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Grow Your Hair to Grow Your Life

Hair maintenance is a part of our culture, and rightfully so. Taking care of the hair is essential to maintaining not only excellent scalp health but good physical health overall. In addition, the appearance of one’s hair says a lot about how well one takes care of themselves and their hygiene. However, like with many aspects of people’s physical health and appearance, many have taken care of themselves the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. Until recently, people lacked the right ingredients to ensure that they grew healthy amounts of hair that looked natural and authentic. With the new year coming, people are in luck as they can now take care of their hair the right way with the help of products from Nurse Lois.

Importance of Taking Care of One’s Hair

Maintaining the hygiene of one’s hair is an excellent part of keeping up one’s skin health and overall health in general. When I say skin health, I’m referring to the relationship between one’s scalp and the hair on one’s head. When one’s hair is not washed frequently, various bacteria can build up over time. This buildup of bacteria can contribute to multiple skin conditions on the scalp. After a while, if the hair’s hygiene is not maintained, the buildup of bacteria along with dead skin, dirt, and residue can cause the hair to become oily and greasy, which increases the chances of one developing skin conditions both on their scalp and their face. In addition, it can cause the hair to smell unpleasant, which is a huge inconvenience when conversing with others.

When people hear about the development of head lice, they usually don’t associate the development of it as having to do with the neglect of one’s hair maintenance. Indeed, head lice is caused by direct contact with someone who has it. However, good hair hygiene practices have been shown to help prevent the spread of it. Besides keeping the hair washed regularly, it is also essential to keep bath towels and comb brushes to oneself and not share them with others.

As mentioned, the hygiene of one’s hair is very much intertwined with the hygiene of one’s skin. When the scalp is not cleaned regularly, it can result in certain skin conditions like psoriasis. The result of this can often result in hair loss. Also, when the scalp becomes dry and itchy, it causes significant discomfort for people daily.

Hair Loss

Like how people reach a point where their skin cannot hydrate as easily as it once did, people also reach a point where their hair starts to thin. Some people experience hair loss at a younger age than others. While hair loss is generally associated with people who are middle-aged or in late adulthood, some people start experiencing hair loss as early as their late teens. Regardless of what time hair loss begins to occur in one’s life, it is an inconvenience for many people. While it may affect certain people’s psyches more than others, hair loss has been associated with a lack of self-esteem and a longing for a more youthful look. There is nothing wrong with trying to maintain a full head of hair. However, the challenge is trying to keep a natural head of hair.

Importance of Keeping Hair Growing Naturally

Like how we are a culture obsessed with staying fit, we are also obsessed with keeping a full head of hair. Constant ads have circulated over the past few decades that have showcased a type of product advertised as the best solution to hair loss. However, like how people have used the wrong things to help them lose weight or stay fit, people have also gone about unnaturally keeping their hair. They have used products that do not contain the most natural or helpful ingredients. In addition, certain people who start losing their hair have consulted dangerous, expensive surgeries that have left their hair looking inauthentic. Until recently, most people were not aware of the specific types of natural ingredients needed to maintain proper hair growth. However, a vast movement has spread worldwide whereby people are educating themselves about what their hair needs to stay healthy and intact.

Some people might think that wanting to keep a full head of hair is a shallow desire. How some products have been advertised and how certain people have viewed this desire has made it seem this way. However, keeping one’s hair growing is a huge part of staying healthy and maintaining self-confidence. A full head of hair and good-looking hair is a good sign that one takes care of themselves properly. Using the right kinds of natural ingredients contributes to great-looking hair. In addition, it keeps the hair growing. Hair loss is something that affects millions of people. Some people experience it later in life, while others lose their hair as early as their late teens. It contributes to people becoming paranoid and highly self-conscious. If one can keep their hair growth consistent, as long it is via natural methods, one can feel confident in themselves and others. It just takes the right kind of ingredients.

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Ingredients Needed to Maintain Great Hair Growth and Health

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a unique oil that has excellent benefits for both the hair and the skin. As mentioned, since the scalp has the skin that the hair grows from, it is essential to care for it just as much as the hair. The use of products with jojoba oil on the scalp helps prevent the production of excess sebum. This, in turn, can help prevent the scalp from developing certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It’s good to utilize ways to counter these skin conditions because they contribute to an itchy scalp and loss of hair. If one can keep psoriasis and eczema at bay, they can help prevent hair loss and contribute to a shinier, healthier look of their hair overall.

Another benefit to one’s scalp’s skin health, which is interconnected with one’s hair health, from jojoba oil is how it helps moisturize the skin and, ultimately, the hair. The body has a natural hydrating process that starts to slow down at a certain age. Like how some people begin to lose their hair, they begin to develop wrinkles and fine lines once their skin’s ability to hydrate starts to subside. About the scalp, the dryness that is caused by a lack of consistent hydrating features starts to cause extreme dryness, which causes itchiness and unsightly-looking hair. If the scalp can remain moisturized regularly, it can help the skin and the hair simultaneously. The healthier the scalp, the better one’s hair grows naturally.

Jojoba oil is also essential in that it unclogs the pores, which, therefore, allows other nutrients that are needed for both hair growth and maintaining healthy skin. It also contributes to hair growth by directly interacting with hair follicles and decreasing inflammation. High inflammation rates can contribute to both skin problems and hair loss, so using something with anti-inflammatory properties is very helpful in combatting this. Jojoba oil also interacts with the skin around the hair follicles, which affects one’s overall hair health.

Baobab Oil

Baobab oil is a type of oil that comes from baobab trees, which are found in certain parts of Africa and Australia. Like jojoba oil, baobab oil has various benefits for one’s hair. It can penetrate deeply into one’s hair follicles and promote natural growth. Baobab oil helps moisturize one’s scalp, which is an excellent way to maintain the health of one’s hair. The hair must avoid becoming overly dry, just as much as the skin. When the skin becomes too dry, it can often result in people having dandruff. There have been theories that certain types of dandruff can contribute to thinning hair.

One of the most significant benefits of baobab oil to one’s hair is how it acts as a conditioner. Its conditioning abilities help the hair stay strong, even when exposed to various factors, for instance, constant exposure to UV rays, especially during the summer months; this consistent exposure can lead to damage to the hair follicles, which can then result in the possibility of hair loss. With the help of items with a vital conditioning ingredient, such as baobab oil, one can protect their hair from damage from UV rays as well as other environmental factors.

To understand how baobab oil contributes so powerfully to fine, healthy hair, one must understand its components. Baobab oil contains helpful vitamins like vitamins A, D, and E. These vitamins are essential to the health and well-being of one’s hair and scalp. Vitamin D plays a role in conditioning or strengthening one’s hair. On the other hand, vitamin E is known to have excellent antioxidant properties, which protect the hair and the scalp from damage from environmental factors like UV rays. Baobab oil also contains essential fatty acids like omega 3, 6, and 9, which help keep hair growing naturally. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of baobab oil help it counter the irritation to one’s scalp. If the irritation to one’s scalp can be adequately maintained, one won’t have to scratch their hair as much and risk messing it up.

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Let Your Hair Follow the Natural Flow of Life

Now that you know what your hair needs to grow naturally and healthily, isn’t it time you took action so that you can finally maintain the healthiest type of hair growth? Keeping the hair growing and healthy is an essential part of maintaining great skin and physical health overall. Hair is connected to our skin, the largest organ of the body. Keeping the hair healthy and good-looking is also a part of maintaining one’s self-esteem. As mentioned, hair loss can affect anyone at any age. Regardless of when it starts to become an issue for people, it is never too late to begin attacking the issue of hair loss.

If you want to obtain super healthy hair and keep it growing naturally and consistently, then look no further. A new year is here, and it’s time to join the movement of people worldwide who are taking care of them the right way, the natural way. Whether you are someone who started losing your hair a long time ago or are just now showing signs of hair loss, Extreme Hair Growth Oil from Nurse Lois is great for everyone. Let 2024 be the year hair begins to follow the natural flow of life. Let 2024 be the beginning of a new you!!









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