HealthIt’s Not Just a Gut

It’s Not Just a Gut

The different biological systems of the human body need constant maintenance.  Taking care of one’s gut is certainly no exception. It is up to us to make sure we have good gut health so that we can also have great immune health, skin health, and adequate amounts of energy.  It takes a lot of time and money spent addressing each.  In fact, it is very frustrating.  People are always going from store to store to buy specific products for different functions, and it’s overwhelming and expensive. Many times, these items that are supposed to address a certain biological system do not have the most natural ingredients.  It’s almost a no-win situation.  Wouldn’t it be much easier to just use a single product that is both able to cover all your health needs and is affordable?  In the past, it hasn’t been very easy to locate such a thing.  However, you should know that Huno Naturals has special items that cover everything from gut health to energy, all in one capsule.  Isn’t it time you made your life healthier in the most convenient way possible? You can almost start a new life that is both healthy and simple all at the same time!

Good Gut Health

Maintaining good gut health is something you’ve probably heard a lot by now.  There is certainly a reason that you have.  Having good gut health enables many functions of the human body to operate properly and efficiently.  The gut is not only directly connected to both our metabolism rate and weight control, but it is also aligned with the immune system.  In addition, there is a communication process that takes place between the gut and the brain, which, in turn, influences one’s mood and mental state.  Many people around the world have suffered from problems with their guts.  When the gut is not being taken care of, it is time to act.  Since the gut, and gut health, for that matter, is interconnected with so many of the systems of the body, it is extremely important to keep it in check.  Eating nutritious foods is certainly an important aspect of maintaining good gut health.  However, no matter how hard someone attempts to keep a clean diet, there are still things that are consumed that don’t have the most natural ingredients or the most specific elements that are meant to help the gut.  Therefore, it takes that little special something to keep the gut on track for healthy living.

What is Gut Health?

Gut health refers to the gastrointestinal system (GI) and all its functions and properties.  Besides the stomach, other body parts like the esophagus and the intestines all play a role in this.  The disruption to the operations of any of these parts of the body contributes to problems with the gut.  Common issues with gut health include indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and heartburn, to name a few. 

Immune System

Very much interconnected with the gut is the immune system.  This is the system of the body responsible for keeping the body shielded from sickness.  Let’s face it.  Getting sick is no fun.  It involves having to miss work and miss out on everyday practices that we so cherish.  That’s why keeping one’s immunity level high is such a huge priority for so many people.  The gut microbiome are organisms living in the gut of an individual.  These organisms include bacteria, fungi, and other things.  When the gut microbiome can be supplemented properly, it helps the immune system to stay strong.  As mentioned, getting all the proper nutrients to maintain a good gut is by no means an easy task.  Therefore, since gut health intertwines with immune health, staying free from sickness is easier said than done. 

Brain Health/Mood

Brain health is associated with, you guessed it, the health of the brain.  That includes maintaining good memory and one’s general cognitive health.  It varies with individuals.  However, as one gets older, they tend to start becoming more forgetful about things.  Also, aspects of their cognitive health begin to decline.  Similar to brain health is one’s overall mood and mental status.  This varies among people the world over.  Some individuals have mood swings and problems with their mental health.  How people have dealt with this problem has certainly varied over the years.  Certain individuals seek counseling and prescribed medication.  There is certainly nothing wrong with that.  However, sometimes there are even more contributing factors.  While there are certainly various reasons for this, occasionally, poor gut health caused by poor nutrition can be a cause.  Having said that, sometimes even nutrition is not the answer.  It often takes some type of additional help, like a supplement, to keep one’s memory sharp and moods steady.


Having high amounts of energy is very important to be able to carry out the tasks of everyday living.  Whether it’s fulfilling requirements at work or keeping one’s family together, it takes proper amounts of stamina to be able to complete them.  Also, exercising is an extremely important part of having good overall health.  The body needs enough motivation to be able to exercise sufficiently.  It’s not just physical energy, though.  Mental energy, related to brain energy, is also influenced by the body.  Just like how a person needs enough energy to complete physical tasks in their life, they also want to be able to handle mental tasks in the best way possible.  Everyone has different types of daily duties and responsibilities.  Some people have jobs, for instance, that require constant manual labor.  This requires great amounts of physical energy.  Other individuals have vocations that involve using their brains to solve problems consistently.  Mental energy comes into play in this scenario.  Many people experience a lack of energy.  While lack of sleep and other factors certainly play into it, the lack of proper nutrients can certainly play a hand in it as well.

Healthy Skin

Keeping one’s skin looking nice and healthy is arguably just as valuable to some people as keeping a fit-looking body.  As one gets older, changes in the skin start to occur, like wrinkles and age marks.  Many adolescents and some young adults suffer from problems with acne.  While some people outgrow it, others have ongoing problems.  People, in general, are overexposed to UV rays and pollutants in the air.  This certainly doesn’t help the skin at all.  Fads of product after product have come and gone when it comes to skincare. Regardless of whether it’s wrinkles, age marks, acne, or psoriasis that one is trying to treat, it is important to know what specifically is entering your skin.  While applying ointments and creams to take care of skin health has been the norm in the past, hugely successful skin treatments involve taking something orally.  It’s a new era of skincare.

Healthy Hair

Let’s not forget the importance of having healthy hair.  Just like maintaining good skin and physical health, having healthy hair is at the top of a lot of people’s lists of priorities.  Both men and women sometimes experience degrees of hair loss, especially as they get older.  Unfortunately, a lot of the hair growth products that people have used have not exactly contained the most natural ingredients. 

Substances and Nutrients to Support Good Gut Health, Great Immune Health, Good Brain Health, and Better Skin and Hair Health

Acacia Powder

Acacia powder is a special kind of fiber.  It is a prebiotic fiber, meaning it is a type of fiber that is undigested by the body.  These prebiotic fibers act as a source for the good bacteria in the gut microbiome.  This supplementation to the good bacteria causes positive reactions in the body.  Good moods and overall good health are the result.  In addition to helping one’s gastrointestinal system, acacia powder can also help with overall heart health, weight management, and even preventing certain kinds of cancer.

Fulvic Acid

Over a long period, the decomposition of plants results in fulvic acid.  This chemical compound helps with the body’s cells.  The growth of healthy cells takes place as a result of fulvic acid as well as the return to the previous state of dead cells.  Fulvic acid supplies oxygen to the cells, which, therefore, gives us better energy.  In addition, it also helps with hair growth.

Soil-based probiotics

Probiotics have a lot of health benefits.  However, different types of probiotics are more effective than others, especially regarding one’s gut health.  Soil-based probiotics are thought to be superior to others as they travel better through one’s system.


Polyphenols are compounds that help with both energy and skin health.  An interesting scenario takes place whereby polyphenols regulate certain chemical elements to help provide energy throughout the body.  In addition, polyphenols help protect one’s skin.

Huno Naturals

Huno Naturals is a woman-owned company that creates nutritional products made only with clean and natural ingredients.  They aim to build a community of empowered and knowledgeable consumers who strive for optimal health not only for themselves but also for the planet.  Huno Naturals exists to spread awareness about the importance of mindful packaging in consumerism and is committed to making a positive environmental impact by only using packaging that aligns with its mission.

GEO Capsule

Wellness Magazine Master Club

The GEO Capsule, the featured product of Huno Naturals, helps with the following: 

  • better digestive health,
  • encouraging proper gut microbiome,
  • increasing energy,
  • improving oxygen transport,
  • improving cognitive health and focus,
  • improving skin, hair, and nail health,
  •  improving the immune system,

and a variety of other things. 

It is made from fulvic acid and acacia powder and contains prebiotic fiber, soil-based probiotics, polyphenols, and other great nutrients.  Not many products can do what GEO Capsule can do.  It tackles so many areas of one’s health while taking care of the gut.

Your Gut Tells You That Now is the Time

Having great gut health has been becoming a huge priority for people around the globe.  People are learning more about just how important this aspect of one’s body truly is.  There are so many bodily systems that are connected to the gut.  The gut connects to one’s intestines just as much as a lot of other areas of the body. There’s no doubt that one’s digestive system is directly influenced by the gut.  If a person can have excellent gut health, they can also benefit their immune system, skin, hair, energy level, and a variety of other things.   In addition, it is now being seen how the functioning of the brain and one’s mental status are more dependent on the gut than most people previously thought.  The gut sends signals to the brain.  Right now, your gut is probably sending signals to your brain about obtaining proper nutrients for its well-being.  The GEO Capsule from Huno Naturals takes care of so many aspects of one’s health that it’s almost ridiculous.  The gut is powerful.  It tells you when the right time to act is.  That right time is now!!

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