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Go with the Cotton Flow

When we exercise, we are often focused on how the activity that we are doing now will benefit our physical health in the long run. This is a good thing; people must stay physically active to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, one thing that we often don’t consider while exercising is how the fabric of the clothing that we are wearing affects the effectiveness of the exercises we are doing, our physical health, and the impact on the environment. Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics out there. Many clothes are made from cotton as it is comfortable and durable. How cotton is made, though, can make all the differences in people’s lives and the world.

Although cotton is widely known as a natural fabric, sometimes how it is produced makes it inorganic. Cotton originates from farms. After cotton is picked, it goes through a process at a plant. However, cotton is often genetically modified with harmful pesticides and fertilizers. This modification harms the environment and makes the comfort and durability of cotton-made products less significant. Trying to find clothing made of the most organic cotton has undoubtedly been a challenge for people. How do they know whether the cotton that makes up their shirts and socks is organic? Even if a piece of clothing or item is advertised as comprised of organic cotton, how is one to know? People have been left up a creek without a paddle when it comes to cotton products because not only have they not been able to be 100% sure about the authenticity of their items, but they have worn clothes and used items made of inorganic cotton, which has caused further problems to the environment, problems for their skin, and has negated the comfort and durability of clothes and other cotton-based products. Ripple is making people’s lives easier as they have full descriptions of what makes their cotton-based products organic. It’s essential to first take the time to learn about just how wearing clothes and using products of organic cotton can benefit people’s lives and the environment.

Organic Cotton Benefits Farmers

Inorganic cotton is grown with harmful pesticides and fertilizers. These pesticides contaminate the soil and water, thereby genetically modifying the crops such as cotton. When these pesticides and fertilizers linger in the air, they can negatively affect the families and workers close to these pesticide-infested farmlands. They can develop mild symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and even life-threatening illnesses. Since organic cotton is grown without toxins, the production process surrounding its development is not as intensive. Since this is the case, production is cheaper. Farmers, therefore, benefit their health, their farmland, production costs, and the health and well-being of others by growing organic cotton.

Since organic cotton is made without toxins, it doesn’t harm the water or soil. The water and soil are the natural tools that farmers must utilize to the best of their abilities. When either one is contaminated, crops cannot be grown as efficiently. In addition, the farmland requires more maintenance and care. Why not produce something the right way so that you keep up its production and not harm your surroundings?

Organic Cotton Doesn’t Harm the Skin

Since inorganic cotton has been exposed to various toxins, the clothing containing the fabric may harm people no matter how thoroughly processed it may have been. Wearing clothes made from inorganic cotton can increase the risks of skin harm. 100% cotton helps people breathe within their clothing. However, its comfort is taken away if cotton has been modified with additional substances. This can result in people perspiring more, even if the temperature outside is not warm. The constant perspiration can cause one to break out in rashes or acne. Also, sweating shows through various areas of clothing, causing embarrassment for people.

Organic Cotton is More Durable

When cotton is as authentic as possible, its durability is maintained. The durability of cotton is vital for several reasons. Regarding cotton-based products, the more durable they are, the better people can exercise and perform physical activity. Millions of people love to exercise, and rightfully so. Exercising, along with a balanced diet, is a part of a healthy lifestyle. From yoga to weightlifting to even just participating in recreational sports, exercise is a massive part of many people’s lives. Besides exercise, physical activity is a part of many people’s working life. Specific individuals have jobs, for instance, that necessitate many manual labor tasks. Whether it is exercise or completing manual labor-related duties, it’s essential to approach these tasks with comfort and the most durable clothing. Organic cotton is not only comfortable, but it is very durable. This durability can enable people to move efficiently. The more efficient these physical movements are, the more productive they are in exercise and physical activity.

The benefits of the durability of cotton extend beyond just exercise and physical activity. Cotton-based products that are not clothes must be durable for daily tasks and chores to be fulfilled. We must take showers or baths to maintain good hygiene. After the shower or bath is complete, one must dry themselves off. The best way to do this is with a cotton towel. Not only does it dry the body’s skin thoroughly, it feels good rubbing against it. However, when the bath towel is not made of organic cotton, it will not dry off the body as quickly and will feel harsh against the skin. There’s also the issue of cotton towels used to clean household appliances. These must be as durable as possible to ensure that furniture and home-based items are cleaned thoroughly and accurately.

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Organic Cotton Is Beneficial to Wildlife

Since organic cotton is grown without toxins, it prevents the chances of harming wildlife during its production. The wildlife habitats around farms are unaffected, which means that they can benefit agriculture. Our animals are our brothers. They play a role not only in the cultivation of crops and the upkeep of farmland but also in the circle of life. Animals make life enjoyable. Therefore, we must ensure that their habitats are considered just as much as ours.

As mentioned, the public has not had the convenience of knowing for sure if specific clothing or household items are made of organic cotton or not. Many expensive items are sold that claim to be organic cotton, but no one knows for sure. The fact that many of these types of clothing are not very comfortable or durable has caused people to doubt cotton production. 2024 is people’s lucky year as Ripple is a company restoring people’s faith in cotton and not draining people’s bank accounts.


Ripple was born from the vision of fashion and textile designer Adva Bruner in 2015 and is more than just a clothing brand. It’s a philosophy of movement, comfort, and mindful living. Inspired by yoga, Ripple strives to create pieces that move comfortably, confidently, and naturally – wherever you choose to flow. The Organic Cotton Yoga Jumpsuit and the Organic Cotton Slouchy Yoga Shorts are two of Ripple’s best sellers.

Organic Cotton Yoga Jumpsuit

The Organic Cotton Yoga Jumpsuit from Ripple enables one to move comfortably and unrestrictedly with style! They have a soft, elastic fit that hugs your torso, providing a comfortable feeling while exercising. It also has specially made seams, allowing one to move easily during physical activity. The Organic Cotton Yoga Jumpsuit also has conveniently placed pockets.

When it comes to exercising and physical activity, people have different preferences regarding the type of garment worn. While yoga jumpsuits are trendy, some people may prefer yoga shorts with their shirts. It’s all about what style an individual likes and, most importantly, how comfortable and confident they feel while wearing it.

Organic Cotton Slouchy Yoga Shorts

Organic Cotton Slouchy Yoga Shorts from Ripple provide just as much comfort as style and finesse. They have a wide waistband, thigh cuffs, and functional pockets. Made from the best material, Organic Cotton Slouchy Yoga Shorts allow one’s body to breathe while getting in shape and dealing with life.

Start Becoming More Comfortable and Stylish While Helping the Environment

Staying comfortable and allowing your body to breathe are integral priorities most people have when approaching exercise or tasks that require much manual labor. Organic cotton is toxin-free and, therefore, provides the most comfortable and durable fabrics. In addition, producing organic cotton benefits the environment and the world’s wildlife. For years, however, people could never determine what was authentic organic cotton and what wasn’t. Ripple can verify that their clothing products are made of 100% organic cotton with the provided details of their products. Organic Cotton Yoga Jumpsuit and Organic Cotton Slouchy Yoga Shorts have become new fads, and for once, they have helped people’s bodies just as much as the earth. The year is still young, but before you know it, it will end. Don’t wait until it’s too late to enable yourself to finally go with the flow of life with comfort and ease! It’s the flow of organic cotton!!









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