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Healing Process of Active Lifestyles

Feeling positive and good is part of the healing effects of fitness and exercise.  Working out and eating healthy helps contribute to a positive mindset and a better outlook on life.  If one is having a bad day or is experiencing a lot of stress, anxiety, or depression, then one tends to feel much better after a good workout.  It’s not just the exercise that is beneficial.  A healthy diet enables certain physical functions of the body to maintain a positive balance which, in turn, helps certain mental functions process better as well.  Simply, weekly exercise and a healthy diet are recommended for everyone to help deal with stress and maintain a positive mindset and sense of well-being.  However, there are many circumstances in people’s lives that make this goal more difficult than others.  Everyone is different, and everyone’s story is different, for that matter.  In the case of many military veterans and 1st responders, this is often the case.  Additional assistance with nutrients and exercise plans is needed to help enable these people to stay on a good path of both healthy living and good thinking.  To say that it is extremely difficult to locate an organization that is geared towards helping with the fitness goals of veterans and responders, in addition to the healthy lifestyle goals of everyone, is probably an understatement.  In 2023, however, there is good news for people.  DownRange Supplements has items that help first-time responders and military veterans live both a healthy and active lifestyle.

Military Veterans

Members of the military deserve more respect than we can think of.  While there are services and special days designated to honor those who have served in the military, many people disregard just how beneficial they are to our safety.  They long to preserve the security and well-being of people within a nation.  Military personnel are trained to be able to fight off an invasion from outside sources and to pursue the causes of their nation.  A lot of people are unaware of just how intense the training is for people from all branches of the military.  The body is put through intense exercise and taken completely out of anyone’s comfort zone.  While certain people are stuck in their comfort zone, they should stop and think about how much certain people, such as those in the military, devote so much of their lives to activities that are far from comfortable.  Those who have spent their time in the military often leave with both physical and emotional scars.

Much of the training that takes place when one enters the military, combined with all the arduous tasks during service, certainly keeps one physically fit.  However, after one has served their time in the military, they often feel burned out and not as motivated to participate in fitness activities.  It’s important not to get into this mindset because staying healthy should be something that stays with you your whole life.  This is where it comes in handy for military veterans to use supplements that provide beneficial forms of physical energy and mental awareness. 

While all people who have served in the branches of the military deserve the utmost respect, those who have fought in an actual war or battle are one of a kind.  It’s these people that went through the whole ordeal of fighting on the battleground and putting their own lives on the line to serve their country’s causes.  What these people went through is something that a lot of people can never imagine and don’t ever want to experience.  Just like how it is important for people to still exercise after military service is over, it is extremely important for war veterans to stay on the right path of fitness.  Besides supplements to provide healthy energy and focus, they also need help with recovering after intense exercise.  Recovery is important because one’s muscles need to rest and regroup before the next exercising session.

First Responders

First Responders are people who are called to provide assistance in cases of emergency.  They include the following: emergency medical technicians (EMT), paramedics, medical helicopter pilots, and certain special types of nurses.  Like military veterans, first responders have gone through intensive training to be able to perform the very task of trying to keep another person or persons alive.

The very functions of the jobs of first responders are certainly not for weak-stomached or soft-skinned people.  Just like how certain military veterans have been exposed to the deaths of people on the battlefield, first responders have been exposed to people meeting their demises, in all sorts of ways, in hospitals, ambulances, and even on the scene.  No matter how strong-willed someone is or how acclimated they are to the environment of their occupation, this constant exposure to the tragedies of life is going to have some sort of effect on someone.  The best ways to deal with these types of symptoms are exercise and an active lifestyle.  To obtain adequate amounts of exercise, many of these first responders, like military veterans, need a little something to energize them and something to help them recover too.

Daily Working People

Even though not everyone has experienced the hardships of military veterans and first responders, as I said, everyone’s situation is different.  People react to stress differently.  What may not appear to be a stressful situation to one person may certainly be overbearing to another.  Certain individuals spend their entire days making a living with their hands, while others make a living with their minds.  Regardless of what area of work one is in, using the body or the mind for a full eight hours, or even just four hours, can be very grueling and tiresome.  For those that have spent the day working with their hands or their bodies, they may feel drained and like they cannot perform any more physical activity, including necessary exercise.  On the other hand, for individuals that spend the entire day or a whole work shift using their minds, it can be equally as tiresome.  Although working with the brain doesn’t involve physical activity per se, the overabundance of thinking can almost feel connected to the body too.  When the brain is tired, oftentimes, the rest of the body feels tired, even though one may not have participated in strenuous activity.  Just like how those who have worked all day doing physical activity, the body feels just as drained from strenuous mental activity, and the will to perform a necessary exercise to help one’s health just isn’t there.

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Family Life

Besides the stress of regular jobs, people often fall under pressure from the rigors of parenthood, which one could say is a full-time job in and of itself.   Taking care of one’s family is quite a task for both mothers and fathers.  Whether a person has six children or just one, constant care and attention are needed every single day.  When parents have a baby or a toddler, they have to sacrifice their sleeping schedules and daily life to attend to their child’s needs.  A full-time, or even part-time, job, in addition to parenting, is quite a challenge, but a lot of people can do it.  Even though this daunting task of working and parenting can be fulfilled, it’s safe to say that it drains one of their energy.  This is necessary energy for performing physical exercises to take care of the body.  Oftentimes, working parents, or parents in general, start neglecting their health because of feeling exhausted.

Even couples that don’t have children can certainly experience a lack of energy due to their responsibilities.  Although arguably not as time-consuming as having children, a marriage or serious relationship is a lot of work itself.  Depending on the individuals involved, levels of devotion are given between two people.  This usually involves a lot of time and emotional energy.  However, even people who are single or have never been married become drained from everyday life.  As stated, everyone’s different, and the stress of one situation may be more intense for some than others.  Regardless of one’s reaction to stress or type of stress, exercise has been shown to help alleviate its symptoms. The challenge is finding the healthiest variety of supplements that are geared specifically for this reason.

DownRange Supplements

The story of DownRange Supplements has its roots in DownRange Excursions.  Military veterans Kevin and Wade realized that living a healthy lifestyle would help with the service-related issues they had.  Therefore, Kevin founded DownRange Excursions, which takes veterans and 1st responders on kayaking, camping, and other outdoor-related trips and provides free gym memberships for veterans and 1st responders who are dealing with service-related issues.  To help fund this, Kevin then partnered with Wade and two other partners, and from this, DownRange Supplements was formed.  DownRange Supplements, founded in 2018, is heavily focused on formulating the highest quality and most effective supplements that not only meet, but exceed the standards of our country’s top operators.

1st Call Pre-Workout

  • For Everyone of All Fitness Levels- Beginners, Athletes, Military Veterans, First-Responders.
  • Helps with Energy, Endurance, Pump, and Focus.

9 Line Recovery + Hydration

  • Helps Muscles Recover and Rebuild
  • Helps with Sore Joints and Muscles
  • Supports Stress Relief
  • Hydration

Fulfill Your Mission of Staying Active

It’s time to take your life on and pursue all of the goals you’ve been putting off for so long.  You’ve told yourself that your body is too sore to continue being active.  The stress and anxiety that surrounds your life seem to cloud out all possibilities of a healthy life.  That’s ok that you have these thoughts.  In fact, that’s normal.  However, you now can have helpful assistance with your life so you can push past all of those barriers you’ve thought insurmountable for years.  Thorough research has shown that specific ingredients can help you approach exercise and physical activity confidently and with a clear mind and attitude.  In addition, other elements are available that help your body heal the right way, the healthy and natural way.

Whether you are a military veteran, first-time responder, athlete, or just someone that feels they don’t have enough energy due to the pressures of everyday life, you’ve come to the right place.  DownRange Supplements provides a healthy helping hand to everyone who feels like they just can’t carry on and work toward the finish line.  That attitude will change immediately.  This is the year that people are deciding to live again.  There are no dreams and goals that can’t be reached.  Now, you won’t have to feel that in order to exercise, you have to sacrifice your life and comfort level.  No longer will you view your life goals from a dark place.   The light at the end of the tunnel has been reached.  Your mission and meaning of life are now accessible.  Are you interested?  Try 1st Call Pre-Workout and 9 Line Recovery + Hydration from DownRange Supplements.  They also carry Mermite Field Recovery Protein and Recovery Stack.  Get one step closer to your goals today!









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