HealthOncuity’s Restful Night Gummies: Paving the Way to a Well Rested Life

Oncuity’s Restful Night Gummies: Paving the Way to a Well Rested Life

Background and Mission of TCP and Oncuity

Sleep is an important aspect for health and wellness across the lifespan. The number of people in the United States who are 65 years or older is steadily increasing, and is expected to double over the next 25 years to about 72 million. By 2030, roughly one in five people in the US will be over the age of 65. Sleep physiology changes with the age, and many sleep disorders increase in the elderly. As many as 50% of older adults, compared to 15.9 to 22.3% of the general population, complain about sleep problems. Sleep complaints when persistent, can lead to daytime sleepiness, which can lead to morbidity in elderly people, such as impaired cognition, disorientation, delirium, as well as increased risk of falls.1

The Commonwealth Project (TCP) recognized this significant health challenge along with others that older adults face daily. Insomnia being one of the most common complaints of seniors, TCP decided to introduce a gummy designed to support the body’s ability to have a restful night. Addressing these, they founded Oncuity with a single, focused mission: to provide seniors with safe and legal access to innovative Cannabinoid-Based Therapies (CBTs), effectively redefining healthcare norms for elderly wellness

Oncuity’s Vision

Oncuity operates with a clear vision: to remove the stigma surrounding cannabinoids and to establish easy access to Cannabinoid-Based therapies and services for older adults. This initiative aims to empower this demographic to live healthier and more active lives as they age.

Understanding Cannabinoid-Based Therapies

Definition of CBTs

Cannabinoid-Based Therapies (CBTs) refer to a class of treatments that utilize compounds extracted from the cannabis plant, which includes both marijuana and hemp. These therapies encompass the strategic use of over 100 different cannabinoids — the active components found in cannabis plants — to foster health and wellness. These treatments are tailored to address various health concerns, with formulations designed to harness the potential therapeutic benefits of individual cannabinoids.

The Role and Benefits of Cannabinoids

Out of the vast array of cannabinoids, two stand out for their notable benefits: CBD and CBN.

CBD: Predominantly derived from hemp, a cousin of the marijuana plant, CBD (Cannabidiol) is renowned for its potential health benefits. While research is ongoing, early studies indicate that it might play a role in managing anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, without inducing intoxication or a “high” effect, which is often associated with THC, another cannabinoid.

CBN: CBN (Cannabinol) is less renowned but equally promising. It originates as a byproduct when THC undergoes oxidation. While it shares some traits with THC, it does not have a strong psychoactive effect. Its mild sedative properties can potentially aid in improving sleep patterns, particularly in older adults, making it a focus of interest in sleep research.

Both CBD and CBN hold promising avenues in the realm of alternative therapies, offering a gentler approach compared to conventional medications.

Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System

To understand the potential efficacy of CBTs, one must delve into the intricate workings of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) present in our bodies. This biological system plays a pivotal role in maintaining homeostasis — the body’s state of stable internal conditions. It affects a wide array of bodily processes, including but not limited to:

Sleep: Regulating the sleep-wake cycle, ensuring a balanced sleep routine.

Pain Management: Alleviating chronic pain conditions by potentially dampening pain signals in the body.

Immune Responses: Playing a part in controlling immune responses, it aids in managing inflammation and immune reactions to pathogens.

The ECS operates through a network of receptors, namely CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are targeted by cannabinoids to elicit various responses. Through a better understanding of this system, researchers and healthcare professionals can harness the potential of CBTs to foster well-being and address several age-related health concerns effectively.


Ingredient Breakdown of Oncuity Restful Night Gummies

Cannabinoids: CBD and CBN

Oncuity Restful Night Gummies are formulated with a considered dose of cannabinoids to aid in promoting more restful night, notably including 40mg of CBD and 10mg of CBN in each serving.

CBD (Cannabidiol): At a  dose of 40mg, CBD works to potentially calm the nervous system and aid in reducing anxiety, a common hindrance to restful night. Its non-intoxicating nature ensures that consumers can reap the benefits without experiencing any psychoactive effects.

CBN (Cannabinol): Complementing the effects of CBD, the addition of 10mg of CBN might foster a gentle sedative effect, encouraging a deeper, more restful night. This is especially beneficial for someone over the age of 65 who find quality rest increasingly elusive.

This cannabinoid combination has been researched and optimized ensuring no intoxicating effects while offering a natural approach to providing a restful night.


To further enhance the efficacy of the gummies, a select blend of terpenes is incorporated, leveraging their unique therapeutic properties. These include:

Beta-Caryophyllene: is a terpene that interacts with CB2 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system, potentially aiding in reducing inflammation and promoting relaxation.

D-Limonene: Bringing a fresh citrus aroma, D-Limonene might have mood-enhancing properties, helping to uplift the mood and reduce stress, setting a peaceful premise for a restful night.

These naturally occurring compounds not only grant the gummies a delightful aroma and flavor but also work synergistically with cannabinoids to enhance their effects, providing a holistic approach to promoting a restful night.


As individuals age, the natural production of melatonin, a hormone critical in regulating the sleep-wake cycle, tends to diminish. To counteract this decline, each gummy is fortified with 1mg of melatonin. This addition works to:

Reinforce Circadian Rhythms: Supplementing with melatonin can help in reinforcing the body’s natural circadian rhythms, making it easier to maintain a regular sleep pattern.

Promote Restful NIght: With a boosted melatonin level, individuals might find it easier to fall asleep and enjoy a more restful night, waking up rejuvenated for the day ahead.

By offering a balanced supplement of melatonin, Oncuity’s Restful Night Gummies aim to allow older individuals to reclaim the restful night that tends to evade them with age.

Proprietary Formulation

Developed through meticulous research and tailored to meet the unique needs of seniors, Oncuity’s proprietary formulation stands as a beacon in the pursuit of restful night. Drawing upon the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids and other natural ingredients, this special formulation aims to address the troubles commonly encountered as one ages. Oncuity enrolled with the FDA safety study.  Results with Restful Night Gummies demonstrated no toxicity to the kidneys or liver. The efficacy was further validated in studies conducted with older adults, an encouraging 70% reported experiencing a more restful night, underscoring the product’s potential efficacy.

Product Description

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Oncuity’s gummies come in a small yet effective  doses, offering a tart cherry-flavored delight that serves as much more than just a treat. Each gummy is a step towards achieving the restful nights that rejuvenate your mind and body, preparing you for the day ahead.. The carefully crafted formulation promises not just a burst of delightful flavor but a pathway to a more relaxed and restful experience.

Support and Resources

Connect, Plan, and Manage Service

Making a commitment to a restful night is a big step, and Oncuity is here to guide you at every stage with its “Connect, Plan, and Manage” service. This comprehensive support service puts a team of real people at your disposal, ready to answer any questions and help you navigate your journey towards improved restful health. Reach out at any time at 1-833-323-2723 or shoot an email to for expert advice and assistance.

Free App

To complement the physical product, Oncuity offers a free digital resource through its specially designed app. Available for download on major app stores, this tool serves as a personal restful night assistant, helping you track your progress over time and offering insightful tips on achieving better sleep. By understanding your sleep patterns more clearly, you can work towards developing habits that encourage more restful nights, using data and insights to inform your journey to better sleep.


Impact of CBTs

In an age where healthcare innovations are consistently pushing boundaries, Oncuity stands as a formidable leader, pioneering the responsible and targeted use of Cannabinoid-Based Therapies (CBTs) to potentially revolutionize the well-being of the aging population. The world of CBTs is rich and expansive, offering a frontier of solutions derived from over 100 different cannabinoids, each holding the promise to significantly enhance physical health and emotional wellness.

The inception of Oncuity is grounded in the recognition of the immense potential housed within CBTs. Leveraging the natural benefits of cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN, Oncuity has made it our mission to cultivate products that are not only safe but actively contribute to a higher quality of life for older adults. It is not just about adding years to life but adding life to years, ensuring that each individual can enjoy a vibrant, active, and healthy lifestyle well into their golden years.

Are you or your loved ones struggling with obtaining a restful night?

Embark on this transformative journey today. Explore the pioneering world of Oncuity Restful Night Gummies, a world where restful nights are not just a dream but a reachable, tangible reality. Visit to take the first step towards a future of well-rested nights and vibrant mornings.

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