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Help Save Your Life with Personalized Health

Over the past few years, the world has been changing with supplements that cover everything and anything you can think of regarding your physical health. Everything from helping someone lose weight to helping one stay in a positive mood, products cover anything and everything. However, even with all these items catered to specific health needs, people still need assistance in helping their overall health and wellness. The problem is not just that everyone’s health needs are different. It’s that everyone’s bodies are different. Everyone is made differently. Due to these distinct genetic differences, it has been challenging for people to find a company that can provide a process to determine what type of supplement is needed based on the body type. As one can imagine, most companies would not go to this extra length to provide such a test. However, one company thinks differently. SNiP Nutrigenomics has an easy-to-use DNA test that can determine what type of supplement is best for you and will provide all your needed health benefits.

Everyone’s body type is different. No matter how many similarities there are between two physical bodies, there will never be two bodies precisely alike in every way. Also, not everyone’s physical and mental health needs are identical. Even for those similar health needs, how that need is supplied will also differ. Nevertheless, educating oneself first on all the general health needs most people consider is essential.

General Health Needs

Greater Energy

Maintaining high levels of energy is essential for thriving in our fast-paced world. With enough energy, physical and mental tasks can be carried out efficiently. People who work long shifts and have children, or both, must sacrifice much of their time. Getting enough sleep is undoubtedly essential in keeping one’s energy levels high. However, as mentioned, everyone is different, and everyone’s body is different. Considering that factor, not everyone will feel energized from sleeping alone. Therefore, different levels of vitamins and minerals must be considered according to people’s genetic characteristics. A DNA test must be undertaken to indicate what a person needs to obtain enough energy.

Healthy Immune System

A healthy immune response protects one’s body against sickness and disease. Nobody likes to get sick. It greatly inconveniences one’s daily rituals and cherished life moments. In many cases, it takes a good while to recover from certain illnesses. Vitamin C and other essential nutrients help boost one’s immune system. In addition, obtaining excellent gut health with fiber and probiotics can help with someone’s immunity levels. However, not everyone’s immune system is the same. One person’s immunity level can rise to a decent rate with minimal supplemented nutrition, while others need more. It’s also important to consider that everyone has different exposure to different things. Some people have jobs whereby they get more than average exposure to harmful chemicals. When this is the case, the immune system may not be as high as it should be, and a higher quantity of supplements is needed to ensure it returns to a decent level. On the other hand, an average amount of nutrients might suffice for people who have maintained proper levels of immunity throughout their daily life only to be met with an unwanted sickness. Besides these factors, the very genetics of a person often dictate what types and levels of supportive items are needed to fight off and protect against illnesses and diseases.

Healthy Weight Management

Managing one’s weight is arguably one of the most common concerns when it comes to a person trying to stay healthy. There have been thousands upon thousands of advertisements on television, the internet, and social media that have been attempting to convince people that a specific product will help them drop pounds off their bodies or help them maintain a healthy weight. It’s certainly good that there are advertisements that push weight control because maintaining a healthy weight is excellent for the body. Everyone’s body is different. Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. However, when there is too much weight that the body must carry, it causes a lot of strain on one’s heart and can lead to health complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure. A steady weight helps one avoid these issues. With the help of exercise and specific nutrients, this can be achieved. As stated, everyone’s body is different, though. A person’s genetic factors can often indicate whether their body is prone to put on massive amounts of weight. Even though it is good to advertise the idea of maintaining a healthy weight overall, most companies that push these products have not provided an actual testing procedure to determine what a specific body needs based on genetic factors.

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Improving Heart Health

The heart is the body’s main organ that helps keep people alive. It is located at the center of the body’s circulatory system and cooperates with other organs to carry blood. It’s this blood that carries that oxygen that we need to survive. The heart serves the same purpose for everyone within the circulatory system. Still, as with every essential function of the body, not everyone will have organs that operate at the same rates. Issues with one’s heart health are also said to be hereditary. If one has a parent, or even a distant relative, who has had problems with their heart, the odds of that person having the same or similar issues are usually high. Since the heart is a vital organ in keeping the body alive, it’s essential to understand what the body needs a steady supply of to keep it going.


One health issue that can be very determinant upon one’s genetics involves how a person ages and how long they are expected to live. Many studies have shown that a high rate of people in one’s family dying at a young age can increase the chances of a person not living very long. This scenario is certainly not always the case. There have been people with a genetic history of people in their family not living to be old who did. However, there is still that risk factor. People with a long history of individuals in their families passing away at a young or relatively young age or with family members that aged rapidly need to undergo the DNA process to determine their specific needs. Although a person’s genetic history is not always a determinant of how long one will age or live, it’s best to go ahead and take the best precautions for one’s health.

Improving Focus

Like no two people’s bodies are the same, no two people’s brains are the same. While people can improve their mental health via various methods, an individual’s genetic background can be related to how well they focus at a given time and how many nutrients they need to be able to concentrate even better. The ability to stay focused on the tasks of daily life is related to the aspect of maintaining adequate amounts of energy. They are both essential so that these tasks can be carried out efficiently. When the brain is focused, things can be accomplished without as much mental effort. A person with a genetic history of people with low-focus levels might need more of a beneficial nutrient than is regularly required to keep their minds always engaged. Staying focused is such a massive part of being able to think through the obstacles of life. Some people need just that extra special something to concentrate better, and often, an individual’s family background can be a great indicator of how well this is carried out.

Improving Memory

Besides focus, it’s also essential to maintain a good memory to get through the responsibilities of life. In many people’s lives, there are so many different requirements. Whether job requirements or necessities involve taking care of one’s family, it’s essential to remember what needs to be completed at a specific time. Unfortunately, memory is one of those things that tends to start to decline as a person ages. In some instances, though, the rates of one’s memory can begin to drop at a relatively young age. Sometimes, there is a genetic factor involved in this, as one may have family members with declining rates of memory at a specific point in their lives.

Improving Overall Mood

Besides increasing one’s focus, another, perhaps even more important, aspect of mental health involves the regulation of one’s mood. The stress of daily living and the pressure that builds up from the responsibilities of life often cause people to become moody and disagreeable. While it is perfectly natural for this to occur from time to time, when it starts to become commonplace, that’s where there is a problem. Millions of people suffer from anxiety and depression. Like how external factors in one’s life can cause changes to one’s physical health, they can also affect mental health. For instance, someone constantly around harmful elements in the air can experience unpleasant moods just as much as their immune system may have already been lowered due to constant exposure.

SNiP Nutrigenomics

SNiP Nutrigenomics is the most innovative health-tech company on the planet, with science-backed, proprietary technology to custom compound DNA-based, personalized supplements to market scale. Their products are designed to address genetic vulnerabilities impacting overall health, including cognitive, mood, cardiovascular, immune functioning, and more. SNiP Nutrigenomics is women-led and based in the U.S.  SNiP Nutrigenomics carries an excellent product known as Code Complex. This revolutionary, foundational nutritional supplement is provided based on one’s genetic flaws. Get your DNA test kit at SNiP Nutrigenomics (

Code Complex

  • Supports Amplified Energy, Immune Response, Inflammation Response, Healthier Weight Management, Heart/Cardiovascular Health, Better Detoxification, Aging/Longevity, Vibrant Skin, Quicker post-workout recovery, Increased Focus, Improved Mood,
  • It Contains Specific Vitamins and Minerals Your Body Needs for Optimal Functioning.
  • Provided based on one’s genetic flaws

Personalize Your Health

The more that is known about your genetic background, the more can be known about what to supplement your body with to maintain optimal health continuously. Everyone has different kinds of genes. These make us unique and keep the world from being dull, where everyone looks the same and operates the same way. Sometimes, certain things like these genes and one’s family background can increase the chances of specific health problems. Although it is not inevitable that everyone will succumb to certain things just because of their gene history, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Would you like to be able to determine what nutrients you need finally? Are you ready to supply your body with just the correct number of items necessary for the best functioning of the specific body that you have? You are in good hands with SNiP Nutrigenomics. This trusted company looks over every individual and their needs with the help of a simple and harmless DNA test that helps them suggest what quantity and type of nutrients you should supplement your body with Code Complex. You now have the best helping hand you’ve ever had regarding your health. You now have this great information, so there is no excuse for letting your body and mind down. Make your health a personal matter so you can help someone special. That special someone is you!!

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