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Help Your Skin, Help Your Hair, and You Help a Good Cause

Have you ever imagined there was a method of cleaning your face and your hair that could be based on ancient tradition but also be extremely convenient?  More than likely, you may have never heard this before.  However, it’s very important that you do hear it now.  The year 2023 is still young, with the start of spring.  There are millions of people all over the world that are joining the cause of helping people and the world via the use of natural products.  People of all ages who have suffered from bad acne have seen their faces and their entire skin clear up in no time with the use of products with the most natural ingredients that trace back to ancient methods and traditions from multiple continents of the world.    On the other hand, people are also using all-in-one soap and shampoo bars to cover all their needs while they shower.  These products, just like acne products, are full of the most natural ingredients from different parts of the world that were proven successful from ancient methods of treating the body.  As one can probably imagine, these types of products with these awesome, super-effective ingredients cannot be obtained just by going to the store.  If one were to want to see the full effects on their skin and hair, they would have to resort to mixing different items that they would have to purchase from various places at monumental prices.  Luckily, Sammysoap makes everyone’s lives easier by providing individual bars that cover all your needs for getting rid of acne and maintaining both healthy skin and hair.  In addition, products from Sammysoap are part of a great cause for the world and society!!


Acne is something that affects millions of people all over the world.  While it may be more generally associated with teenagers and young adults, acne can cause problems for people of all ages.  Some people have just minor or moderate problems with their complexion as it relates to acne breakouts.  However, some people have severe issues with it.  Some may outgrow it, while others continue to have acne problems throughout their whole life.  Regardless of the circumstances surrounding one’s acne, it’s safe to say that it’s an inconvenience for people.  It makes people more self-conscious about their appearance when they go out in public and intermingle with people.  Most people tend to be embarrassed about it.  Just like with weight-loss products, there has been product after product throughout several decades that have been advertised as the ultimate way that anyone can defeat acne almost overnight.  Perhaps the biggest problem about these skincare items is that most of them did not have the most natural ingredients proven to heal one’s skin from centuries past.  Also, many of the over-the-counter products, although advertised to help all ages, may have been more geared towards adolescent acne rather than adult acne.  2023 is the year that people, no matter how old they are or what level of acne they are suffering from, are taking action to use one simple product that helps everyone.   This is also the year that people are taking charge of their life and gaining more self-confidence by no longer being as self-conscious about their appearance as they once were due to the effects of items used to treat acne.  Clearer skin contributes to a clearer mind.  However, it’s not just about having good-looking skin; it’s about having healthy skin.  It is very important for people to remember that just because one’s skin may look good, that’s not always an indicator that it is healthy.  While there is no doubt that healthy skin looks better than unhealthy skin, sometimes people resort to unnatural methods of keeping up their appearance.  In cases like these, what is perceived as healthy- looking skin usually does not last very long.  It becomes obvious to people that others are resorting to unhealthy and inauthentic methods to make themselves look good.  Why not do things the right way, the old-fashioned method with the right ingredients?

Maintaining One’s Hair

The care of one’s hair is certainly a huge priority among a lot of people.  While it might appear to be more of a concern for females, in fact, maintaining one’s hair is a part of everyone’s life.  Aside from one’s face, one’s hair is one of the first things that people notice when they encounter another person.  A person can tell if someone’s hair is not kept up properly or, on the other hand, is immaculate and well maintained.  It should be highly emphasized that maintaining one’s hair is not just about one’s appearance; it’s also about the overall health of the hair.  Oftentimes, shampoos that are readily available in stores do not have the correct type and amount of natural ingredients that are required to keep a person’s hair looking not only healthy but healthy overall.  The health of one’s hair is extremely important.  Although there are various factors that play into someone losing their hair or experiencing hair thinning, when someone’s hair lacks proper nutrients, this can contribute to someone having hair loss.  In addition to this, while the care of the overall health of one’s hair is just as important as one’s appearance, there is a certain correlation between hair health and the appearance of skin.  For instance, when the hair is not washed periodically and left to become oily and grimy, this can contribute to the skin becoming oilier and, therefore, increasing the risk of acne and blemishes.  Therefore, one could say that the skin and the hair are one and the same. 

Taking Care of Skin and Hair All at the Same Time

Taking a shower is a part of our ritual of keeping clean.  Indeed, maintaining a regular shower routine contributes to feeling healthy and refreshed.  As far as actually contributing to overall physical health, taking a shower helps wash away unwanted bacteria that the body is exposed to daily.  Also, showering helps clean the skin and remove dead skin cells.  There are also psychological benefits to showering, such as calming the mind and making one feel relaxed.  There are generally two main components of the body that are cleaned while a person takes a shower.  The first, and arguably the most addressed during a shower, is one’s skin.  The other is a person’s hair.  Usually, a person uses soap to wash their body and shampoo to wash their hair.  As previously stated, it takes specific ingredients to address the various health needs of both their skin and hair as well as to maintain their very appearance.  Due to these factors, people spend time and lots of hard-earned money going from store to store to obtain all that is needed to properly wash both their skin and hair while in the shower.  Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just use one product that has all the required ingredients that thoroughly wash one’s skin and hair?  This can be achieved by pursuing the right company.  However, it’s good to understand first just what specific ingredients are needed for hair and skin success.

Argan Oil

Produced from the kernels of the argan tree in Morocco, argan oil has many helpful purposes. In fact, it has been used for various reasons in the Mediterranean for centuries. Believe it or not, it is used in food.  Some people do sprinkle argan oil on their meals.  Arguably, one of argan oil’s most beneficial purposes is its benefit for both hair and skincare.  It’s quick, thick penetration provides extremely gentle, nonirritating moisture to the scalp and hair, protection from the sun, and it’s the best oil for minimizing damage caused by hot styling tools.  Argan oil helps both the hair and the skin equally.  Therefore, when taking a shower, a single product with adequate amounts of argan oil can be used to wash both the hair and body at the same time.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Australian Tea Tree, Indian Neem, and American Goldenseal

Australian tea tree oil, as the name suggests, is a special type of oil that is extracted from the leaves of the Australian tea tree.  In relation to the health of one’s skin, Australian tea tree oil has been shown to counter the effects of acne with its antibacterial properties.  The Indian neem comes from the neem tree.  It has been proven successful in treating skin problems like acne, psoriasis, and eczema.  American goldenseal is an herb native to North America.  Goldenseal can kill most acne-causing bacteria.  This blend of these three components, each one from a different continent, works to counter the very causes of acne for everyone, regardless of age or skin type.  The challenge is finding products that have this exact formula.


Sammysoap is a small business that worked hard to make the perfect soap.  Everything is made in small batches, using the highest quality ingredients they can find sourced for therapeutic properties through sustainable and fair-trade farmers.  Providing clean products is one of the aims of Sammysoap.

It should be noted that in addition to providing soap that does wonders for the skin and hair, Sammysoap operates in a way that gives back to mankind.  Products from Sammysoap are handmade in St. Louis, Missouri, by adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs).  The company wanted to create an area for adults with IDDs so that their contributions to society could be recognized and that they could work with dignity and respect.

Acne Bar

  • Helps get rid of acne and keep it from reoccurring
  • Helps tackle the causes of acne at the source.
  • Has blend of Australian tea tree, Indian neem, and American goldenseal.

Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar With Argan Oil

  • Excellent for both hair and skin care
  • Has Argan Oil, which has high content of antioxidants, fatty acids, and Vitamin E.

Start Helping Yourself for the Benefit of Others

Why keep going from store to store to spend money on multiple products when you can use something simple that has everything you need?  Ancient traditions have shown that specific ingredients give you the best results, more so than anything that has been marketed over the past six decades.  A combination of formulas from multiple parts of the world into one single concoction produces the greatest results for people’s skin.  At the same time, the most trustworthy method of maintaining one’s hair and appearance is now what everyone is following in the year 2023.

 You can’t beat something that is effective and simple and covers all your needs. In addition, its purchase guarantees that you are not only about to improve your life, but you are also giving back to society and becoming a better person.   If you are looking to kill acne, prevent acne from forming, and maintain good hair and skin health and appearance, all while helping a good cause at the same time, then look no further.  You can now use just one single item when you get in the shower and wash your entire body in addition to all your hair.   From now on, you won’t have to feel nervous facing people in public due to embarrassing acne.  Are you interested?  Try Sammysoap’s Acne Bar and Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar With Argan Oil.  When you purchase either one of these products, you are contributing to the rights of people with disabilities.  Sammysoap also has products for babies and dogs.  Get ready to heal yourself the all-natural way while helping others as well.  You will feel better about yourself in more ways than one.









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