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Let Loose Lips Sink Chapped Skin

The harsh and brutal world of competitive sports is undoubtedly full of ailments and injuries. The constant exertion of the muscles, combined with the stressors of physical and mental competition, eventually takes its toll. Over the past few decades, many companies have pushed products that promise to take care of many physical problems people encounter. Even though some of the results of these products have varied, some items have at least been available for countering the aches and pains accompanied by both competitive and recreational sports. From helping muscle and joint pain to calming the nerves, there has generally been something available for the general types of problems that athletes or people who participate in sports encounter. However, this has not been the case when it comes to helping the effects of sports on one’s skin.

Most people did not associate skin problems with highly competitive sports for many years. It was just something that didn’t seem to go hand in hand. Due to this factor, there was not much that people who participated in sports could do regarding skin health. They were left having to deal with chapped skin or lips while all other aspects of their health could be dealt with. Most recently, however, there has been an ongoing trend of athletes and recreational sports players worldwide finally using products that care for the problems they have been receiving regarding their skin. Because of the use of products from Malibu 5Star Naturals, people now have a new lease on life as they can compete in sports and maintain healthy skin all over.

Although it might seem like a minor problem to some, the constant wear and tear on the body that people experience from playing sports can extend to the skin and different body parts, like the lips. For instance, when experiencing injuries while competing in sports, the skin’s health and appearance also get damaged. If left untreated, this can become a severe skin infection. The lips are considered skin and are very sensitive when you think about it. The lips are constantly being exposed to various weather conditions daily. This is obviously exemplified when it comes to playing sports. For example, football players have to be exposed to cold weather conditions. This often results in the player’s lips becoming chapped. Even athletes who participate in indoor sports experience problems as they go from one weather condition to another. For instance, the weather conditions they are exposed to while playing indoors are different from the weather conditions outside. This constant motion of going back and forth from one extreme temperature to the next eventually takes its toll. Hockey players, although competing indoors, are exposed to frigid temperatures. Their lips become chapped as quickly as a football player playing a game in the middle of December.

Ingredients that Help the Skin

Jojoba Oil

Helps the Skin When Exposed to Both Extreme Cold and Extreme Heat

Everyone is exposed to extreme weather conditions. Never is this truer than when it comes to athletes and people who remain physically active. As mentioned, many football and hockey players must play in frigid temperatures. Their skin and lips often become chapped. Sometimes, they can become severely chapped, which is not good. On the other hand, some baseball players have had to play in the most severe summer heat. In some instances, when the heat the players are competing in is dry heat, the lips become just as chapped as they would be in severe cold. Luckily, using specific products that have jojoba oil helps lock in moisture and prevent the lips and skin, for that matter, from becoming severely chapped due to severe weather conditions. In addition, athletes who are constantly exposed to the sun during the summer months often get sunburned. Jojoba oil can soothe sunburn as it is composed of potent antioxidants.

Helps Prevent Wrinkles and Fine Lines

One of the most sought-after benefits of jojoba oil is preventing wrinkles and fine lines. The human body produces something called collagen, which is instrumental in helping the skin stay hydrated and maintain its elasticity. As people get older, however, the ability to produce collagen starts to subside, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Although there are exceptions, people with dry skin tend to begin experiencing wrinkles before people with oily skin. Regardless of skin type, everyone starts to show signs of wrinkles at one point or another due to loss of collagen. This can be countered with the help of items with just the right amount of jojoba oil. With jojoba oil, one can boost collagen production, even when they have reached an age in which it begins to subside and help maintain the elasticity of their skin.

Helps People with Acne

Jojoba oil has been shown to help calm inflammation. It’s this taming of inflammation that allows people who suffer from acne to manage the condition. Although most people who have acne tend to be adolescents or young adults, some individuals have problems with it for most of their lives. Therefore, products with jojoba oil can help with this problem as its anti-inflammatory molecules can help cut down on acne.

Shea Butter

Helps Soothe Dry Lips

Like jojoba oil, shea butter can lock moisture in to help chapped lips. As mentioned, many athletes suffer from chapped lips. In some cases, it is from being exposed to extreme cold. In other cases, it is from too much dry heat. Regardless, if one can find something that has shea butter and jojoba oil, they can help their lips like never before.

It Can Help Heal Wounds and Scrapes

One could make the argument that when it comes to skin problems, one of the biggest problems that both athletes and people who are physically active encounter are wounds and scrapes. When playing sports, people constantly fall on the ground, run into other people, and physically exert themselves to the point of injury. Wounds and scrapes are a massive inconvenience to one’s skin that, when left untreated, can result in infection and unsightly scars. Luckily, shea butter is an ingredient that has been shown to help heal many of the cuts and scrapes obtained amid intense physical activity. This can help athletes feel more comfortable returning to physical activity after scraping their skin and receiving wounds.

Helps Fight Breakouts

Like jojoba oil, shea butter has benefits beyond just those relegated to the problems that athletes face. While it can certainly help athletes suffering from chapped lips or irritated skin, it can also assist in general issues that people face regarding their skin, such as breakouts. Shea butter has many anti-inflammatory properties that can help people prevent their skin from breaking out regularly. As mentioned, many people suffer from problems with acne. In addition, other skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema have been known to cause people problems.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil

Helps Moisturize Lips

Red raspberry seed oil is another significant component in helping one’s lips stay moisturized. Of course, athletes who are subjected to severe conditions, such as severely cold weather or arid heat, can use items with red raspberry seed oil combined with jojoba oil and shea butter to help prevent their lips from becoming chapped or, in some cases, actually becoming infected.

Helps Keep the Skin Hydrated

Besides the fact that red raspberry seed oil helps keep one’s lips moisturized, It’s important to mention that it also helps the entire body’s skin maintain its hydrating features. No matter how hard people try, they will eventually encounter the problem of developing fine lines and wrinkles. This is usually brought on by the lack of the body’s ability to maintain hydration the way it used to. Also, the production of certain things like collagen, which helps the skin maintain its elasticity, starts to subside. Fortunately, red raspberry seed oil can help boost collagen production and help the skin maintain its elasticity long after the body’s ability to adequately do so has passed. This, in turn, will help prevent the appearance of aging in individuals. While aging is inevitable, it helps reverse its signs, provided that one goes about it naturally and healthily. When one can conceal the signs of aging, one can build more self-confidence and feel more comfortable communicating with others.

Almond Oil

Helps Keeps Lips and Skin Moist

Almond oil is another ingredient that helps lips stay moisturized. From the athlete constantly exposed to questionable weather to the person walking back and forth to work every day, this comes in handy in preventing delicate lips from becoming chapped or infected. Besides the problems associated with lips losing moisturization, almond oil also helps the skin of the entire body maintain decent levels of hydration after a certain point in life.

Helps Reduce the Appearance of Scars and Wrinkles

Due to many of the physical injuries that are sustained over time, athletes and sports players start to show the appearance of scars. It can be very unsightly and embarrassing. However, with the help of almond oil products, one can lessen the appearance of these scars. Even if someone has scars from severe acne that they once had, they can cover them up with the right components. In addition to scars, wrinkles are perhaps the most common thing people don’t want to reveal to others in their body’s appearance. Since almond oil has such a moisturizing effect, it can help prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming.

Malibu 5Star Naturals

Malibu 5Star Naturals believes that invention is born out of necessity. They use the highest quality organic ingredients sourced from eco-friendly and sustainable sources. All the products available from Malibu 5Star Naturals are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

Luxury Lip Balm

  • Formulated with a natural SPF of 15 for winter and summer sports to remain applied during the harshest conditions.
  • Contains Golden Jojoba, Shea, Almond Oil, Red Raspberry Seed, and Other Powerful Ingredients

Help You Lips, Your Skin, and Your Life

You might be an athlete or someone who just loves to play sports or likes to remain physically active. On the other hand, you may be just someone who is constantly exposed to the weather conditions associated with Mother Nature. Regardless of your situation, it is generally agreed that you must avoid obtaining chapped lips. When your lips are severely dry, it causes significant discomfort and can even result in infection. Besides keeping your lips moisturized, it is also essential to keep up the hydration of your entire skin, for that matter. As your body loses its ability to maintain hydration, one develops things that showcase advancing years, often resulting in lower confidence levels.

Are you ready to eliminate chapped lips or avoid them at all costs? Isn’t it time you got out in the cold or the heat without worrying about what the weather will do to your skin? Also, aren’t you ready to hold back the hands of time by decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and scars? All it takes is a little help from products from Malibu 5Star Naturals. It’s the season of giving. Why not provide yourself and others with the gift of new life regarding their skin?









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