Eat WellLove and Energize Your Body with Maca!

Love and Energize Your Body with Maca!

Our energy reserves can make all the difference to our day. When we feel tired and lethargic- nothing seems right and we don’t accomplish what we desire to because we have not invested in energizing ourselves. 

Ultimately, we all want to make the very best of the hours we have ahead upon waking, but in order to achieve that we need to focus on nourishing ourselves with good food, rest, and adequate levels of activity throughout the week to keep our body in a flow. 
We have become heavily dependent on caffeine and sugar fixes to keep our energy lit, and over time this can negatively impact our health and vitality. 

Of course, the best way to ignite your body for the day or week ahead is to nourish it well. This means staying hydrated and including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet. When we are well fed, this enables us to engage in exercise and activity that further fuels our energy. 

Keeps in mind that staying hydrated and drinking enough water is one of the best ways to stay energized! Our body is comprised of around 70% water- it is what fuels our metabolic and bodily processes to their strength. Add a dash of lemon or some sliced cucumbers or berries to your bottled water for some extra vitamin potential.
There are many natural foods that can be highly effective in providing us with more energy, endurance, mental acuity, and an elevated mood. Maca roots, for example, is the great energizing option for you! 

What you should you know about Maca

Maca was discovered over 2,000 years ago when Incan farmers first grazed their flocks in the high mountains. They noticed that when their animals grazed on Maca they would become much healthier, hardier, and stronger, and also they would tend to copulate more and have a much higher fertility rate. After this discovery, people began using Maca themselves.
The Maca plant grows in rocky soils inhospitable to most other vegetation. It produces leaves as well as a small root, about the size of a radish. It is the root that has been treasured for thousands of years due to its ability to increase energy, stamina, and fertility for all people and animals that eat it.
Going back to the 1990s, Maca was an obscure food, known only by a few dedicated natural health practitioners. Even in Peru, where Maca originated, this simple root vegetable was marginalized and was grown and eaten only by very few inhabitants of the high Andes. 
Now, Maca is fast becoming a health phenomenon worldwide- this is because Maca is really helping people achieve positive health outcomes. Maca is used in humans to boost energy, promote fertility, build muscle, increase stamina, relieve menopause symptoms, support prostate health, increase bone density, alleviate depression, boost libido, balance hormones in both sexes and more.


There are three types of Maca: Red, Cream, and Black. 

If you were to visit a Maca farm, before the roots are made into a powder, you’d quickly and easily be able to tell the difference between Red Maca, Yellow/Cream Maca, and Black Maca. Maca roots grow in 3 ranges of colors. Each of the roots is of a different color – and in this way, they are named. The three Maca colors are all from the same species and sub-species of plant and traditionally were lumped together when Maca powder was produced.

Essentially, Maca works with the endocrine system, which is responsible for many aspects of wellness in the body; Maca has been associated with a wide variety of health benefits, such as: 

  • Boosting energy and endurance
  • Improving your mood, memory, and cognition
  • Helps to lower blood pressure
  • Increases your fertility potential and potentially increase your libido 
  • Helps to promote anti-oxidants within the body 

More Choice For Maca Fans! 

The Maca Team is a family-run company of true Maca specialists- they’re here to bring you the most Maca has to offer! 
We are passionate about preserving and sharing high quality Peruvian grown Maca with the world.  We are proud to source and sell the best selection of high-quality Peruvian Maca products anywhere.  All of our products are always organically grown, fairly traded, GMO-free, fresh and potent.  At the moment we sell 8 different kinds of certified organic Maca, raw and gelatinized (pre-cooked), in a variety of powder sizes, in vegan capsules and extracts”– Said The Maca Team 

The Maca Team has introduced several new products related to Maca in the past couple of years.

  • Liquid Maca Extracts – these are the most convenient ways to take Maca, they are easy to take with you on the go and use as a pick-me-up. 
  • Premium Maca Products in all colors – special immediate processing right after harvest ensures maximum nutrients in these Maca powders and capsules.   They are stronger tasting, but more potent! 
  • Maca Coffee Substitute – The Morning Motivator –The Maca Team have developed a special blend of 5 superfoods (35% Maca) designed to boost your energy without stressing the adrenals.  This new product is getting lots of great feedback on their website and is helping people reduce or eliminate coffee intake. 
  • Whole Maca Root Chips – The Maca Team now offers the closest thing to whole Maca roots that you can legally get outside of Peru.  These chips are simply dried Maca roots cut into chunks and can be used to make teas, hearty porridges and more.  The most traditional way to eat maca!

Which Maca should you choose?

In general terms, The Maca Team recommends Red Maca for women and Black Maca for Men.


Benefits of Yellow Maca

Yellow Maca powder is a great way to start with Maca. Yellow Maca is indeed a nutritional powerhouse, containing nearly all essential amino acids and free fatty acids, significant levels of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and C, minerals, iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium, a high concentration of bio-available protein and nutrients unique to Macacalled macaenes and macamides. Maca is also an “adaptogen,” or a rare form of plants that are thought to raise the overall life force energy of those who consume it. 

This is the very Maca that has been consumed daily for over 2,000 years to : 

  • boost energy
  • promote, fertility
  • increase mental focus
  • hormone balance
  • overall health
  • and more

Yellow Maca is the least expensive Maca, it nevertheless, has a very positive effect on hormone health and balance.

Black Maca is sometimes considered as “men’s Maca”

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Black Maca tends to be best for: 

Red Maca

Red Maca is sometimes called pink or purple Maca, but is most generally referred to as “Red Maca.” It grows in the same regions and under similar conditions as other more common types of Maca and yet, has some unique properties that are quickly making it the Maca of choice.

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Benefits of Red Maca

Getting the Most Out Of Maca!

With all the new possibilities, The Maca Team understands that it’s important to educate customers on which Maca might suit them best.  They’ve developed a few ways to support customers in this area; they have a great page explaining their top recommendations for both men and women here:  
Ideally, to get the most from Maca it should be:

  • Grown Organically, without the use of pesticides or chemicals
  • Cultivated in Peru at 14,000 feet and above
  • Harvested at about 9 months after planting
  • Dried fully and quickly after harvest
  • Powdered a short time before being packaged
  • Packaged in high quality non-permeable, containers
  • From the current year’s harvest to ensure freshness and potency

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Try Gelatinized Maca powder or capsules or Maca Extracts if you have sensitive digestion, otherwise Raw Maca powder or capsules.
Remember, Maca is a food, not an herb or drug, and as such takes time to work in the body. 

To get the most benefits:

  • Again, make sure you have the highest quality Maca possible! 
  • Make sure you are taking the best form of Maca for your purposes
  • You should plan to take Maca for at least 1 month, although some benefits may show sooner
  • Be consistent and take Maca every day
  • Make sure you are using the recommended amount 

The Maca Team work hard to make powerful impacts on people’s lives by providing high-quality Peruvian Maca products. Their customers report amazing results after using their Maca products! 

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