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None of us are immune to difficulty, stress, and anxiety. At some point in our lives, we will all come across a time of disharmony and discontent- that is a given. Life is designed with its ups but we must all be cognizant of those downtimes so that we can learn how to cope with them better. 

This quote by Paulo Coelho fits in perfectly with the concept of life’s rollercoaster journey:

Anxiety was born at the very same moment as mankind. And since we will never be able to master it, we will have to learn to live with it just as we have learned to live with storms.” 

So how do we live (or cope) with anxiety, stress, and those undeniable downtimes? 

The answer lies in how we look after ourselves daily. We are the sum of all our actions so it stands to reason that when we adjust our actions, we naturally move to a different place. 

As the quote above states so eloquently, we cannot remove anxiety from life, but we can develop ways to deal with it better. Through self-awareness techniques, talking therapy, good nutrition, exercise, and vitamin supplementation we can take strides forward.

We are only as stuck as we perceive ourselves to be. By taking control of your thoughts and actions, you can change your story- bit by bit, step by step! 

Mental and Physical

Stress and anxiety are not purely mental; they can affect us greatly on a physical level. Stress is a cause in some chronic conditions due to the inflammation that sets in within the body as Cortisol levels remain on a constant high alert. 

Inflammation within the body leads to a lowered immune function, digestive issues, skin conditions, and other issues. By understanding our mental and physical world and how everything connects, we can make the mental decisions that prompt a better physical outcome. 

Here are a few tips to help you connect the mental with the physical to help deal with anxiety: 

  • Keep a journal or diary. Note down your thoughts and emotions. Through expressing or verbalizing what is inside your head you can become aware of how your thoughts affect your actions and state of health. 
  • Exercise is a great way to become more body aware. Exercise connects the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of your body and helps to lower stress and anxiety. Exercise is normally always prescribed for anyone that is dealing with mild mental health issues such as depression. Yoga and meditation practices can also prove incredibly helpful to “ground” you so you don’t feel so lost in your thoughts and feelings of anxiousness.
  • Focus on good food. Food is medicine, the better you eat, the more adept your body will be at dealing with the ups and downs of life. Good food nourishes you and supports your body from the inside to out. Nutrient-rich foods can help to combat inflammation. 

Essentially, we can move past trying times with the right support and focus. Here is a brief outlook on stress and anxiety from the perspective of Suhail Rivera- the owner of Alkaline Herb shop.

Suhail Rivera had dreamed about becoming an attorney from the time she was a young girl. She accomplished her goal by graduating from law school and working at a prestigious law firm. But after a lifetime of eating poorly, and clocking too many caffeinated hours, anxiety set in and her health began to suffer. 

After visiting a myriad of health professionals in an unsuccessful attempt to restore her health, Suhail engaged in a vigorous study of holistic healing modalities. She applied the same discipline that she had applied to study law in researching the methods of revered holistic healers. 

Dr. Sebi, a Honduran herbalist, Dr. Robert Morse, a pioneer in the areas of detoxification and the lymphatic system, and Arnold Ehret, the originator of the “mucusless” diet, became her restorative authorities. She credits their work with enabling her to learn about the healing power of herbs and how to use them as medicine.

“The herbs on the market were pricy so I started making my compounds,” she said. “I started feeling the changes in my mind, mood, and body almost instantly. My friends and family commented on how much happier and alive I seemed. They started asking me to make herbal compounds for them, and when they reported how much better they felt, I knew I had to offer these products to everyone.”

Alkaline Herb Shop

Like most start-ups, creating the Alkaline Herbal Shop was not easy. Suhail spent two years learning about the herbs, and following the recommended diet, first. Alkaline’s herbs contain many minerals that most people are deficient in. 

Suhail said, “Taking these herbs along with following alkaline plant-based diet changes your life. Once you change your diet and start nourishing your body, the world around you changes as well. You wake up in the morning and make good decisions because your body and brain have the minerals they need to function effectively and optimally. Your life changes! Before you know it, you’re in a good place because, after all, we are the result of our daily cumulative choices.”  

Two of Alkaline Herbal Shop’s most popular supplements are Sea Moss capsules and Sea Moss and Bladderwrack capsules.

Sea Moss, also called Irish Moss, is a form of red algae that is found in cold-water regions. Alkaline Herbal Shop’s encapsulated sea moss (Chondrus crispus) is harvested from the coastal regions of Maine, Canada, and Ireland. 

Sea Moss and Sea Moss and Bladderwrack
 capsules contain these key minerals: calcium, iron and iodine

Bladderwrack is a common mucilaginous (slippery) type of brown seaweed. Its name comes from the air-filled pods on it which are called bladders and whose purpose is to help the plant float.

  • Calcium builds and maintains strong bones, and supports an already healthy heart and muscle function
  • Iron is found mostly in red blood cells. It supports immune health and plays a role in numerous reactions in the body
  • Iodine plays a role in numerous reactions in the body and is important for growth and development
  • Each bag contains 200 vegetable Sea Moss and Bladderwrack capsules and is made from wild crafted herbs

“What I am most proud of about my business is the quality and potency of our herbal blends. We have worked very hard to source the highest quality ingredients and use only wild-crafted and organic herbs for all our blends. We have never skimped on quality, and this is what makes our products so strong and effective. Some of our customers even call them life-changing or transformative. This, along with great customer service and great prices, is what has made our brand a success.”- Alkaline Herb Shop

* In partnership with our friends at Alkaline Herb Shop  * Photo courtesy of Alkaline Herb Shop 

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