ShapeMaintain and Maximize your Muscles!

Maintain and Maximize your Muscles!

The muscles in your body make up around 40% of your total body weight and around 60% of that figure is found in your lower body muscles… so always make sure you train your legs! Muscles are much denser than fat so they weigh more but are capable of burning energy at a much faster rate than fat; potentially around 3 times faster or more. So if you are aiming to lose weight make sure you have a good weight training regime alongside your cardiovascular workouts. Yes… you may add weight on initially but you are burning more fat and improving your body shape, muscle tone, adding definition, and of course, increasing strength too!

The key thing here is to not avoid weights; particularly females swayed by the myth of looking more ‘bulky’ if they do weights. It really isn’t the case and women benefit in many ways from this activity because weight training strengthens your bones so it lessens the risk of osteoporosis (which women are more prone to) as you age.  Added to that is that weight training promotes better shape, improved posture; helps keep you more in tune with your body, and helps to keep you feeling empowered too! It also promotes the release of the ‘happy hormones’, endorphins and serotonin which are natural mood and ‘feel good’ enhancers.

Muscles do an awful lot of work to keep you moving and performing at your best so they are prone to fatigue. The only muscle that actually never tires out, in the same way, is your heart… it beats anything between 60-100 BPM depending on how to fit you are… hence the importance of cardio here! Always look after your heart and keep it strong through maintaining a well-balanced cardio program; aiming for at least 30 minutes three-five times weekly, as well as keeping active through walking or other activities you may do daily… it all counts!

There are many ways to look after tired muscles, always try to ensure you have a rest day between your weight training workouts; muscles grow and get stronger during the rest in between sessions! Opting for a warm bath after training can also work wonders for tired muscles, and of course one of the main things is to always make sure you refuel post exercise to replenish all of that energy…good nutrition shows love to your body and your muscles!

If you are on the lookout for other ways to help your tired muscles Komega 6 is an all natural health and wellness startup brand that creates and distributes a line of uniquely formulated sport essential oil blends intended for topical application.

These “Sport” oils are beginning to make a positive impression with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and essential oil aromatherapy buffs, as well as health & wellness advocates around the world. Based out of Texas, Komega6 sport essential oil blends are specifically created to help enhance and enrich the lives of fitness enthusiasts and athletes that prefer to use an all-natural, plant based approach to help accompany their active, healthy lifestyles. Every ingredient sourced has to have an accompanying certificate of analysis for quality, and is also tested by their in-house quality team before being blended and bottled.

Here is what’s on offer at Komega 6!

  • Every Komega6 sport essential oil blend is pre-blended and ready to apply with the trademarked carrier blend featuring coconut oil, avocado oil, flax seed oil, and kenaf seed oil. This carrier blend called “Carrier Supreme” is intended to deliver an all-natural transport vehicle for topical application and aid the absorption of potent essential oils to the skin for various sport and health related uses, all without the risk of unwanted side effects.
  • Metabolic Lift is a pre-exercise blend that uses a potent mix of cinnamon and citrus oils to help warm and loosen muscle fibers before exercising. By massaging the oil into the skin, Metabolic Lift helps keep muscles from being overworked while also helping contribute to a rise in muscular endurance during and after a demanding workout. The stimulating effect of citrus and cinnamon causes the body temperature to rise and induce sweating for a more intensified workout to help support a higher caloric burn rate.
  • Focus Factor has minty, citrus, and herbal aromas that are formulated to help spike enthusiasm and promote energy and focus. It features oils such as chamomile, rosemary, and peppermint, and is known to have somewhat stimulating yet calming effects on the mind when rubbed into the skin.

You can view more info on how to manage tired muscles and keep them at their best with Komega 6 here!

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