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Labor of Love, Self-Love

Enter the wonderful world of skincare where clear skin is more than just an unreachable dream. This is where science and art meet, mix, and create!

Every formulation birthed is a labor of love that has been conceived from passion; a passion for nurturing and healing. Skincare products are diverse and can target anything from soothing irritated skin to eliminating blemishes. This form of self-care has lasting effects on your body and mind.

Remember that skincare is more than just skin deep, it is more intense than that—it’s about feeling your best self too.

Join in on this journey of discovery and change. Let’s explore, discover, and celebrate the beauty of your skin and the joy of radiant, healthy living.

The Beginnings of Something Beautiful – Chicet

The husband-and-wife duo’s entrepreneurial journey has been a challenging, but inspirational one. It was more than just starting a business. To the duo it was the start of the adventure of a lifetime, one that would be rewarding in so many ways. The early days were filled with trepidation-tinged excitement.

The founder spent her student years studying at the cosmetic university in Bucharest. She was introduced to formulation, and she embraced the art and the science of skincare, with gusto. She spent many long hours with her nose in her textbooks, tinkering in the lab, and forming strong bonds with her fellow students. These memories she holds sacred, and are pieces of the puzzle that make up her past, present, and future.

The influence of her mentor from France affected her profoundly. It was more than just skincare-related, it instilled in her a deep respect for the tradition and craftsmanship.

Her mission has always been the same throughout the journey, to enrich and improve the lives of those who suffer with afflictions of the skin. It is the innumerable happy customers whereby she best measures her success.

For her, skincare isn’t just a business—it’s a vocation, and it is a calling that her husband whole-heartedly supports her in, always offering words of encouragement along the way.

Their future looks bright as they face it with optimism, determination and unwavering passion. The journey ahead may be a long and challenging obstacle course, but the reward will be invaluable. 

The Many Reasons for Redness and Irritation of the Skin

Let’s start at the beginning – the “Why?”

The skin is a vital organ of your body, it is the largest one too. It is an initial line of defense against all that lurks in the outside world and environment. It protects you from damaging UV rays from the sun, as well as germs that are found all around, even in the air.

Besides protecting you, your skin is responsible for so much more. It’s a complex organ tasked with regulating your body temperature, ensuring that we stay hydrated, and even touch and pain sensations are part of the skin’s duties.

If you want a gauge of your overall health and emotional well-being, look no further than your skin. Having healthy, clear, radiant skin is a confidence booster and gives you the edge when taking on the world.

And now the “What?”

Irritation and redness of the skin can be caused by so many different factors, and is in fact quite common. If you really want to protect your skin, and manage the any irritation or redness, you have to understand all the contributing factors.

Many people have sensitive skin that can experience reactions to things like environmental stressors, certain skincare products, or even every day emotional stress.

Allergies are another common cause of skin irritation and redness. Allergic reactions can be caused by so many different things that come into contact with the skin, as well as a myriad of things that are ingested: skincare products, makeup, allergens found in the environment like pollen. You could also eat or drink something that you may have an allergic reaction to that could also irritate or cause redness of the skin. It is important to avoid things that you are aware cause you a skin reaction and diligently use hypoallergenic products to reduce the allergic affects.

Skin condition like rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis can cause flare ups of red patches and irritation.  

Over-exfoliation, microbial infections, hormonal fluctuations, and the side effects of medications can all result in red, irritated skin.

To properly treat any skin issue, it is vital that you identify and understand what causes the reaction to begin with. This information is paramount in tailoring a skincare regimen that will help to soothe the irritation. Of course, there has to be change all-round, including your lifestyle, and eating habits.

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Redness Irritation Cleanser Exfoliator Support for Dry & Sensitive Skin

The Chicet Redness Irritation Cleanser Exfoliator Support for Dry & Sensitive Skin is a Cleanser, Mask, and Exfoliator, in one. Formulated with the utmost care, this effective product can change the face of your skincare routine game. Chicet has chosen with care and intent the natural ingredients like Oat Protein, Non-Fat Milk, and a blend of whole plant Calming Herbs. There are absolutely no extracts used! The array of natural ingredients ensures that the product provides a gentle yet effective cleanse without any of the harmful, harsh chemicals.  It’s so gentle in fact that it can be used every day and night without a worry in the world.

This product is especially recommended for anyone suffering with skin sensitivity issues: eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, or dermatitis.

The standout feature of this Cleanser Exfoliator is that is can do so much more than cleanse. Think mini-spa treatment in a bottle! The infusion of calming herbs works to soothe your irritated, red skin, the oat protein and non-fat milk work wonders as makeup removers and to reduce dry skin. The longer you massage, the deeper the cleanse.

Apply to your face, massage and rise with lukewarm water – as simple as that!

Go on, pamper yourself, you deserve this self-care ritual.

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Redness Irritation Oil Free Moisturizer Support

Chicet’s Redness Irritation Oil-Free Moisturizer Support is an all-natural moisturizer crafted to provide soothing comfort, relief and healing for those suffering from skin issues or afflictions.

But that’s not all—the moisturizer gets its strength from the inclusion of Phyto sphingosine, a skin-friendly lipid found naturally in your skin. Alongside Sodium Hyaluronate for hydration, it provides your skin with the nourishment and support it needs to recover from any irritation or affliction.

There are no harmful or harsh chemicals in the mix, only completely natural products filled with the goodness of the earth. When your skin’s already feeling under the weather, the last thing it needs is more irritants. The Chicet formula is all about kindness and care, prioritizing your skin’s health and happiness above all else.

Using the oil is so easy to achieve. Just cleanse your face with our PCA-Na Oat Protein Cleanser or Apple Cleanser, then smooth on the Redness Irritation Oil-Free Moisturizer Support.

Go ahead, give your skin the TLC it deserves with Chicet’s Redness Irritation Oil-Free Moisturizer Support.

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Beauty Radiates Inwards and Outwards

As our exploration of the art and science of skincare nears its end, it’s important to recognize and understand that skincare isn’t just a routine that we carry out every day, it’s a journey towards self-care, and a quest with self-discovery as the goal. It isn’t about trying to hide your flaws, but rather embracing and celebrating your unique beauty, and still taking the time and care to work on areas of your skin that may be suffering in some way or another.

Products like Chicet exemplify the ethos that whatever you choose to treat your skin, you are nourishing it with both nature and science at the fore. Chicet offers all-natural, harsh chemical-free skincare solutions. The Chicet products are a testament to the powerful synergy between nature and science.  

The saying that beauty is only skin deep couldn’t be more wrong when considering skincare. Skincare is not only about looking good on the outside, it is extremely important that the outward appearance make you feel good inside too.

Remember that outward beauty may be important, but embracing your imperfections and uniqueness, and treating yourself with kindness and love are just as or even more important. Embrace the renewed self-love and confidence – shine bright!









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