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Kindle Candle Company: Illuminating Clean, Conscious Living

The ambiance you create at home with candles might seem harmless, but have you ever considered the hidden impact on your well-being? Kindle Candle Company believes that your environment should enhance your health, not compromise it. While many candles claim to be clean, closer scrutiny unveils a different truth. Common store-bought candles most often harbor toxins and synthetic fragrances that can quietly affect your life. This prompted the Kindle Candle Company to transform the candle industry in response to these harmful elements, driven by their belief that “It matters what you breathe.

Clearing the Air: The Hidden Dangers of Traditional Candles

Imagine lighting a candle to set a cozy mood, only to unknowingly release a mix of chemicals into your home’s air. Traditional candles often contain fragrance oils infused with synthetic chemicals, contributing to indoor air pollution. This polluted air irritates your respiratory system, triggers allergies, and jeopardizes your overall health. While you aim to create a warm atmosphere, you could be inviting unwelcome pollutants into your sanctuary.

As you ignite a conventional candle, you’re not merely lighting the wick; you’re also sparking potential health risks. Many commercial candles boast labels like “non-toxic” or “all-natural,” yet here’s the catch: if they contain fragrance oils, they aren’t truly chemical-free. These oils, while cost-effective and fragrant, are synthetic, releasing undisclosed toxins into the air. Children and pets are even more susceptible to these pollutants than adults. A seemingly simple act of lighting a candle can inadvertently expose your loved ones to harmful airborne compounds that may have long-lasting consequences.

While the soothing radiance of a traditional candle might seem innocuous, it often hides potentially hazardous compounds. Choices we make about the products we bring into our homes have far-reaching effects, influencing the health and well-being of our entire household. By opting for alternatives like Kindle Candle Company’s products, you’re prioritizing your family’s health, creating an environment where well-being flourishes instead of being compromised.

Pioneering Change: Crafting a Healthier Candle Experience

In 2018, Kindle Candle Company chose to break away from the harmful industry norms, embracing a path of transparency, purity, and health. Their candles embody this commitment, meticulously handcrafted using only pure essential oils and natural waxes. Lighting a Kindle candle doesn’t just set the mood; it nurtures an environment that supports well-being inside and out.

With a focus on clean, healthy air, Kindle has established two collections that redefine the essence of a candle. One collection features recyclable and reusable glass jars, encapsulating a symphony of pure plant-based essential oils and sustainable coconut wax.This exquisite blend fills your space with soothing aromas, untainted by harmful synthetic chemicals. Whether you indulge in the calming scent of lavender or the invigorating aroma of eucalyptus, each essence contributes to a healthier, more vibrant atmosphere.

Artistry and Purity Unveiled: Handcrafted Beeswax and Soy Candles

The second collection takes things a step further, presenting sculptural candles crafted from pure, locally sourced beeswax or organic soy. Unlike traditional paraffin wax candles that emit harmful soot and toxins when burned, these beeswax and soy candles burn cleanly, releasing only the subtle, natural fragrance of the essential oils. Every handcrafted piece becomes a unique masterpiece, captivating both the visual and olfactory senses.

Kindle Candle Company: A Commitment to Health and Sustainability

Beyond crafting exquisite candles, Kindle Candle Company is devoted to minimizing its footprint on the planet. As proud members of 1% for the Planet, the company has pledged to allocate at least 1% of annual sales to environmental causes. Choosing Kindle goes beyond lighting a candle – it’s about embracing a journey of conscious living and caring for the environment, inside and outside your home.

With Kindle Candle Company products, you’re embracing candles that are 100% chemical-free. In stark contrast to conventional candles laden with paraffins, phthalates, and synthetic compounds, these candles are delicately scented with only pure essential oils. This dedication to purity ensures you can burn theseour candles with complete confidence.

Kindle’s devotion to a plastic-free production and distribution process is unwavering. Each step in the process is geared toward reducing its ecological footprint. From swapping plastic tea lights for recyclable aluminum containers to adopting plastic-free packaging and shipping, every decision reflects this commitment. The diligence is evident: recyclable shipping boxes, craft paper wrapping, and even plastic-free paper tape to seal packages.

Moreover, their glass jars and gold travel tins are designed with recycling in mind. For local patrons in Atlanta, they offer a unique incentive – customers can return vintage vessels to be refilled for a discount. At Kindle, sustainability is more than just a label; it’s an ongoing practice

Candle Care and Tips: Enhancing Your Experience

Caring for your Kindle Candle ensures extended longevity and optimal performance. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Trim the wick to 1/4″ before each lighting.
  • Pinch off burnt wick tops to prevent oversized flames.
  • Place candles on fire-resistant surfaces away from drafts and flammable items.
  • Never leave burning candles unattended.
  • Avoid burning candles for more than 4 hours at a time.

Once your candle’s journey is complete, don’t let it end. Rinse and wipe the jar to repurpose it as a plant holder or a creative container. With Kindle, each candle serves as a catalyst for both your well-being and the environment – a reminder of the harmony that can be achieved through conscious choices.

Chunky Arch: A Sculptural Statement in Neutral Beeswax

Elevate your ambiance with the Chunky Arch candle, a captivating piece of artistry crafted from 10 oz of pure beeswax. This sculptural marvel stands as a neutral masterpiece, casting a warm and inviting glow in any space. Unscented and meticulously handcrafted, the Chunky Arch candle adds an elegant touch to your décor while embodying the purity of beeswax. Illuminate your surroundings with this exquisite creation, where simplicity meets sophistication.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Delicate Bubbles: Nature’s Warmth in Organic Soy or Pure Beeswax

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Experience the delicate harmony of Delicate Bubbles, an 8oz candle available in two exquisite options: US-grown organic soy wax or pure beeswax. This candle captures the essence of nature’s warmth in its gentle hues, infusing your space with a soothing radiance. With both choices radiating authenticity and purity, Delicate Bubbles transform any environment into a haven of tranquility. Choose between the organic soy wax or pure beeswax and embrace the beauty of nature’s subtle elegance.

The Evolution of Kindle Candle Company: A Journey to Clean Living

This story started with a flicker of curiosity and a spark of passion. Kindle Candle Company emerged from a simple kitchen hobby. At the heart of this narrative stands Jill, a visionary driven to bring clean, safe products into homes. Kindle Candle Company’s inception is a testament to dedication, transformation, and a desire to illuminate lives with purity and purpose.

Jill’s journey mirrored that of countless individuals seeking healthier alternatives amid a sea of mass-produced, chemically laden goods. As a mom who always had a candle burning, she became concerned about the air she and her family were breathing in their own home every time a candle was lit. The search for a pure candle – free of phthalates, paraffins, dyes and chemicals – became her mission. By day, a graphic designer, and by nature, a DIY enthusiast, Jill possessed the unique blend of skills necessary to venture into clean candle-making. Her artistic flair converged with her unwavering determination to introduce a new era of candle crafting.

And so, the foundation was laid. Jill educated herself in the art of scent-blending with essential oils and the complexities of wax-melting formulas. Sourcing ethical wax was vital, aligning with her pledge to support pesticide and herbicide-free farms. This journey was a mix of love and learning, transforming her Atlanta kitchen, and later her studio, into a sanctuary of creation.

The journey involved testing, refining, and transforming. Each sample, each attempt propelled her forward. Kindle emerged from this journey of dedication – a brand that resonates with individuals seeking candles aligned with their values. Every fragrance was curated with care, merging essential oil blends with soy and coconut wax. The pure cotton wicks epitomized her commitment to purity and safety.

As the gentle scents of Kindle candles graced her home, Jill’s vision extended beyond her kitchen. Kindle candles can now be found in local shops, boutiques, markets, festivals, and pop-ups. This journey was a testament to passion’s power and the impact of purpose-driven dreams. Every candle crafted under the Kindle name exemplified Jill’s unwavering pursuit of purity, a beacon in the confusing landscape of consumer choices.

However, Kindle Candle Company is more than fragrant offerings. It’s a journey of growth, self-discovery, and community. As the candlelight spreads, so does the dedication to conscious living. Jill’s journey, woven through her candles, speaks of empowerment – the belief that a single flame can illuminate the shadows of misinformation, revealing the path to a healthier, more conscientious lifestyle.

From a modest kitchen hobby to a thriving venture, Kindle Candle Company’s story echoes the essence of transformation. As the warm glow of each candle dances, it kindles not only spaces but hearts and minds, sparking a revolution in clean living. Kindle’s journey continues, mirroring the pursuit of purity in an ever-evolving world. It’s one where the flame of passion ignites the flame of chang

Embrace the Glow: Choose Kindle for a Brighter Tomorrow

As the radiant warmth of a Kindle candle fills your space, you’re embracing more than just a fragrant glow. You’re making a conscious choice to prioritize your well-being and the well-being of the planet.  Kindle’s commitment to crafting pure, toxin-free candles goes beyond words – it’s woven into every wick selected and every aroma blended. You’re invited to join this journey of clean living, where every flicker ignites change, and every choice resonates beyond the present moment.

Illuminate your world with Kindle Candle Company – where the glow of clean air and conscious living converge in every radiant flicker. And of course because it matters what you breathe.

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