BeautyGo back in time for skincare that works

Go back in time for skincare that works

Ashley stood in the center of a large room. Light filtered through the sizeable storefront window, playing on the dust in the air.  She could feel the history – nearly 125 years of it. The ancient, stamped tin ceiling stared down at her. With its intricate detail, Ashley could tell that long ago, someone had cared deeply about their work, just like she did.

All of this seemed right to her. She couldn’t think of a better spot in the world for her vision. Nestled high in the Rocky Mountains, her new workspace was surrounded by voices from the past. She drew in a deep breath and thought about what a long road it was to arrive at this moment.

Like most entrepreneurs, Ashley started small. She had a problem, and she couldn’t find a solution anywhere. So, what’s a resourceful lady to do – create a solution – well, that’s what she did. Now, she needed more space because others also needed and wanted her solution.

Demand for her product had soared. Now, here she was in a historic Colorado gold mining town. Her new headquarters was, at one time, a pharmacy. This seemed all the more fitting. Ashley’s products are similar to the ones sold here long ago.

She had labored for years to get to this point, and now, in a building steeped in history, she had the room to produce her handcrafted product for many more customers. People who long for skincare products that work. Products that clean and purify skin without harsh chemicals are safe for all skin types.

Ashley knows that her products can change people’s lives; they changed hers, and they could change yours. Let’s learn more about these products and how a diligent and determined woman from Colorado is making these changes.

It all started with a need.

In 2015, Ashley Black took her first steps towards changing people’s lives. She created her first skincare treatment. This wasn’t out of some innate desire for easy money or a hyped product for fast cash. No, she created her first cold cream out of necessity.

You see, Ashley had spent close to twenty years battling cystic acne. Have you heard of that? Since you know what acne is, here’s a breakdown of a form of acne that is notoriously hard to treat.  It is considered the most severe type of acne and produces painful, pus-filled pimples that form deep under the skin.

The swelling and inflammation are terrible and often cause scarring and infections.

This is what Ashley had suffered with since the age of thirteen. However, she didn’t just sit back and hope her skin condition would heal. No, she took action and tried everything you could think of. Anything offered over-the-counter, she tried it without success.

After over-the-counter products failed to clear her skin, she turned to the professionals. Ashley began seeing a dermatologist and, from there, tried every prescription you could think of.  And that brings us back to 2015; Ashley was then in her early 30s and still battling persistent cystic acne.

It seemed she might as well have set fire to all the money she spent on acne treatments. Nothing worked, nothing offered long-term results. So, it was time to try something drastic. She was determined to find a remedy that worked.

Having struggled with acne for so long, it’s no wonder that Ashley had always admired the skin of the starlets from Hollywood’s golden era. She wondered how stars in the 20s, 30s, and 40s could maintain such smooth-looking and flawless skin.

And that’s when the research began. She stumbled across a three-step system that came out in 1919. This three-part system consisted of a Skin freshener or Tonic, Vanishing Cream, and Cold Cream. She also found various recipes from the 20s through the 40s. With her research done, it was time to move on to production.

Grown from home to nationwide.

First of all, Ashley needed a workspace to experiment in. Starting isn’t easy, so she used the space at her disposal. Time in her mother’s kitchen had to be carefully coordinated. After all, her mother still needed that space for cooking meals.

Through much time, trying, and patience, she finally created her first successful batch of Rose Cold Cream. She worked tirelessly to perfect her cold cream, researching and testing essential oils for different skin types. Eventually, she ended up with three:

  • Rose – for dry skin and anti-aging
  • Geranium – for oily and blemish-prone skin
  • Lavender – for normal or sensitive skin

Then, something remarkable happened: Ashley’s labor of love and dedication worked. Her skin began to clear, and for the first time, she saw hope. In March of 2015, she sold her first jar of cold cream, and then, just like that, The Lovely Rose Apothecary was born.

Ashley couldn’t stop there, so she returned to the kitchen and created her Vanishing cream. Batch after batch, she worked. One after another, a failed attempt would end up in the trash. However, she stuck with it, and in the process, she infused her parent’s home with the smell of some lovely essential oils.

Finally, with the vanishing cream perfected and sales ticking up, it was time to move to a bigger space. Ashley rented an apartment in Denver. There, she created and sold her natural skincare products for years.

Sales quickly picked up as word of the results of her products began to spread. It wasn’t long before she had once again outgrown her space. And that lands us right back in the middle of Victor, Colorado. In April of 2023, Ashley turned the first floor of a 120-year-old pharmacy into The Lovely Rose Apothecary’s new home.

Imagine that, 100 years ago, ladies would have lined up at the pharmacy counter of this building, waiting to get their jars of cold cream refilled. Ashley would now create timeless recipes for the masses in the same structure. With the extra space, it would be tempting to automate production, but Ashley will not let that happen. Each of her products is still handmade and crafted with precision.

Created to achieve results

When the time is taken to hand-make a product such as your skincare creams, you get consistent results and careful quality control. Ashley creates her products to work. She knows the pain of wasting money on ineffective skincare. Her commitment to providing an outstanding product can be seen in the results they achieve.

Here is one fine review from a customer suffering from the same terrible cystic acne that Ashley once suffered from:

I bought the Geranium Cold Cream and Skin Tonic during the sample sale, and they happened to arrive during a particularly bad cystic acne flare-up. They calmed it down so quickly, faster than any other product I’ve used!

Here’s another review from a very pleased mother:

These products have been a game changer for her skin. She used to suffer from really bad cystic acne. Now her skin looks amazing. She still has an occasional breakout, but her skin looks amazing. 

Finding something that works is what started it all. Now, The Lovely Apothecary has four main products with variations designed for different skin types:

  • Skin Tonic – used to clean and tone your skin
  • Vanishing Cream – use as a light daytime moisturizer and makeup primer
  • Cold Cream – the one that started it all, can be used as a makeup remover, cleanser, and moisturizer.
  • Dead Sea mud mask – deep cleaning and detoxifying
  • Tissue Cream – for a deep moisture treatment

If you are looking for a new skincare routine or tired of trying expensive products that don’t work, made by companies that don’t care, consider The Lovely Rose Apothecary. Each batch is handcrafted in the mountains by Ashley Black.

Look through her assortment of products today, order a sample size, and see the results yourself. You no longer have to suffer from acne, uneven skin tone, or dry and flaky skin. Let the recipes from the past bring you a glowing new complexion today

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