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Reap the Benefits and Profits From Natural Self Care Products

Amidst the bustle of everyday life where we tend to juggle various responsibilities and commitments, some aspects of our lives would unfortunately be overlooked sometimes. These include spending time with our families and even time for ourselves.

A balanced life where you can have more time and care for yourself and your family is a dream that most of us yearn to come true. It may seem hard to achieve, but if you do it right with commitment and determination, it is doable. One excellent way to make that dream possible is by starting a natural self care products business.

Why sell natural self care products? Because there is a growing demand for natural self-care products. And they work effectively and give you many benefits without any potential health risks due to harmful chemicals or causing harm to the environment, unlike synthetic self-care products.

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It may seem overwhelming to start a business, but it can be easier to do with a wholesale self care products supplier that can provide you with the products to sell. By having your own self-care products business, you can also be able to enjoy the products as well as have more time for other important things in your life like your well-being and your family. It is a great business to delve into if you give importance to self-care and family.

It can start as a means of additional income at first that can potentially grow as a full-time business. That was how Sacred Scents 7 INC, an established self-care products company, which started with just selling scented body oils and incense but now has more offerings including wholesale products, had its humble beginnings. Read further to know more about Sacred Scents 7 INC; its founder, Jamil El Shabazz; and the company’s great offerings.

Sacred Scents 7 INC: Promoting Self-Care and Financial Freedom

The founder of Sacred Scents 7 INC, Jamil El Shabazz, is a man who gives importance to smelling good and hygiene, himself. This fact, along with his inclination to entrepreneurship and determination to support his family while having more time with them are what drove the establishment of Sacred Scents 7 INC. But he started it as a hobby and side grind that gave extra income when his eldest son was born back in 1994.

Initially, he sold only scented body oils and incense. And as his hobby flourished, he eventually started offering more products and what was once just a hobby had developed into a full-time business. His successful journey with Sacred Scents 7 INC gave him more freedom in life while being able to support his family.

He opened the first physical Sacred Scents 7 INC shop in 2019 in Endicott, New York but eventually relocated the shop to Stonecrest Georgia. He also sells his products online at Sacred Scents 7 INC offers all kinds of self-care products, such as fragrances, whipped shea butters, essential oils, incenses, soaps, hair pomade, etc.

Jamil takes pride that Sacred Scents 7 INC provides high-quality but affordable products that are natural; safe for the body; can create a peaceful space; and can contribute to a clean, healthy environment. Confident in his products, he, himself, uses them as an effective means of promoting and selling them. And he is grateful for the opportunity to share his experience and business with others.

If you, too, value self-care, have a knack for selling, and prioritize your family, then purchasing wholesale self-care products from Sacred Scents 7 INC for selling can set you up for a profitable business that can lead to your success. Or if selling isn’t your thing, you can also buy Sacred Scents 7 INC’s products at a great deal for your own consumption and/or for gifting to family and friends. Now let’s take a look into Sacred Scents 7 INC’s recommended products.

Designer Type Fragrance Oils for Women – Bulk Order

Various designer type fragrance oils for women are available at Sacred Scents 7 INC, such as Jamaican Fruit, CocoMango, Black Woman, Curve Crush Type, Glow by J Lo Type, Fierce AF, and many more. With a wide range of options, entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs can equip their shops with many choices for their clients. Or if you’re just shopping for new fragrance oils for yourself or gifting, this provides the benefit of a set of different fragrances to suit any mood or event.

These fragrance oils come in 1/3rd ounce roll-on bottles that are as affordable as $3.99 per bottle at a minimum order of 12 bottles. Moreover, Sacred Scents 7 INC allows four installment payments without any interest fee for orders exceeding $50 paid through Shop Pay. And the shipping is free.

Shea Olein Whipped Shea Butters

To cater to various skin care needs, Sacred Scents 7 INC also provides a variety of whipped shea butters. They have options for ultra-moisturization, anti-aging, anti-odor, etc.

Typically, whipped shea butter has many benefits, such as moisturizing with its fatty acids that can provide lubrication and a barrier for locking moisture in; soothing skin irritation, swelling, and itching with its anti-inflammatory properties; preventing acne with its ability to help lessen sebum production due to its moisturization properties; protecting the skin from free radicals and environmental stressors such as the sun and pollution; etc.

However, the specific whipped shea butter benefits also depend on the ingredients of the shea butter. Nevertheless, the shea butters that they offer, Shea Olein, has been proven to give skin deep nourishment that can make it healthier, smoother, softer, and more radiant with its high-performance, organic ingredients. Moreover, the different options of Shea Olein shea butters available offer different benefits:

  • Mango & Argan Oil Luxury Body Butter – softening, moisturizing, and protecting
  • Olive Butter & Avocado Oil Luxury Body Butter – ultra-moisturizing, beautifying, and anti-wrinkle
  • Love Butter Luxury Body Butter – balancing, anti-aging, and regenerative
  • Coconut Milk & Papaya Luxury Body Butter – ultra-moisturizing, beautifying, and anti-wrinkle
  • Lemongrass & Tea Tree Luxury Body Butter – antibacterial, stimulating, and anti-odor

These shea butters come in 8-ounce jars at an affordable price of $20 each, but you can get 2 jars at a discounted price of $30. You can even pay through four installment payments without any interest fee if you buy over $50 worth of shea butters paid through Shop Pay.

Quality Wholesale and Retail Natural Self Care Products for You Whether you plan to start a business by buying wholesale self care products to sell or you just want to buy some natural self care products, Sacred Scents 7 INC can cater to your needs. They can provide you with high-quality products and set you up for your business. You can click on any of the links provided above if you









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