HealthImproving Wellness by Quitting - Smokeless Tobacco

Improving Wellness by Quitting – Smokeless Tobacco

There are many ways to improve wellness. For many of us, the turn of a new year is a time to set forward some changes and continue improving your wellness from where you left off. In essence, the journey to wellness is un-ending and each thing you do connects almost seamlessly to something else.

For smokers and dippers or those who have quit traditional tobacco, tobacco-free options have offered a way forward and a new path to feeling better and being smoke and tobacco-free.

Dipping involves placing a pinch or a dip of the product between your lip and gum. Dipping tobacco is not like ordinary tobacco. It is a finely ground, moistened smokeless product; in many cases, you can actually absorb more nicotine from a smokeless tobacco product.

Smokeless tobacco and nicotine pouches have become increasingly popular and nowadays there are sufficient and satisfying alternatives on the market that use food-grade ingredients infused with nicotine to replicate traditional smokeless tobacco. 

The most significant difference is the type of nicotine they utilize, and this is a major point. There is synthetic nicotine and tobacco-derived nicotine. Tobacco-derived nicotine, still found in many products, contains some of the same compounds that are known carcinogens that are found in traditional smokeless products, though at a lower concentration.  But there is another alternative, and that is synthetic nicotine!

Here are some reminders of the benefits of synthetic nicotine versus tobacco-derived nicotine!

There is tobacco-derived nicotine (TDN), which is derived from the tobacco plant, and there is synthetic (tobacco-free) nicotine which is made without any tobacco and is synthesized in a lab.

  • Tobacco-derived nicotine, still found in many products, contains some of the same compounds that are known carcinogens that are found in traditional smokeless products, though at a lower concentration. 
  • TSNAs, or tobacco-specific nitrosamines, are the main carcinogen found in traditional smokeless tobacco and can be found in small amounts in traditional tobacco-derived nicotine as well. 
  • Although the nicotine itself is not a known carcinogen or labeled as such, the tobacco byproducts are known carcinogens. 
  • Synthetic nicotine is a synthesized form of nicotine produced in FDA-approved facilities with absolutely no tobacco constituents nor agricultural byproducts.  This allows for synthetic nicotine to be over 99.5% pure nicotine, and it also lacks the impurities found in tobacco-derived nicotine. 

When one is using a product that has synthetic nicotine in it there would be zero exposure to TSNAs.  There are some products on the market that are using synthetic now and one of the most popular products is Fully Loaded Chew.

Fully Loaded Chew started in a basement among 4 friends who saw the harm in traditional smokeless products and set out to create an alternative to dipping traditional smokeless products. 

“We settled on an all food grade product made of mint leaves and kudzu root.  This product mimics traditional dip like Grizzly and Copenhagen but has none of the carcinogens seen in traditional products. Our products are available in full, half, and zero nicotine and are sure to satisfy anyone looking to move away from tobacco to a healthier alternative, allowing them to step down their nicotine usage until they’re at zero”- Fully Loaded Chew

Their most popular products are the Wintergreen and Classic flavors.  Customers who are accustomed to Grizzly or Copenhagen will see that Fully Loaded Chew’s product is the closest match they can find! The customer will have the same enjoyable experience they’re used to without any of cancer-causing compounds or side effects they fear with traditional tobacco. 

“As we grew up and had children and started to put our health first, we saw the benefits of using traditional herbs and plants in a way that can mimic a bad habit, but instead make it have all the enjoyment typically experienced, without any of the negative side effects.  We made it our mission to make the world’s best dip replacement and after hundreds of hours of research and development and millions of happy customers using the product, we feel we have accomplished our mission”- Fully Loaded Chew

Fully Loaded Chew products are fairly priced and made in the USA. Proudly manufactured, packaged, and fulfilled daily from Akron, OH. 

  • Fully Loaded makes a smokeless alternative in various flavors like wintergreen, mint, and classic, and Fully Loaded produces both long cut and pouches. 
  • The base of the product is derived from food-grade ingredients, offering an alternative that is true without any TSNA’s. 
  • In addition to the foregoing, there are also nicotine-free versions of Fully Loaded Chew for those who want a smokeless alternative without any nicotine. 

Here’s a look at Fully Loaded Chew’s products! Wintergreen and their Classic flavor:

Wintergreen Flavor

Fully Loaded Chew Wintergreen Bullseye LONG CUT provides a refreshing and balanced chew experience with 0% nicotine and 0% tobacco.

  • TOBACCO FREE: This satisfying texture is made from a mix of kudzu root and spearmint leaves.
  • NICOTINE FREE: Bullseye is 0% nicotine.
  • WINTERGREEN FLAVOR: Sweet, refreshing, and balanced. This Wintergreen flavor delivers the goods!
  • FOOD GRADE INGREDIENTS: The perfect texture, flavor, and satisfaction in a tobacco-free chew.

Classic Flavor 
Fully Loaded Chew Classic Bullseye LONG CUT is our bold signature chew flavor with 0% tobacco and 0% nicotine.

  • TOBACCO FREE: Classic is a satisfying texture; it is made from a mix of kudzu root and spearmint leaves.
  • NICOTINE FREE: Bullseye is 0% nicotine.
  • STRAIGHT FLAVOR: Authentic straight chew flavor for maximum enjoyment 100%!
  • FOOD GRADE INGREDIENTS: The perfect texture, flavor, and satisfaction in a tobacco-free chew.

Ingredients: Mint leaf, Kudzu Root, Water, Natural & Artificial Flavors & Colors, Vegetable Glycerin, Cayenne Pepper, Salt, Baking Soda, and Baker’s Ammonia.

There are approximately ten million traditional smokeless tobacco users in the US alone. Many users enjoy the satisfaction of the nicotine, but they also understand the negative health consequences including oral cancer.  This is, in part, why many alternatives to traditional tobacco such as Fully Loaded Chew and Smokey Mountain have increased in popularity in recent years.

For more information go to Fully Loaded Chew and you can get 2022 kicked off far more healthily. Life is essentially about choices, and Fully Loaded Chew offers you a better choice for tobacco-free products!

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