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Keep Your Body and Skin Healthy This Winter! Here’s What You Should Be Doing

The leaves are starting to change as summer says goodbye and fall rears its head, with the dog days of winter just around the corner. You’ve probably got your wool sweaters, cozy blankets, and puffy mittens all ready to keep your body warm through the season, but have you thought about the health of your body and skin?

Summer is a time that our skin tends to love; it soaks up the rich vitamin D from the strong summer sun and the moisture and organic compounds that float through the warm, clean summer air. But the dry, harsh air of winter is much less friendly to our skin. Our skin can quickly become dry and flaky as the wind and cold temperatures make it harder for the skin to exfoliate and keep itself moist. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s not possible to keep that healthy, radiant summer skin that you love all through the cold season; you just need to give it some extra love and care!

Healthy Skin: Your Body’s First Line of Defense

The primary role of your skin in the complex machine that is the human body is to keep the body’s internals protected from outside elements. The world around us contains numerous chemicals and elements that our body doesn’t like. Our skin doesn’t like them either, but it does its job to hold the frontline and protect the vital organs beneath it.

And if you didn’t know this yet, here’s the sad truth: In the fall and winter, your body will be naturally exposed to far more harmful elements and compounds of every variety. It’s why the fall and winter form what doctors often term “flu season,” as there are simply more bad things floating around that might get us sick. Fall and winter air not only make for a better breeding ground for germs, but the air also becomes more polluted with harmful chemicals and toxins once green leaves (the planet’s own natural air purifiers) have fallen to the ground.

And many of these chemicals aren’t always harmful to your body. In fact, many, such as iron, copper, and nickel, are good for your skin in small doses. While heavy metals like these can be good in the right amounts when ingested properly, the harsh weather conditions in winter often mean that the air we’re breathing and the water that we’re drinking and showering in contain levels of these elements that are higher than what our skin (and body) wants.

Harmful quantities of heavy metals are particularly problematic for long-term health, as our bodies do not have a simple natural mechanism to cleanse the body of toxic metals beyond the safe level. When your body ingests harmful organic compounds like bacteria, the immune system can usually deal with them naturally. But sadly, this isn’t the case with most inorganic toxins. Detoxing can clear your skin, but your body won’t do it alone. It needs your help!

So if you want to keep your body and skin healthy this winter, it’s important to invest in a good detox cream for the skin, and learn how to detox your skin. Don’t let the elements take advantage of you this year, and keep yourself a step ahead of the game!

Let’s explore one of the leading brands of skin-absorbent detox cream, SomaHealth’s EZDtox Cream, and how it can help detox your skin.

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Detox Cream for Your Skin: Keep Your Body Toxin-Free This Year!

The primary ingredient in SomaHealth’s detox cream, EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid), is a mild, safe, yet highly powerful detoxing agent that binds with heavy metals and allows your body to naturally get rid of them. It is one of the safest and most widely-tested detoxing agents available on the market, having been in use all over the world since the 1930s.

Using detox cream for skin works as a double-edged sword for detoxing your skin and body. Firstly, it cleanses the skin and cleans out toxins and excess metals from the skin tissue that inhibit metabolism and exfoliation. This, of course, creates a stronger and healthier layer of skin to protect the rest of your body from unwanted toxins.

And beyond the short and long-term benefits of detoxing your skin, EDTA is also absorbed by the skin and used by the body for detoxing internally. Using a deep cleansing cream is even more effective at removing unwanted toxins from the body than traditional ingested detoxing agents, as the active ingredients do not need to pass through the digestive system, where acids and other digestive enzymes eat away at some of the potency. In fact, with SomaHealth’s EZDtox Cream, you can be sure that over 90% of the potent ingredients are being absorbed by your body and going to work.

In their EZDtox Cream, SomaHealth combines the well-proven power of EDTA with additional natural ingredients and emulsifiers to make sure that the EDTA is absorbed by the body and has exactly the intended effect. There have been decades of research showing that EDTA can detox and improve skin and, when used correctly, also has dozens of additional benefits for creating a healthy and detoxed body. These include:

  1. Increased metabolism and energy levels. The unnatural presence of toxins and heavy metals in the body disrupts metabolism; the very natural process that gives our body the energy it needs to live. Cleansing your body allows cells to reproduce and generate energy for your body and mind faster
  2. Optimized blood pressure. When your body senses unnaturally high levels of toxins in the blood, it does everything it can to try to stabilize them, often resulting in high blood pressure. Often dangerously so. This can quickly return to normal if you cleanse your body properly!
  3. Boosted immune system. Unbalanced toxins also disrupt the nervous system, which functions as your body’s messenger system. When the body isn’t able to relay signals as efficiently, it can’t react as quickly to a potential intruder like a pathogen. Keep your body cleansed to keep the messages moving quickly!
  4. Improved heart, liver, and lung functionality. Toxins and heavy metals that build up to unnaturally high amounts within the body will eventually accumulate in places that you really don’t want them to, such as the heart, lungs, and liver. These are fairly important organs, you know, so keep that stuff out of your body!

Using EDTA for Maximum Results

SomaHealth’s EZDtox Cream is prepared to be easy to use for maximum effect. Each jar of detox cream contains a convenient premeasured pump, making it easy as can be to measure exact doses. No more fooling around with little teaspoons!

For each use, you can apply a minimum of one pump and a maximum of six measured pumps of the cream to your skin. There’s no one-size-fits-all dose, but for most of us, somewhere in the middle (3–4 pumps) should be ideal. For best effect, you should apply the cream to an area of your skin where the underlying fat is thin, and blood vessels can be easily reached. The wrists, feet, ankles, and forearms are great spots!

Though there is no harm in applying EZDtox Cream multiple times a day, using it once a day is generally recommended, with the ideal time of use being right before bed. This allows the skin to absorb the detox cream while the body is in its most relaxed state of sleep.

EDTA has been thoroughly tested by regulatory agencies around the world and is proven to be safe. However, it is important to note that many of the heavy metals that EDTA will cleanse from the body are, in fact, important for your body in small doses. If you’ll be using EDTA for an extended period of time (and you should, especially in the fall and winter!) it is recommended to balance its effect by also taking mineral supplements. This ensures your body is getting what it needs – but not all that extra stuff it doesn’t!

SomaHealth: Keep Your Body Cleansed with a Brand You Can Trust!

SomaHealth is a leading brand of supplements and cleansing agents that has been pioneering the market with exceptional, well-tested, and safe products since 2009. Their formulas are produced naturally right here in the USA with carefully sourced natural ingredients. There are no artificial fillers, colors, or preservatives in their products.

SomaHealth bases its signature detoxing cream on decades of research and testing by leading doctors and scientists from all over the world, creating a product with maximum potency that’s easy and safe for home use. With winter soon approaching, it’s more important than ever to keep your body and skin clean and healthy. The natural wonders of our world that keep us healthy in the summer unfortunately won’t be with us forever, so if you want to stay healthy and keep your body free of unwanted toxins this winter, give it some of the treatment it deserves!

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