Eat WellHave Faith in the Power of Mushrooms

Have Faith in the Power of Mushrooms

When caring for one’s health, the word mushroom may not exactly come to mind. This factor is indeed a shame because it should be. Mushrooms are more than just something you see in your backyard or put on your pizza. They are part of the future of medicine. Mushroom extracts help with many aspects of one’s physical and mental health. These substances have got you covered, from a healthy digestive system to a stronger memory and brain health. Somebody can flush out many harmful elements caught in the body’s systems with the help of mushroom extracts. People’s lives are finally changing for the better, all with the support of simple substances. If you haven’t learned about the specific benefits of mushrooms, now is the time. Also, when using a product that contains mushroom extract, one must consider what form of item it is. The basic form of the product that mushroom extract contains is a huge determinant of how well the body will absorb it. Many types of products containing mushrooms are either in powder, capsule, or tea form. However, it takes a pure liquid supplement to allow the mushroom extract to enter the body correctly. Foraged With Faith has been changing lives with over 40 natural extracts. It’s time to put faith into mushrooms so you can have more faith in yourself.

What are Mushrooms?

Most people know what mushrooms look like. They are usually in the shape of a toadstool. But just what exactly is a mushroom? It is the body form of a fungus that grows from spores. Mushrooms require a damp, moisturizing environment to grow and thrive. They usually grow on dead trees and plants. In nature, mushrooms’ primary purpose is to assist with the decomposition of these dead plants and animals in the wild. As is well-known, many mushroom types are edible and very healthy. People are now becoming more aware of how powerful the extracts of certain kinds of mushrooms are. Mushrooms are very important to one’s health, but one must know what type of mushroom extract is in a product.

Chaga Mushroom and its Physical Benefits

One mushroom that contains super health benefits is known as Chaga. This mushroom is unique among the many different types in that it includes so many powerful ingredients. These awesome ingredients make Chaga a superfood many countries have used for centuries. It has 300 times more antioxidants than blueberries. The many physical and mental benefits of Chaga are never-ending. One of the most powerful aspects of Chaga is how it helps slow the aging process. One can finally find the fountain of youth by taking supplements that have extracts from it. Chaga helps with the production of collagen, and it is this collagen that helps the skin look much younger than it is.

Some of the ingredients of Chaga help boost one’s immune system. Having a healthy immune system is a top priority among many people, and rightfully so. It is one’s immune system that prevents people from getting sick, and let’s face it, getting sick is no fun. It causes people to miss work or school and be left out of important moments with their families. The immune system is a shield of armor that guards people’s bodies from harm. Chaga helps one’s immune system with the assistance of its polysaccharides. These are carbohydrates whose molecules help with aspects of one’s immune response.

Mental Benefits of Chaga Mushroom

One of the most significant benefits of Chaga has to do with one’s brain health. It helps improve one’s memory. This aspect is crucial, especially among older adults. However, memory loss can happen at any age. Having a healthy memory is essential in carrying out daily tasks and responsibilities. When one can remember various details, it can make all the difference in how efficiently one’s work gets carried out. Besides memory, Chaga also assists people with having more significant amounts of concentration. Concentration and memory go hand in hand when it comes to taking care of the responsibilities of life.

Reishi Mushroom and its Physical Benefits

Reishi has been used for medicinal purposes by the Chinese for years. The mushroom’s nickname is “the mushroom of immortality.” One could say that this refers to how it contributes to the anti-aging process. Like Chaga, Reishi highly benefits a person’s immune system. It also helps a person maintain high levels of energy and stamina. Just like one needs a good memory and great concentration to carry out different tasks mentally, one also needs great amounts of energy to carry them out physically. Everyone needs specific amounts of energy to carry them out and survive the day. Reishi mushrooms have a positive effect on one’s testosterone levels, which, therefore, helps one’s energy levels to rise.

Another aspect of one’s health that Reishi helps involves one’s gut. It is the gut health of an individual that determines a lot of things. Digesting food well makes one feel better and even more energetic. Elements of Reishi extract create a good kind of probiotic bacteria. When this type of bacteria is abundant in one’s gut, a healthy bacterial balance occurs that positively affects various functions of the body. While it is known that Reishi already helps boost one’s immune system, its effect on one’s gut health also contributes to higher amounts of immunity. When the gut is healthy, the immune system is more elevated. Also, the rate of inflammation in one’s body tends to be lower. The gut has a special connection to the brain, sending signals to the brain and vice versa.

Mental Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

With the help of significant amounts of Reishi extract, a person can tolerate stress better. A release of stress hormones occurs, and this, in turn, positively influences one’s mood and emotions. Stress is a common problem among people. The lives we live as human beings are incredibly hectic. Although some people have more responsibilities than others, some general areas of everyday duties contribute to an equal number of stressful situations for almost everyone. Alleviating the stress that we experience as people is extremely important. However, it is even more important to do this the healthy way. With the help of Reishi extract, one manages stressful situations better.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom and its Physical Benefits

Lion’s mane mushrooms are large, white mushrooms that resemble a Lion’s Mane as they grow. One of the most significant aspects of Lion’s Mane mushroom is its benefits for those experiencing health problems associated with being bitten by a tick. This scenario may sound somewhat random, but the results of being bitten by a tick are intense. For instance, Lyme disease often occurs after a tick has bitten the body. This illness usually involves a skin rash around the bite and a bad fever, headache, and fatigue. Luckily, the Lion’s Mane mushroom helps stop the severe head pressure associated with Lyme disease. In addition to helping with Lyme disease symptoms, the Lion’s Mane mushroom also helps manage diabetes. It helps lower one’s blood sugar via a process that blocks the activity of a certain enzyme.

Mental Benefits of Lion’s Mane

Brain fog affects one’s mental health by making someone feel confused, limiting their ability to concentrate, and limiting their ability to remember things as well. Lion’s Mane mushrooms contribute to a reduction of this brain fog as well as an improvement in one’s cognitive skills. Other mushrooms that can assist one with both mental and physical benefits include the following: Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Maitake, and Birch Polypore.

Foraged With Faith

Foraged With Faith was started in 2019 by mushroom evangelists Tom and Margaret Painter out of desperation for a new life and from hearing the audible voice of God! Both Tom and Margaret had gone through some rough times in their lives together. Margaret had spent years fighting Lupus and MS, while Tom had been a functioning alcoholic trying to raise six children. Eventually, Tom and Margaret claimed to hear the voice of God. The voice of God told them, “Heal my people”! After this, Tom developed the desire to research mushrooms and, after taking courses, established a laboratory. On the other hand, Margaret experienced complete remission and could stop taking medications. The constant research from Tom and Margaret eventually became their only full-time job, and Foraged With Faith began. They have put together many different natural extracts. Their main two extracts are Armor of God and Double Defense.

Double Defense

Double Defense
Wellness Magazine Master Club

Within Double Defense is a blend of both Chaga and Reishi mushrooms. The combination of these super-powered mushrooms contributes to a variety of benefits for one’s health. These include all the various physical and mental benefits of both Chaga and Reishi. In addition, Double Defense helps counter fibromyalgia, a disorder that causes pain, fatigue and fights inflammation and gut issues.

Armor of God

Armor of God
Wellness Magazine Master Club

Armor of God is a seven-mushroom blend of Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Maitake, and Birch Polypore. It helps with fighting Lyme disease, which a tick bite can cause. However, that’s not the only thing it can prevent from worsening. With the distinct mushroom extracts contained within it, Armor of God can help one manage diabetes and fight off symptoms of brain fog. With so many mushroom extracts, many areas of one’s physical and mental health are taken care of.

Start Celebrating Life’s Healthy Tune with Mushrooms

Aren’t you ready to feel the power of superfoods that can improve your life? You can finally let this happen, once and for all, with the help of specific mushrooms. The incredible Chaga, Reisin, Lion’s Mane, and a host of others have proven to the world that there’s more to just a simple mushroom than something that grows on trees or is eaten by the human body. They have shown the world that the power of health and well-being comes from the earth. It is up to you to start having faith in mushrooms so your life plays the tune of a healthy lifestyle. Tom and Margaret Painter had just the right amount of faith that their lives would turn around, and now they’re giving back to the world. Through their work with Foraged With Faith, powerful products like Double Defense and Armor of God have helped

people restore their faith in taking care of themselves. Start protecting your health and body today so you can give back to the world too!!

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