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Health Begins at Home

There is a common phrase that states “Home is where the heart is”. And that is so true. Home is a place away from the chaos and any dysfunction of the day, it is a sanctuary, a place where you return to recoup and heal.

So where does health begin? It begins at home of course! The odd thing is that many of us may not spend as much time as we like at home, what with work and other commitments, our time always seems to be pulled away from our havens. But when we are at home, we can make the most of our surroundings and do what we can to keep it a fresh, clean and healthy space to live within.


Keeping Home

If we think of our home as the core of what keeps us grounded, we can begin to understand how important it is to our overall well being. Because health isn’t just what we are eating, doing in our leisure time, or how we rest when the time comes- health is far broader, it encompasses everything that affects your wellness and how you function. 

Keeping your home fresh and free (as much as possible) of toxins, fungi, and pollutants are fairly straightforward nowadays. Many cleaning and cleansing products help us- you only need to see how well stocked the home cleaning aisle is in the supermarkets!

And yet all these products can be quite overwhelming, and they are often rife with chemicals that are quite hazardous not only to our skin, but also our environment and what we are breathing in whilst at home. So although they may do a great job to freshen up your home, they are not necessarily the healthiest products to use. 


Natural Solutions 

But fear not! There are natural solutions. Some products can help you toward being healthier at home- and they won’t be loaded with foul-smelling chemicals that can be harmful to you, your family, and any pets you may have. 

Sometimes, damp spaces begin to cause mold and fungus to grow. And what do we do? We draw out all manners of products to rid or correct the problem. Or, we call in a company to help with the issue and that can be pretty expensive! 

Homebiotic has brought forward a solution to help you achieve a healthy home. Think of it as a natural re-balance for your home and surroundings! It enables you to care for your home as you would your body- naturally and confidently. 

By this point, we should all be very aware of how beneficial probiotics are for your gut health. Well, Homebiotic works similarly. Your gut microbiome is made up of millions of bacteria. Recent research suggests that you have one bacteria organism for every cell in your body! 

Humankind and bacteria have been living in harmony for millennia. Just as you work toward improved gut health, Homebiotic helps to improve your well being in the home. We have become accustomed to harsh cleaning sprays and chemicals to take care of our surroundings, but Homebiotic offers something different and far superior for a healthy home. 


How Homebiotic helps your health and well being

Bacteria need you for access to the food you consume, and in return, they make enzymes that are beneficial to your digestion as well as many other hidden benefits for your body. When you consume a probiotic, you’re adding to the colony in your gut, and aiding the friendly bacteria in protecting you from the more harmful species – as well as fungal growth. 

You need Homebiotic when there’s an imbalance in your home microbiome – where you may have used heavy chemical solutions, disinfectants or bleach and these have effectively wiped all the bacteria out. However, it is the unfriendly or “bad” bacteria that returns first and takes over. These bad bacteria don’t compete with mold, so mold in your home is allowed free rein to grow again- and the cycle continues until you break it with Homebiotic! 


Homebiotic is:

  • An all-natural, carefully formulated blend of probiotic soil bacteria suspended in pure water. Homebiotic proprietary blend of bacteria only includes harmless species, (also found in digestive probiotics or fermented foods) that are proven to actively inhibit mold and fungal growth. 
  • Free of artificial scents. 
  • Free of preservatives, color, and enzymes. 
  • Third-party laboratory tested to the ASTM D-3273 Protocol. This means the lab test evaluates how well a product works against mold in an optimal environment for mold. After 28 days there was effectively no mold! 
  • Safe around humans and pets. 

Homebiotic isn’t a fungicide or a cleaning spray – however, it’s perfect to use once you’ve identified and fixed the underlying cause and physically removed existing mold.

Homebiotic is healing for your home! 

After dealing with a mold issue, Homebiotic recommends continuing spraying Homebiotic on the affected areas of your home once a day for a week- this is to help the friendly bacteria colony to re-establish and take charge. After this period, a light mist in each area once per week is usually all that’s needed. Most Homebiotic users apply it as the last step of their regular cleaning routine.

Homebiotic can be sprayed in the following areas to prevent mold:

  • Around windows and doors 
  • Under sinks 
  • Basement 
  • Car or other vehicles – even boats 
  • Carpets near external doors 
  • Cabinets 
  • Mattresses 
  • Dog or cat beds 
  • Camping equipment 
  • Soil of houseplants 
  • Air conditioner – spray directly on the coils and drip pan, and into the ducts 
  • Shower 
  • Washing machine 


Using Homebiotic

For the best results, follow the guidelines and instructions for use as stated for Homebiotic. 

If you’re spraying areas in contact with water – like the shower and the washing machine – be aware you have to reapply Homebiotic after every use, as Homebiotic is water-soluble and may be washed away.

You can store Homebiotic at room temperature with other cleaning products and out of direct sunlight. Be mindful of the use-by date! Homebiotic is a living probiotic solution and it can become less effective after expiry. 

More products from Homebiotic are on their way! 

“We are also coming out with a Home Biome Test Kit in early 2020. We just did a pre-launch over Black Friday. It is the first commercial test kit for the home microbiome. This test goes far beyond most household mold test products you’ve seen before, as we’re checking for EVERYTHING! 

The Homebiotic Home Biome Kit will uncover all of the species of mold and bacteria in every location sampled, and will include recommendations on how the user can optimize their home environment with a detailed report for each home!”- Homebiotic 

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