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Helping Your Skin Can Help the Environment

Skincare is an essential priority for millions of people worldwide. Some individuals try to keep it moisturized, while others attempt to keep their complexions clear. Arguably, one of the biggest uses of skin products is to keep it looking youthful. Regardless of the specific purpose for which one treats their skin or the skin that one has, one must use a product that has all the natural ingredients needed to keep the skin shiny and healthy. Besides maintaining the skin itself, the containers in which skin products are housed need to be made of material that doesn’t cause harm to the environment. Unfortunately, finding a product that does both is easier said than done!

Like with the attempt to locate the most nutritious foods, the search for the most natural skin products is quite a challenge. There are very specific ingredients needed to help the skin’s health as best as possible. Unfortunately, most of the available skin products only have a limited amount of helpful ingredients. For years, this has forced people to go from store to store, wasting their hard-earned money on multiple items so they can help their skin. People have been looking for an item that has all of what they need for their skin in one bottle. It’s not just helping the skin; it’s also about using specific products that are not made of plastic materials, which can harm the environment when disposed of. Until recently, we have been able to locate skincare items that have all the natural ingredients and are made of a material that will not cause damage to the earth. 2024 is the year that people’s skin and the environment have been saved with the help of products from HiBAR. Before delving into the details of these skin items, it’s essential to first look at why taking care of one’s skin is so vital and the specific ingredients needed to help the skin obtain the greatest health and appearance.

Importance of Taking Care of the Skin

The very importance of taking care of the skin lies in just how large of an organ it is. The skin is the largest organ of the body as it covers everything. It acts as a shield for the body’s inner parts, protecting them from exposure to germs and bacteria. Without skin, everyone would be walking flesh. However, it takes very specific ingredients to ensure that the skin’s health and look are taken care of properly.

Ingredients Needed to Help the Skin


Glycerin is a type of carbohydrate that helps the skin stay hydrated. The body naturally produces a certain amount of moisturization for the skin. This is what keeps the skintight and intact. Unfortunately, when people reach a certain age, their bodies do not produce as much moisturization as they once did. This, therefore, results in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. These are the greatest indicators of the aging of the skin. However, with the help of glycerin, one can keep the skin moisturized and hydrated no matter what age they are and prevent the appearance and formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

Sodium cocoyl isethionate is derived from coconut oil. Like glycerin, sodium cocoyl isethionate helps people maintain the hydration of their skin. However, sodium cocoyl isethionate also helps people keep their skin clean and free of impurities. Since the skin covers the whole body, it is constantly exposed to various germs and bacteria that can cause it to become infected. Acne is a skin condition that affects millions of people worldwide. While it is generally an issue for adolescents and young adults, acne can affect anyone at any age. Acne usually occurs when the skin’s pores become blocked or when dirt and perspiration become trapped. Sodium cocoyl isethionate has been shown to help pull out dirt and impurities from the skin and, therefore, help prevent the formation of acne.

Hydrogenated Olive Oil

Hydrogenated olive oil helps boost collagen production. As mentioned, the body produces a certain degree of moisturization that keeps the skin youthful-looking and free of wrinkles and other age-indicating features. In addition, the body naturally produces a large amount of collagen, a protein. Collagen plays a role in helping the skin maintain its elasticity. As mentioned, people generally reach a certain age when their bodies do not hydrate as easily. The same thing occurs with collagen as the body reaches a point where it does not produce adequate amounts of it. This causes the skin to lose its elasticity and, therefore, look aged and worn down. Using skin products with adequate amounts of hydrogenated olive oil, however, can help boost collagen production, even when someone has reached an age where it has started to slow down.

Lactic Acid

When one hears the phrase lactic acid, one may not think of something as being able to help the skin. However, lactic acid, which is also naturally produced by the body, can provide various benefits for one’s skin. For one thing, lactic acid helps rid dead skin cells, otherwise known as exfoliation. This leaves one’s complexion healthy and looking fresh. It’s also important to exfoliate to allow new cells to grow. In addition, lactic acid helps to prevent acne and other skin conditions. Lactic acid also helps improve one’s skin texture and boost collagen production.

Olive Seed Powder

Like lactic acid, olive seed powder also plays a role in exfoliating the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells, therefore, allowing new skin cells to develop. Exfoliation is also essential to help unclog the pores. As mentioned, when the pores are clogged, acne can develop. While acne commonly affects teenagers and young adults the most, it can affect anyone at any age and clogged pores can happen to anyone. You can keep your skin clear, though, with the help of olive seed powder.

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Olive Squalane

Olive squalane has great anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to prevent the skin from becoming irritated. In addition, olive squalane is also a beneficial ingredient in helping keep the skin hydrated. As mentioned, the body reaches a point where it does not hydrate as easily. Therefore, it takes the assistance of ingredients like olive squalane to keep the skin hydrated and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Olive squalane also helps promote collagen production, which helps the skin maintain its elasticity.

As mentioned, there are not many skin products readily available to the public that have all that people need. Usually, some items only have some of the necessary ingredients but not all. This has forced people to go from store to store, wasting their hard-earned money on multiple items that don’t always deliver. HiBAR has made 2024 the year that this is no longer an issue for people. In addition, they are also helping save the environment.


HiBAR offers a wide range of sustainable hair and body care products, including shampoo, conditioner bars, and deodorant. Each product is thoughtfully formulated to deliver exceptional results while reducing environmental impact. People who use HiBAR can feel good about the products, knowing that they’re reducing plastic waste one bar at a time. HiBAR continues to set the standard in environmentally friendly personal care, including 100% plastic-free shipping. Renew Face Wash and Cleanse Face Wash are two of HiBAR’s biggest-selling products.

Renew Face Wash

HiBAR’s Renew Face Wash bars consist of a gentle, exfoliating formula that can help the skin in different ways. Since its formula is exfoliating, Renew Face Wash helps people remove dead skin cells and, therefore, helps new skin cells to develop. In addition, it helps keep the skin moisturized no matter what type of skin they may already have. Renew Face Wash bars fit securely in your hand and are easy to use. Of the many ingredients contained within HiBAR’s Renew Face Wash, the following ingredients are arguably its most effective: Olive Seed Power, Lactic Acid, Glycerin, and Hydrogenated Olive Oil.

In addition to helping one’s skin, it is essential to use a product that is made up of a material that does not harm the earth when disposed of. Unfortunately, until recently, most skin products, and many others for that matter, have been contained in plastic. This material is well known for its negative effects on the environment. Like Renew Face Wash from HiBAR, Cleanse Face Wash is in a non-plastic container.

Cleanse Face Wash

Cleanse Face Wash bars from HiBAR contain powerfully plant-based ingredients that can assist anyone, no matter what type of skin they have. It gently cleans while preserving the skin’s natural moisture barrier. It is a handy cleanser that is as easy to use as it is helpful. Of the many ingredients that HiBAR’s Cleanse Face Wash bars contain, the following are arguably the most potent:

Skincare means a lot to millions of people worldwide, and rightfully so. After all, the skin is the largest organ of the body. However, people should remember that it’s not just about trying to maintain youth, although that’s important too. It’s about keeping the skin clean and healthy. It takes specific types of ingredients to obtain the right kinds of ingredients. With products from HiBAR, one can get just what they need to have the healthiest, most youthful-looking skin. The year is still young, but before you know it, we will be gearing up for a new year. Why not be sure to make 2024 the one that you experience the best skin you have in years?









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