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Let Calmness Sink into the Skin

Over the past few years, plants have made headway for their uses beyond just being a healthy vegetable. Their excellent benefits to one’s skin have helped individuals overcome various types of skin conditions and keep one’s skin looking as healthy and youthful as ever before. Undoubtedly, extracts from certain types of plants help people’s skin to a great degree. However, one particular company is showcasing how plant extracts can help anyone with so much more than their skin. Mama Kat’s is making headways the world over with its products as it helps people with everything from relieving joint pain to easing their anxiety. It’s a new year, and people need to learn about the latest ways that various sources of the earth, such as plants, can help them renew aspects of their physical and mental health for some time to come.

Importance of Taking Care of One’s Skin

Taking care of the skin is a massive priority among millions of people the world over, and rightfully so. After all, the skin is the largest organ of the body. It protects against unwanted germs and bacteria that float in the air. Without the skin, everyone would just be walking flesh. In addition, the health of one’s skin is connected to various aspects of people’s physical health. Everything from one’s digestion to even aspects of mental health has a connection with the upkeep of the exterior of the body. Therefore, it is essential that one consistently provides their skin with the right type of ingredients.

Conditions that the Skin Encounters

Since the skin is such a large organ, it will inevitably encounter certain skin conditions. Acne is a condition that affects millions of people the world over. While it generally affects teenagers the most, acne can be a problem at any age for certain people. Besides acne, other skin conditions occur when the body’s exterior becomes too dry or is exposed to certain environmental factors. Some of these conditions include dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. When the skin becomes inflamed, many of these types of conditions become more prominent. One needs to take the time to learn about the various kinds of components needed to keep one’s skin always protected.

In addition to the various skin conditions that occur, arguably, one of the most common issues people complain about is skin aging. The body naturally produces a certain level of hydration that keeps the skin tight and compacted. Unfortunately, when people reach a certain age, their bodies do not hydrate as quickly. This results in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Besides the lack of hydration that the skin starts to experience, the loss of collagen also starts to occur. Collagen is a type of protein that is naturally produced by the body to help maintain elasticity. Unfortunately, collagen begins to subside over time, and it takes the right kind of ingredients to maintain the skin’s elasticity and hydration.

Problems That People Encounter Under the Skin

Notwithstanding all of the problems associated with conditions that occur on the surface of the skin,many different types of problems also occur under it. Like various skin conditions, arthritis is a conditionthat affects millions of people worldwide. It involves the inflammation or the swelling of one’s joints inthe body. When people reach a certain age, their body starts to react poorly to the pain it has built upover time. Living in the real world requires a lot of physical exertion. After so many steps have beentaken, the wear and tear bestowed onto the joints starts to build up to arthritic pain.Besides the hustle and tussle of everyday life, various things contribute to the development of arthritis.Many individuals work in occupations that require a lot of manual labor. Afterphysically exerting one’s body for several years, the joints reach a point where they have had enough,and pain results. Even though arthritis generally affects people who are past a certain age,younger individuals are certainly not immune to it. This is especially true among young athletes. Manysports require one to exert themselves to the nth degree. Sports like football and hockey involve muchphysical contact, which can cause people to experience significant amounts of pain. While professionalathletes may still be young, this constant exposure to pain can cause them to experience arthritis, too.Besides the problems associated with arthritis, there are also issues that people face when theyexperience certain types of physical injuries. No matter one’s age, accidents happen. Every day, someoneis breaking a bone or tearing a muscle. When the body has high levels of inflammation, these injuriestend to be harder to recover from over an extended period. It helps to get a hold of the inflammation sothat recovery from injuries can be quicker and less painful.Another issue that occurs under the skin has a connection to one’s mental health. The body’s nervessend signals between the brain and the rest of the body. Unfortunately, many people’s nerves are abit more wired than others. A lot of people suffer from nervousness and irritability. While it is true thatnerve issues, anxiety, and other types of problems affect people differently, various factors contribute tothese problems. For one thing, we live in a fast-paced world where people are constantly on the go. Thiscontributes to people experiencing high amounts of stress. In addition, the constant use of computersand social media contributes to digital overload in the brain, which is another factor in increasingpeople’s stress levels. Although there are various methods that people use to help ease their nerves,which, in turn, helps lessen stress and anxiety, one way that should be considered is using specific skinproducts with powerful plant-based ingredients designed to help relax the nerves.

Ingredients Needed to Help the Skin, Alleviate Pain, and Calm the Nerves

As mentioned, extracts from various types of plants are necessary to help protect the skin and alsoalleviate pain.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a particular type of fat that is extracted from the nuts of the African shea tree. As far asthe benefits to one’s skin, shea butter can help counter the problems associated with inflammation.Since it comprises Vitamins A, D, E, and F, shea butter assists people with issues with eczema andacne breakouts. In addition, it helps heal cuts and scrapes.


Calendula is a plant native to Asia and southern Europe. Like shea butter, calendula extracts have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as anti-bacterial, that help prevent infections from occurring in injuries.In addition, it helps with cellular repair, which is part of rejuvenating one’s skin.


Eucalyptus is a trendy plant when it comes to helping to treat various skin problems. It isused in products for people suffering from bad acne. Acne is a very inflammatory conditionSince eucalyptus can reduce inflammation, it can help fight off the chances ofthe skin having acne breakouts. This is also true for other inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasisand eczema.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a type of oil that comes from, you guessed it, coconuts. Like eucalyptus and calendula,coconut oil has excellent inflammatory properties that help counter certain skin conditionsand promote wound healing. Whether it’s a scrape, a bruise, a broken leg, or a torn muscle,coconut oil can contribute to healing time by fighting inflammation. In addition, when coconut oil isput on the skin, combined with other plant-based ingredients, it calms the body.Certain studies have shown that the use of it helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Olive oil

Although olive oil has been known for years as a healthy addition to one’s diet, it should also berecognized for its benefits to one’s skin. The use of it has been shown to help relieve the effects of dryskin, especially during the winter months. Olive oil has a moisturizing effect on the skin that helps it stayhydrated. Like coconut oil, the use of olive oil in skin products has been to help calm people’s nerves andrelax them.


Beeswax helps repair damaged skin and contributes to its regeneration processes. It also acts as a skinconditioner, which hydrates and helps create an additional layer of protection. Beeswax is alsoknown for its calming effects on the skin and the senses. It has been associated with the ability tosoothe irritated skin. In addition, its scent has a therapeutic feature that helps people’s nerves.

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Sandalwood Oil

As mentioned, the production of collagen helps the skin maintain its elasticity. Still, like with thehydration of the skin, the production of collagen starts to subside over time. Luckily, with the help ofsandalwood oil, one can help maintain this elasticity that keeps their skin tight and intact. In addition,using it on one’s skin can help prevent the appearance of scars, which is especiallybeneficial when one sustains injuries. Sandalwood oil is also known as a calming oil that canhelp calm people’s nerves and help with feelings of discomfort from specific physical ailments likeheadaches, coughs, and colds. This is handy during the winter months when people aremore susceptible to becoming sick.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is known for its contributions to the human skin and its aromatic qualities. It isheavily used to help fight the problems associated with acne and other skin conditions. Its aroma helpscontribute to a calming effect on the entire body.

Lavender Oil

When it comes to calming the nerves, using lavender oil on one’s body has arguably the mostoutstanding reputation. Its application has been associated with helping prevent restlessness andproblems with sleep.

Mama Kat’s

Mama Kat’s is a one-woman-designed, owned, and operated plant-based skin care product line that wasstarted by Katherine Bender in 2013. Healing the mind and body through olfactory and transdermalapplication with high-quality ingredients and good business ethics is most important to thiscompany. The highest quality, locally grown, chemical-free, certified naturally grown, or certified organicingredients are all sought to be employed in Mama Kat’s products.

Sore Muscle Salve

  • Great remedy for Arthritis and Injuries
  • It Contains Lavender, Eucalyptus, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Other Essential Ingredients.

Body Butter

Calm the Nerves, Heal the Skin

Now that you know just how powerful certain ingredients are at healing the skin, calming the nerves, and settling the mind, isn’t it time you made your life much easier by using simple products to cover all the bases? You will no longer have to go from store to store, wasting your hard-earned money on multiple products to get the job done. With the help of plant-based products from Mama Kat’s like Sore Muscle Salve and Body Butter, people worldwide are helping their skin health like never before and experiencing the most relaxed feelings and state of mind. Let 2024 be the year that you support your skin, health, mind, body, and entire life to reach its fullest potential. You always hear advertisements saying you shouldn’t miss out on the next fad. However, this is more than just a fad. This is a life-changing experience. Change your life by letting calmness sink into the skin, whose health you will maintain.









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