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Karma: The Effect(s) On Your Character

Karma is derived from the Sanskrit Kri, which means “to do”; all action is Karma. Technically, this term also refers to the consequences of acts. Concerning metaphysics, it sometimes refers to the consequences of our previous deeds. However, in Karma-Yoga, the term Karma merely refers to labor. Humanity’s ultimate objective is knowledge. That is the only ideal presented to us by Eastern philosophy. Man’s purpose is not pleasure, but knowledge. Pleasure and contentment are over. It is a fallacy to believe that pleasure is the ultimate objective. All of the world’s ills stem from men’s mistaken belief that pleasure is the goal to aim towards. After a while, man realizes that he is pursuing knowledge rather than enjoyment, that both pleasure and suffering are excellent instructors, and that he learns just as much from bad as from good. As pleasure and agony pass before his spirit, they leave diverse imprints, and the sum of these impressions is what is known as man’s “character.” If you consider a man’s character to be nothing more than the sum of his tendencies, the total of his mental bent, you will discover that pain and happiness are equal contributors to the construction of that character. Good and evil both have a role in shaping character and sometimes pain is a better teacher than enjoyment. In its influence on character, Karma is the most powerful force that man must contend with. Man is, in a sense, a center, pulling all the energies of the cosmos to himself and merging them all before releasing them in a large stream. The true man is such a center – the almighty, the omniscient — and he attracts the entire cosmos to him. Good and ill, anguish and happiness, they all rush towards him and cling to him, and he crafts the great torrent of tendency known as a character and casts it outwards. As he can pull anything in, he also can fling everything out.

The Secret of Work

Helping people physically by relieving their physical requirements is fantastic, but the aid is tremendous in proportion to the need and proportion to the reach of the help. If a man’s desires can be eliminated for an hour, he will be helped; if his desires can be removed for a year, he will be helped.

greater assistance to him; but if his desires may be forever erased, it is undoubtedly the greatest assistance that can be provided to him. Spiritual knowledge is the only thing that may permanently end our sorrows; all other information merely temporarily fulfills our desires. Only through spiritual understanding is the capability of want permanently eradicated; so, aiding man spiritually is the utmost help that can be offered to him. He who offers man spiritual knowledge is the greatest benefactor of mankind, and as such, we always discover that those who aided man in his spiritual needs were the most powerful of men, since spirituality is the fundamental foundation of all our actions in life. If a guy is spiritually strong and sound, he will be strong in all other areas as well. Even bodily necessities cannot be adequately met unless man develops spiritual power. There is intellectual help following spiritual support. The gift of information is far more valuable than the gifts of food and clothes; it is even more valuable than the gift of life, for knowledge is man’s actual life. Ignorance is death; knowledge is life. If you spend your life in the dark, stumbling through ignorance and misery, it has little purpose. The next stage is, of course, to physically aid a man. As a result, when it comes to supporting others, we must always strive to avoid making the mistake of assuming that only physical assistance can be provided.

What Are Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records, sometimes known as “The Book of Life,” are analogous to the Universe’s supercomputer system. This system serves as the central repository of all information for every person who has ever lived on the planet. The Akashic Records are more than just a repository of events; they include every deed, speech, feeling, idea, and intent that has ever transpired in the history of the earth. These Akashic Records, however, are much more than just a memory repository; they have a great effect on our daily lives, relationships, sentiments, and belief systems, and the possible realities we attract… The Akashic Records contain the complete history of every soul since the beginning of time

Karmic Healing

Karmic Healing aids in the reduction of one’s karmic burden or Karmic Dosha, which causes suffering. The agony decreases after we have cleared whatever is ready to be healed. We access the associated former incarnations through the Akashic Records and cure all those who have been injured directly or indirectly by us. Let go of their anguish, sorrow, and trauma. They had their natural health and abundance restored. Once cured, these souls will be able to relinquish their curses and vows against humankind. As a result, our karmic load is reduced. Remote Akashic Records Healing works similarly to a Surrogate regression session in that a person enters a trance or deep meditation to access and repair the previous lives of a loved one, such as a spouse, sibling, or kid.

Enlightened Path

Aurelia L. Spencer designed The Enlightened Path to facilitate healing. It is her life’s mission to aid you in gaining an enlightened awareness of who you are at the soul level – recognising your life’s gifts and purpose – as well as identifying the barriers that have prevented you from flourishing in them. Enlightened Path is a one-of-a-kind chance to promote the healing of your past while propelling your present toward an abundant life!

There are many definitions of karma and many ways to look at it, but karma is simply the way our choices create our consequences.  Everything that shows up in our life experiences is because of karma.  Is it possible to find out how your choices are preventing you from receiving the things you desire in life???  Of course!  The answers are within your Akashic records! We can think of our Akashic records as an energetic file cabinet that holds information on every choice that we have ever made, from every lifetime we have ever lived. Past negative choices can be causing things like:

stress, fear, and anxiety

working job after job but not working towards a career

not being able to save money

repeatedly attracting the wrong type of person in relationships

sleeping restlessly and waking up tired

suffering from chronic pain or chronic health disorders

“For example, I once worked with a client who was having trouble establishing consistent clientele for her business.  During her Akashic records reading, I discovered that in a past life, she had stolen money from her husband in that life.  The money she stole was to be used to fund the husband’s political campaign.  However, because she stole all of the money and spent it, the husband was unable to run for office, and the family ended up in financial ruin!  This was the reason she was having trouble with building her business.  I was able to help my client clear the negative karmic energy that was still affecting her in this current lifetime, and she was able to finally start building her business successfully.

I will also share a personal story from my Akashic records reading.  I had always wondered why I had a fear of having children.  I was able to find out that, many lifetimes ago, after telling my husband that I was pregnant, he was killed in battle.  It turned out that, because of his excitement about having his first child, he was distracted by fighting and was killed in the heat of war.  Completely distraught after hearing of my husband’s death, I blamed myself and was unable to raise the daughter I gave birth to months later.  This tragic story was the source of my fear, and that fear followed me into this lifetime.

What types of issues are you currently dealing with that could be due to a prior negative choice – either from this current lifetime or a past life?  Just like my client and me, you may be very surprised to find out how negative choices may be holding you back from the things you desire in life.

It is my own life’s path to assist you in reaching an enlightened understanding of who you are at the soul level – knowing your life’s gifts and purpose – along with identifying the blocks that have held you back from flourishing in them. What Enlightened Path offers is a unique opportunity to support the healing of your past and propel your present into an abundant life!”

Aurelia L. Spencer

Advanced Life Path Realignment Practitioner

Level III Reiki Master

Certified Plant Medicine Integration Coach

Enlightened Path: Akashic Records Readings

Wellness Magazine Master Club

The mini-readings that are offered allow you the opportunity to find out the source of one life issue you may be struggling with because of a past negative choice (karma).  Examples of such life issues are listed above and include problems with career, money, relationships, health, etc.  However, the mini-readings do NOT include the energy-clearing work that is included with the other full readings.  The mini-readings are being offered for $27 at:  https://enlightenedpath9.com/products/akashic-records-mini-reading.

Become Free

Trauma may be handed down through generations both psychologically and metaphysically. Learning to access and unlock your Akashic records may help you not only erase ancestral karmic debt and therefore liberate yourself but it also opens the door to cosmic grace and benefits. Knowing our basic soul essence is tremendously affirming. The records assist us in identifying not just our strengths, but also the dysfunctional components of our soul composition. For example, if a soul intended to be a communicator is suppressed as a kid, it may later manifest as difficulties conveying the truth. If these mental and emotional imbalances are not treated, they will eventually show as illnesses or aches and pains in the physical body. The Akashic records assist us in identifying the unchanging core of our own particular identities, and in understanding and finally confronting the fears/phobias and other energy barriers and patterns we carry from infancy and even previous incarnations. They assist us in understanding and identifying patterns that no longer serve us, as well as the reasons we continue to attract certain sorts of situations/people in our lives regularly. Based on this profound knowledge, we may make adjustments to begin over, choosing new and better choices that are more in line with our actual nature. The ultimate objective of all healing, physical, mental, and spiritual, is empowerment. However, it should be noted that addressing unhealed trauma may be a frightening and overwhelming experience. Confronting unhealed portions of your soul and mind, while crucial for breaking patterns of behavior, can be challenging.

Today, modern science recognizes the existence of Akashic intelligence, which states that space possesses intelligence. The character of your life will be determined by whether this intelligence works for you or against you, whether you are a blessed creature or one who will be knocked around for the rest of your life. Some individuals appear to be thrown around by life for no apparent reason, yet others appear to be gifted with everything. It is not without cause. It is your ability – consciously or subconsciously – to elicit the cooperation of this broader intellect that is operating.

Releasing our negative baggage, which includes beliefs, self-incrimination, emotional scars, dogma, victim indoctrination, and past and present life trauma, to mention a few, may all help us break free from the continual cycle of behavioral patterns that keep us bound by response rather than choice. Discharging and disconnecting from the negative baggage allows us to take conscious responsibility to choose a life that is more aware of living at the moment. Making intentional decisions leads to a life full of fantastic adventures from a screenplay you write and direct.

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