp.

Specific Types of Collagen

It’s essential to also consider the types of collagen used to help strengthen bones and muscles. The type of collagen used can undoubtedly make a difference. FORTIBONE® collagen is a grass-fed bovine collagen. What makes the difference between FORTIBONE® collagen and others is how it addresses the calcium-collagen relationship within the bones. Calcium has been shown to decline when collagen does. However, FORTIBONE® collagen increases bone collagen, supporting calcification within the bone. In four independent clinical studies, the regular consumption of FORTIBONE® improved bone health by increasing BMD and speeding up bone healing in fractured patients versus placebo[10].

Regarding building muscle mass, another specialized collagen peptide is BODYBALANCE®. This is another grass-fed bovine collagen. The main difference between this type of collagen and others used to help muscle mass is how it goes through a special process to activate the specific proteins needed to gain lean muscle mass. In investigating BODYBALANCE®, it is shown that it stimulates the mTOR pathway, an essential protein for gaining muscle[11].

Sparkle Wellness

Founded by husband-wife team Yu Ming and Derek, Sparkle Wellness is a supplement brand emphasizing scientifically evidenced natural approaches for beauty-from-within and wellness. They use only the best ingredients to help one’s bones, muscles, joints, and skin. Sparkle Wellness aims to motivate people to feel good about themselves and inspire and uplift them by tackling what happens inside to help you Sparkle on the outside.

Osteo Boost Powder

  • FORTIBONE® Collagen Peptides
  • Increases Calcium Uptake
  • Promotes strong, flexible bones
  • Increases Bone Mineral Density (BMD)
  • Improves Markers of Bone Turnover
  • Improves Bone-Healing

Muscle Boost Powder

  • BODYBALANCE® Collagen Peptides
  • Provides Muscle Support
  • Helps Build Lean Body Mass
  • Helps Reduce Fat Mass

Help Your Bones and Your Muscles and You Help Your Life

Wouldn’t you want to obtain strong bones and muscles and keep that strength for the rest of your life? Isn’t it time you joined the millions of people worldwide who have taken the next step to overall wellness? This year is ending, and the more you let time go by, the more your body misses out on what it needs. Osteo Boost Powder and Muscle Boost Powder from Sparkle Wellness has the right kind of collagen for all of the health needs of your bones and muscles. Start reaping the benefits now!











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