Travel & SpaHow to make a foot spa at home

How to make a foot spa at home

Do you have sloppy feet? Don’t spend another day with them like this. In this article we tell you how to make a spa that allows you to leave them like new.
How to make a foot spa at home
With the arrival of heat or vacation trips, it is also time to wear sandals. May these dates not find you with careless feet! We teach you how to make a foot spa at home so that you can relax and, at the same time, renew your extremities.

There are few sensations that are as relaxing as putting your feet in warm water, in the sea or receiving a good massage on them. Also, one of the most unpleasant sensations is having an ingrown toenail. In addition, calluses and rough skin can be annoying and even painful.

For these reasons, it is convenient that you establish routines for the care of your feet. On the one hand, they will help you rest and relax, and on the other they will help you take care of your health.

Importance of foot care
The feet support the weight of the body. They are strong and resistant structures. Did you know that they have 26 bones, 32 joints, 19 muscles and more than 100 ligaments and tendons? This is clarified by a publication in the magazine Ofarm entitled Foot care. Hygiene and treatment of the most common problems.

By supporting the entire weight of the body, being subjected to oblivion and suffering from inappropriate footwear due to fashion, the feet can present many conditions and damage. In fact, we are little aware of its value. That is why it is of the utmost importance to take care of them and dedicate time to them.

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Steps to have a foot spa at home
It is not always possible to go to a professional esthetician to do a pedicure, either for time or money. However, this is not an essential requirement to have well-groomed and beautiful feet. In fact, at home it is perfectly possible to achieve it.

Another publication from Ámbito Farmacéutico points out that foot baths stimulate blood circulation and reduce the risk of bacterial infections. For this reason, it is a very beneficial routine.

As in any spa, the one we do at home must have several stations or moments of care and relaxation. Here are some essential ones.

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prepare the feet
Before starting with the spa at home you need to get your feet ready. This means that if you have nail polish on your nails, you should remove it.

You can also trim your nails before you start the process. If you have a liquid to soften calluses or soften cuticles, you should read the instructions, as many have to be put on the feet minutes before submerging them in water so that they have a greater effect.

Calluses on the feet to treat with a spa.
It is good to treat calluses carefully before starting the foot spa.

bathe the feet
This is the best part of the process. Fill a bowl with warm water that you can soak your feet in. You just have to use a bucket that is big enough for you to put both ends.

However, if you want something more sophisticated, they also sell specialized trays. Some even heat the water or do massages.

You can add a little essential oil of a scent that you find relaxing. Likewise, some bath salts will be ideal for reducing inflammation and providing a good aroma to the water.

perform the pedicure
This part of the process is the most necessary, but not always the most pleasant. However, after having eliminated those rough edges and having smooth feet, you will feel better.

At this point you need to lower the cuticle, clean the inside of the nails and file them. It is also time to sand down calluses and areas where the skin has hardened.

do a scrub
Here comes one of the most relaxing parts of the entire home foot spa process. You have several options.

First of all, you can use some specialized exfoliating foot cream. However, if you prefer to make your own scrub, you will not have any problem.

You can make one with sugar and almond oil or body cream. You can also make a very effective one with olive oil and salt.

Do an oil massage
In every spa there must be a good massage. This is the time to make those movements that you most want.

Try to rotate your ankles and massage the bottom of your foot. To make the massage more pleasant and hydrate the epidermis at the same time, use some orange, almond or grape vegetable oil.

Paint them as you like
As you have used several oily products, it is best to take a cotton ball and rub it with alcohol to remove excess oil from the nails. In this way, the enamel will be able to adhere better.

If your fingers are too close together and the paint is damaged

ure of the nails because they collide with each other, you can use a toe separator for this purpose. However, if you don’t have one, just roll up some toilet paper and pass it between your fingers in a zigzag pattern.

Foot spa with infected nails.
The addition of lemon and vinegar works well for home treatments that help eliminate fungus and bacteria from the feet.

Buy a good foot kit
As in other activities, the quality of your work will depend on the tools you have. One of the best self-care investments you can make is to have your own pedicure kit, with a file, pliers, nail clippers, a brush, a callus softener, a pumice stone, and a spatula to lower the cuticle.

In addition, it will not only serve you to make a foot spa at home. If you go to a manicure and pedicure center, you can bring your own supplies.

If you have a tendency to form calluses on your feet, you can buy a machine to remove roughness. They are usually not very expensive and have a motor that helps you file the skin to remove hard areas without pain.

Create the ideal environment for a spa
For your at-home foot spa to feel like true relaxation, it’s essential that you create the right environment. Try to wear comfortable clothes and be in a place that is pleasant for you.

You can resort to the use of candles and relaxing music. On the other hand, it is convenient that you prepare all the implements before putting your feet in the water. This way you will not have to get up and be at risk of accidents when walking with wet feet.

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