BeautyNutrients from the inside-out: New Zealand’s secret to beautiful skin

Nutrients from the inside-out: New Zealand’s secret to beautiful skin

New Zealand is home to the best in natural health innovation, and it is here in New Zealand that we may have just begun to unlock the secret to staying youthful and healthy for longer.

This message of youth and vitality is one that Warren Matthews, Founder and Chairman of New Zealand’s premium family-owned supplement and skincare company, Xtend-Life Natural Products, champions’ daily.

Based in one the world’s most beautiful countries, Warren has worked with leading biochemists, formulators and researchers to combine the best of science and nature to establish Xtend-Life as a global manufacturer of safe and effective natural supplements and skincare products.  

Initial efforts to improve his own wellbeing following a personal health scare reignited an earlier interest in natural health. Warren invested significant time and resources into scientific research and development, founding Xtend-Life Natural Products with his son Lance in 2000. Since then, Warren has gained international recognition as a researcher and advocate for natural health.

Warren’s first concern was the lack of scientific evidence to back up manufacturers’ claims of the efficacy of certain natural products.  “From the start, we take the latest verifiable scientific research, use exacting manufacturing technologies, and adhere to a strict production and independent testing process to ensure the quality of our products is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer,” Warren says. Considerable investment, for example, has gone into raw ingredient testing to verify the potency, purity, and efficacy of Xtend-Life’s ingredients. There are no cutting corners for this company and its direct ownership of the entire manufacturing process – from research and development through to quality testing and distribution – sets Xtend-Life apart.      

Feed your skin from within

Xtend-Life’s latest innovation in dietary supplementation is Skin-Support – an exclusive nutritional formula that promotes smooth, youthful looking skin and aids in the reduction of pigmentation, spots, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. Skin-Support is comprised of two key ingredients. One is a unique form of marine collagen and elastin polypeptides called COLLATIVETM, and the other is New Zealand grape seed extract. 

Xtend-Life’s Skin-Support supplement contains one of the highest concentrations of COLLATIVETM (natural marine collagen and elastin polypeptides) available. The source is non-GMO and derived from the skin, not the scales, of deep-water fish. It increases hydration and, when taken over three months, can decrease the depth of fine lines and wrinkles.   

As the global Sauvignon Blanc wine capital, New Zealand’s sunlight also produces the highest potency grape seed extract loaded with antioxidants to fight free radical damage. A water extraction system is used to ensure the active nutrients of the grape seed extract remain intact when added to Skin-Support.

“The logic behind ‘beauty from within’ is that by supplying the body with beauty-boosting ingredients such as collagen, key nutrients will be absorbed in the gut and delivered by the bloodstream to the dermis – the inner layer of the skin made up of connective tissue and structural components which include collagen, elastic fibres and the extra fibrillar matrix,” says Warren.

“Dietary supplementation coupled with a good skincare regime that includes high-quality moisturizers and serums containing concentrated active ingredients will result in a longer-lasting, more substantial impact on physical appearance.”

Nourish the skin’s surface 

Xtend-Life’s Age Defying Serum with Whitening is the latest breakthrough product of Xtend-Life’s premium skincare range. Destined to reach cult-like status, this water-based serum has five active ingredients and combines hyaluronic acid and biometric peptides with the latest molecular technology to visibly reduce the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, imperfections, and discoloration. 

Unlike generic face creams and moisturizers, which only contain five to ten percent of active ingredients, Xtend-Life’s Age Defying Serum contains a higher concentration of active ingredients (up to 70 percent) for faster, more effective results. It is dermatologically tested and the molecular structure of the serum is smaller than that of moisturizers, enhancing absorption. As this is a water-based serum, it is best used with one of Xtend-Life’s moisturizers to help maintain skin hydration.

“During our pre-market testing, users experienced increased uniformity in skin tone and texture, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, and a reduction in redness and pigmentation,” says Warren.

 “Our natural health supplements and skincare products deliver consistent breakthrough results, but they are just part of our beauty secret. We also need fresh clean air, plenty of water, regular exercise and nutrition-dense food for the truly radiant skin.”

About company

•    Xtend-Life’s mission is to provide a foundation for strong health, a better appearance and to enhance the potential for satisfaction and overall enjoyment of life.

•    The company formulates and manufactures all of its dietary supplements and skincare products in its own state-of-the-art testing, manufacturing and distribution facility in Christchurch, New Zealand.

•    Customers receive guaranteed, exclusive formulas that are made in full compliance with the American Food and Drug Administration Standards (FDA) including the Current Good       Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) for dietary supplements. Xtend-Life also meets the compliance requirements and manufacturing standards of the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries.

•    Xtend-Life is a member of the Natural Products Association (NPA) and the Global Organisation for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED), and its fish oils are only purchased from other GOED members.

•    The company does not use the ubiquitous and environmentally damaging plastic microbeads in any of its products and is calling for a global ban on their manufacture and use. 

•    Xtend-Life Natural Products has never had a product recall.

•    For more information, visit  

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