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About NutaHealix

Founded by the esteemed Dr Kim Binion Richards, a renowned pharmacist who’s always helping people, she understands the advantages of CBD because she has a rich experience in pharmaceutical sciences. She always wanted to eliminate all myths and misunderstandings that surrounded the CBD industry in the first place. We made sure to have one-on-one consultations with experts and provide utmost attention and recommendations to each customer for their particular needs.

We strongly believe in CBD’s positive effects and are proud to say that our trusted and reliable brand include the most well-researched CBD products. We prioritise our customers’ safety and satisfaction to the core and do our best to ensure that all our products meet the utmost quality standards.

CBD is, undoubtedly, difficult to perceive. It seems intimidating because of the concerns, beginning from the effects of THC, which is another chemical found in cannabis plants, to questions about which products have the most benefits without side effects.

CBD, however, has shown excellent results and offered a broad range of benefits, including improved skin texture, better sleep quality, reduced stress levels, and relief from various kinds of pain. As modulations in the industry are still advancing, it’s crucial to know where your CBD comes from and how it’s formed.

Dr Kim is here to help you navigate through the complications of CBD and support you in making the right decisions about your well-being. It does not matter if you are inclined to receive natural remedies or traditional medical approaches; Dr. Kim is motivated to empower you. It would help if you showed courage to push yourself to experience the benefits of CBD. Dr. Kim does the rest; her expertise and guidance will make you feel confident and allow you to explore ways that will enhance your health.

At NutraHealix, we put our customers’ health as a top priority. Our exceptional team of experts will help you find suitable CBD products to achieve your wellness and provide you with personal guidance to get answers according to your specific needs. They do it all.

The NutraHealix Product Line

Two of our products that stand out are the 2000mg Cooling Gel and Bliss Intimate Oil. We are proud to have these at NutraHealix. Connect with NutraHealix online by visiting to get more updates about our brand and Dr. Kim.

Explore our wide variety of products available at our online store and take a step toward better health, happiness, and wellness just today. NutraHealix promises to support you in every way. We would love to receive your feedback. Experience the power of CBD transformation, and thank us later!

CBD Roll On 2000 mg Cooling Topical:

The THC-free CBD Muscle, Joint, and Pain Supporting Soothing Freeze Gel are thoughtfully crafted to relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints. The gel is made with a unique cooling gel formula, making the discomfort disappear without inducing any psychoactive effects. Designed with precision roll-on application and premium hemp-derived, THC-free CBD, and features like dependence and effectiveness, our Cooling Gel stands out for addressing various pain and discomfort.

Perfect for chiropractors, athletes, physical therapists, and individuals looking for natural pain relievers, our Cooling Gel is manufactured in the US and is completely free of GMOs and harmful chemicals. We ensure you will experience the gel’s refreshing effects within minutes of application, instant relief, and enduring comfort.

Product Specifications:

● Contains 2000 mg of CBD

● 0.00% THC

● Enriched with camphor and menthol

● Features with a hands-free applicator

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Product Description:

The +PlusCBD Cooling Topical, roll-on clinical-strength levels of CBD effectively target everyday soreness and discomfort. The cooling menthol and warming camphor in our potent pain relief roll-on help promote relaxation, alleviate pain, and enable you to perform your daily tasks rapidly and efficiently. The cooling CBD roll-on has this convenient hands-free topical applicator that allows it to neatly target areas in pain and discomfort and provide relief where it’s needed most.

Expert doctors carefully formulated our Cooling Topical roll-on using premium botanicals to soothe occasional soreness while leaving your skin soft and smooth.

The roll-on is devoid of artificial dyes or fragrances, phthalates, sulphates, parabens, or PEGs and gives you a pure and natural experience.

Designed with our THC-free CBD isolate, meticulously extracted using CO2, and made in a cGMP-certified facility, our Cooling CBD roll-ons undergo thorough third-party lab testing to verify safety for better implementation of confidence in your daily use.

Ideal For Individuals Who:

● Seek CBD products for ache relief

● Prefer pain relief topicals with warming and cooling effects

● Wish for rapid action from occasional soreness and discomfort

● Desire to complement their inflammation supplement with a cooling topical

● Choose to avoid over-the-counter painkillers and synthetic ingredients

Suggested Use:

Shake well before use. Apply to the skin as needed for targeted soreness relief.

Key Features of CBD Roll-On:

● Free from artificial dyes or fragrances

● Devoid of phthalates or sulphates

● Absence of parabens or PEGs

● Non-GMO

● Gluten-free

● Vegan

Enhance your +PlusCBD Routine With These Additions:

Relief Softgels: Combat tenderness internally and externally with our Triple Action formula Relief Softgels, which perfectly complement our Cooling Topical roll-on.

Sleep Gummies: Incorporate our Sleep Gummies into your nighttime regimen to eliminate disturbances caused by aches and discomfort and receive natural sleep support.

You Can Explore More Options:

Penetrating Pain Cream: Our Penetrating Pain Cream is made to give you a powerful warming and cooling pain relief formula.

CBD Balm: Moisturise and nurture your skin with our best product–CBD Balm. The balm contains all the botanical ingredients to soothe and rejuvenate your skin dynamically.

Our objective in applying our Cooling Topical roll-on is to provide a comprehensive approach to pain relief and comfort. We have a commitment to quality that ensures you a solution with the best possible results and your journey to optimal wellness.

Bliss Intimate Oil:

Bliss Intimate Oil exhibits groundbreaking progress in sexual wellness, being the first-of-its-kind cannabis-infused intimate Oil precisely crafted by a female reproductive medicine specialist and cannabis clinician. This innovative product features an exclusive blend of full-spectrum hemp extract, purposefully chosen to induce relaxation and enrich personal pleasure. With an emphasis on equalising the sexual experience, Bliss Intimate Oil is meticulously formulated with all-natural ingredients intentionally selected to stimulate, soothe, and harmonise intimacy.

Each component of Bliss Intimate Oil is carefully balanced to ensure optimal pH levels and compatibility with the body’s natural chemistry. Moreover, the product is 100% non-GMO and undergoes accurate lab testing throughout manufacturing. The dedication to purity and cleanliness underscores the brand’s mission to deliver a safe and trustworthy product for sexual wellness.

Crafted by women, for women, Bliss Intimate Oil is the outcome of extensive research and expertise from a female reproductive specialist and cannabis clinician.

The Oil is committed to providing women with a product that meets and exceeds their needs and preferences by thoughtfully selecting every ingredient to ensure efficacy and safety.

Product Specifications:

Bliss Intimate Oil is composed of clean, natural ingredients precisely chosen for their ability to enhance the sexual experience.

Coconut oil is a natural lubricant that hydrates the skin and facilitates intimacy with its smooth texture.

Cocoa Butter nourishes and moisturises the skin well and improves elasticity. Shea Butter helps with eliminating discomfort during intercourse by hydrating and reducing friction.

Sweet Almond plays a vital role in rehabilitating vaginal balance and rehydrating the vaginal walls post-intimacy contributing to overall vaginal health.

Pepper and Peppermint provide a delightful mix of heating and cooling sensations, increasing pleasure during intimate moments.

Hemp Extract lifts the experience, intensifying sensations and growing the connection between partners.

Key Features of Bliss Intimate Oil:

Improved Pleasure For Women: Bliss Intimate Oil is specially designed to equalize the sexual experience for women, specifically those who may face difficulty, discomfort, or pain during intimacy, fostering an environment of relaxation and pleasure.

By Women, For Women: The Oil is formulated by a female reproductive medicine specialist and cannabis clinician. It incorporates women’s collective wisdom and insights and addresses its target audience’s needs and desires.

Made With All-Natural Ingredients: Bliss Intimate Oil contains safe and pure ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond Oil, and Peppermint, selected for their compatibility with the body’s pH balance and capability to soothe the skin.

Hemp Extract: Including hemp extract ensures the product’s effectiveness by increasing sensitivity in intimacy, intensifying pleasure and arousal, and encouraging a deeper connection between partners.

Discreet Packaging: Bliss Intimate Oil is presented in discreet and minimalistic packaging, allowing users to carry it easily and carelessly. This ensures that it is available whenever the mood strikes, either at home or on the go.

Important Note: Bliss Intimate Oil is oil-based, so if you use it with condoms, it’s recommended to get some other birth control along with it for effectiveness and safety.

Bliss Intimate Oil embodies a natural approach to sexual wellness, offering women a safe, effective, and pleasing solution to enhance intimacy. With its expert formulation, the Oil defines how women embrace their sexuality.









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