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Organize your day and your health

Take a few moments and think. Think about what matters the most to you. And to your family. What are the most important things in your life?

Most people would answer that their loved ones being happy and healthy – is the most important part of their life. In fact, for many, this is the driving force or motivation to keep working hard.

To get up every day and do just a fraction better today – than yesterday. Is this pursuit driving you? Do you wish for a better world, environment, and health for others? How about for yourself?

You’ll want to keep reading if you said yes to these questions. Because if you improve, others around you improve. Their lives get better as a result of you being better. Suppose you are healthy and happy. Will this not help make your family, friends, and co-workers healthier, and happier?

It certainly will.

There are some easy-to-perform tasks and new tools that will help you reduce stress, manage your day, and create a healthy environment for all. If you’re doing your best, you can help others do their best. That’s pretty simple, right?

There’s no magic formula to this.

Do you remember building a block tower as a kid? One block on top of another, the tower grows. Taller and taller it climbs. Improving your life and getting organized is no different. It’s small actions taken and stacked one at a time.

Over time, these actions compound and grow. And then, one day, you look back and see progress. You see improvement in your health, stress levels, and relationships.

Focusing on improvement can be a chore. One of the biggest hurdles you face is that life gets so busy. Seriously, where does all the time go in a day?

You get up and bolt out of bed. Sometimes you hit the ground running. Sometimes it’s more of a slow crawl. Hey, nobody is 100% – all the time. And each day, there are a million things you must remember to do.

Maybe on this day, the kids have ball practice. And the next day, you have a dentist’s appointment. Perhaps the car broke down. Your in-laws are visiting. A friend is sick. Many things can pop up in a day that throws off your sense of a schedule.

I can hear you now, “There is no schedule. It’s all chaos.” Well, that might be a little extreme. You’re probably rarely in chaos. However, your days are certainly more hectic than they need to be.

And that’s OK.

You see, very few people are born organized. Becoming organized in your life takes some time. The great thing is that the habits needed to become organized are not difficult. Anyone can become more organized… in their life and their health.

So, what can you do about getting things organized in your life? Are there “life hacks,” as they are called? Can you gain an advantage over your day? Just like the most successful and organized people you know?

Well, you can. Believe it or not, there are some easy-to-perform actions you can take right now, today, that will help you get control over your time.

Once you start doing these simple tasks, they’ll become a habit. And once you have a habit of being organized, you’ll be surprised at how much better your day goes.

Getting your day organized

It all starts with a pen and paper. No, really, find a pen and paper. That’s number one.

  1. Carry a notepad – This is an essential part of having an organized life. It’s not hard to find a small, pocket-sized notebook. And once you start using it, it will become indispensable. Use it to write out your shopping list (making a trip to the store as quick and painless as possible), the errands you need to run, and any random thoughts you might want to explore further. It’s portable, you don’t have to recharge it, and you don’t need Wi-Fi to get its full benefit.
  2. Get rid of paper – You were just told to go vintage – and get a pen and paper – but now you’re being told to go paperless. Hang on a minute. It’s not the conundrum you might think. Go paperless in your bills. Reduce all that mail you get. What’s that? You enjoy looking at the stacks of envelopes on the counter? Don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of junk mail if you can’t live without the pile. However, you’re probably paying your bills online. So why not get your statements emailed to you? It’s just one less cluttered area in your home to deal with.
  3. Put your essentials in one place – How often have you walked out the door without knowing where your keys are? Or your cellphone. How much time does it usually take you to find these things? Leaving all your everyday essentials in one spot each time you enter your home can help solve this problem. You walk in for the day, take your must-have items out, and leave them on the table by the door, a bowl on the counter, or in a favorite chair. Then as you leave for the day, everything you need is right there. Now you don’t have to do the frantic search for something you need each time you walk out the door.
  4. Create a meal plan – Write what you’re making and when. Then check your meal plan daily to ensure you have everything you need. If not, that’s what your handy-dandy notebook is for. Schedule quick meals on days that you know will be hectic. Ball games, school concerts, late work meetings, and anything else you know will extend your day. If you do this daily, you can always answer the question, “What’s for dinner?”
  5. Have a routine – Plan what must be done each day. Do this in the morning of that day. Or at the end of the prior day. By creating a routine, you can automate tasks that need to get done.
    These can include laundry, dishes, cooking, and even your shopping. Get out that notebook and cross out these things as they are completed. You’ll be surprised at how accomplished you feel when you cross out everything on your list.

There are five painless ways to get your life a little more organized. As you make these a habit, you’ll feel less stressed. Less stress leads to less anxiety and, of course, overall better health.

Organizing your health can also be simple. One couple figured this out. Then, their idea caught on, and it sparked a business. That business now supports the health of children everywhere.

They created a more organized way of dealing with medications and supplements. And it not only helps those that use their product but also has far-reaching effects on those that need help the most.

How to organize your health and give back.

A product engineer and a critical care nurse ran into a problem. During their busy, professional days, it was hard for them to keep track of their two small children’s supplements and vitamins. They didn’t want to worry about who gave what and when.

Had the multivitamin been taken for the day? Has the other supplement been given?

So, they put their heads together and came up with a solution. It’s a simple product. However, a simple solution is often the best.

Casey and Chantel labored over the design. And then, they 3D-printed the first versions of their product. They quickly found it met their needs perfectly. After they passed some out to family and friends, people began to talk. Then there was demand.

A company was formed, and production began. Being parents themselves, the couple decided that 100% of the profits should go to children’s hospitals. That’s what they’ve stuck to. And now, children that are battling illness nationwide will benefit from this useful product.

See if you or someone you know could benefit from this innovation. It will help track your medications and supplements and help you organize your day.

Tik Top™ Daily Tracker

Easy to apply on any medication, vitamin, or supplement bottle.

Just peel the backing off the Tick Top, and place it on any pill bottle you regularly take. Then, when you take your dose for the day, move the locking indicator.

This reminds you that you’ve already taken that dose. What an easy way to track your medications.

The Daily Tracker | 4 Pack

Wellness Magazine Master Club
  • Is reusable – just transfer the lid from the empty bottle to the new bottle.
  • Tracks doses up to 3x a day.
  • Fits any bottle. Just peel and stick.

Since the indicator locks, you don’t have to worry about it getting bumped around.

This simple design can help ensure that medications and supplements have been taken. And if you or someone you know require hourly doses, there’s a Tik Top for that.

Tik Top Hourly Tracker

For multiple doses on an hourly schedule.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Keep track of the many doses you need and when you need them.

It has the same useful features as Tik Top Daily, yet it’s designed for those who must juggle hourly medications.

Tik Top is designed to take the guesswork out of whether a medication or supplement has been taken. This also eliminates the danger of double doses and wasted products.

So, consider this handy product if you or someone you know need a better way to organize your life and track your medications and supplements.

100% of the profits will help children, and you will be on the road to the peace of mind an organized life can give.

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