HealthNatural Remedies for Female Health

Natural Remedies for Female Health

Natural remedies catapult us into new depths because there is always more to explore in this arena of health. In particular, female health and hygiene tend to be a sore area, often involving a one-size-fits-all approach to women’s wellness which actually is a very uncomfortable fit for many.

Feminine health and hygiene is a sensitive area and many mainstream markets full to the brim with treatments, lotions, creams, and potions rarely satisfied with a successful remedy.

It ends up being quite confusing for women to choose products that will be effective in keeping them healthy and hygienic. 

Women are beginning to practice more self-care techniques than ever before and so a focus on great, natural remedies and solutions that support females should very much be upfront and center! Women don’t need to suffer unnecessarily or push their needs down the priority list; sometimes just a fresh approach can move females forward! 

Here are some reminders on practices that can benefit you as a wonderful, radiant female! 

  • Recognize yourself as an individual and seek out what works for you. Your health and hygiene cabinet should match your needs and not become a medicine cabinet for the family that houses everything they need but very little of what you need! 
  • Look after your feminine area. The feminine area needs balance and harmony just as the rest of your body does. An out-of-whack PH balance can cause a multitude of issues in the feminine area, including such things as thrush and candida. Look for products and treatments that help to balance your PH levels and avoid chemically charged products that can exacerbate an existing issue.
  • Hormonal balance. Hormonal balance is vital for health, in particular, as a woman ages, hormonal health should take on a higher focus in order to manage the transition into menopause more smoothly. By the same token, women of fertility age will benefit from the hormonal balance in order to help them conceive. 

Hopefully, these little reminders can help reset your feminine hygiene regimen, another natural remedy that can help relates back to ancient times-  this is called Yoni.

Here’s a reminder of what Yoni means! 

Taking Special Care with Yoni! 

Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit word that relates to the womb and the feminine organs and area. Yoni treatments can be found from across all corners of the globe, from Asia to Europe to Central America and beyond. In fact, the ancient peoples of the world have been practicing Yoni treatments for centuries. Female Rituals have now come along to make these treatments far more accessible and mainstream. 

Female Rituals make feminine hygiene and health their priority. In a world where feminine health is sadly brushed aside and stereotyped, they aim to bring clarity with all-natural solutions for all of your female hygiene needs. 

Female Rituals’ concern for feminine hygiene is born out of their own experiences with faulty products, false promises, and the “just take a pill” attitude of the modern healthcare system. As such, they understand the reason why Yoni hygiene is a key component of overall health. 

“Improper hygiene, sexual intercourse, and other factors can disrupt your pH level. This can lead to infection and discomfort in the form of itching, burning, and pain or irritation. Rather than waste your money on drugstore counterparts to deal with feminine issues that are mass-produced (and lack special care and attention), it is worth looking into what we can offer you at Female Rituals!”- Female Rituals

Female Rituals has a range of products that are specifically created for you- as females! Whether you’ve tried holistic products or this is your first time venturing into a more natural approach to your feminine hygiene, Female Rituals’ high-quality products are ones that you can trust and fall in love with. 

Here are two of their products: Yoni Cream/Balm and Fertility Tea

Yoni Cream/Balm

Yoni Cream Vaginal Moisturizer Vulva Balm Cream helps relieve discomfort and irritation of your intimate parts. Its natural ingredients help balance your pH levels by moisturizing the vagina so there is less dryness and discomfort, even for sensitive skin.

Here are how you can use it and some of its benefits!  

  • This cream/balm is commonly applied when pH imbalances occur, which are usually related to menopausal signs, breastfeeding, natural hormonal changes, or even just daily activities. 
  • Natural, organic ingredients only, with nothing artificial or synthetic added. There are no estrogens, fragrances, chemicals, hormones, preservatives, petroleum, or parabens. 
  • It helps retain the natural flora of your private parts and reduces the potential of yeast infections. 
  • Its unscented nature is well suited for the vagina which does not have an extra layer of skin to protect itself from the harshest of chemicals. 

Fertility Tea (Natural Peppermint Tea) 

Female Rituals Fertility Tea is custom formulated to support your personal fertility. Female Rituals blend utilizes natural healing power backed by centuries of application and wisdom. 

Here are some of the benefits!

  • It is packed with a careful selection of organic herbs chosen to assist your body’s ovulation and reproductive cycle. Chaste berries promote regulating the menstrual cycle and reproductive system. Nettle leaf may help balance the glandular system and assists in toning the uterus. Passionflower may help lower cortisol levels that could affect ovulation. Lady’s Mantle may stimulate female hormones and positively influence the uterus. And to cap it all, relaxing peppermint leaf. 
  • This tea is sweet and minty, it is a delicious fertility tea to relax, rejuvenate, and restore your mind and body. Female Rituals Fertility Tea includes 15 sachets that brew 30 cups. Pour 8oz of boiling water over one sachet and steep. 
  • Female Rituals hold your health to the highest standards and only use organic ingredients in their hormone balance tea to create mother-minded blends. 

“We know the importance of nurturing your body; that is why we made sure that Female Rituals Fertility Tea is also gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, Non-GMO and USDA Organic. It is formulated with potent and high-quality organic herbs for all women, especially when you’re trying to conceive”- Female Rituals 

Female Ritual’s prices are perfect for any budget, their quality is guaranteed, and they’re committed to serving you well! 

“It’s time for a more natural approach to vaginal health. We’re here to help. At Female Rituals, we’re all about giving women the freedom to choose what health products they want for vaginal health and overall wellness. Why settle for drugstore-quality products or healthcare solutions that fall outside the realm of your comfort zone?”- Female Rituals 

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