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Recover at Superhero Speed

Take your vitamins, and you will heal faster than ever before! This statement may sound too good to be true. Well, did you know? It’s very true if you take the right vitamins and minerals. It’s 2023, and in this new year, people are making their lives easier by using proper supplements that help with health problems that you never thought possible. Specific vitamins and minerals can be taken to prevent the progression of certain ailments associated with one’s eyes and back. In addition, they speed up the healing process like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. As far as back ailments, people suffer from everything from minor pain to degenerative disc disease.  Anytime one suffers an injury or has to undergo surgery for their spine or neck, the recovery process is oftentimes very long and painful. The challenge for a lot of people is getting the specific type of nutrients to speed up recovery. The same goes for the health of one’s eyes and vision.  As people get older, many times they start having multiple problems with their eyes.  Much like the ailments that affect one’s back, it can be difficult to find the right kind of things to use to slow down the progression of things like cataracts and also recover from eye surgery.  Many of the needed components for this smooth recovery are not easily found. Also, certain vitamins are not medically researched to have the most proven effects. Luckily, Clinical Experts has supplements that have the specific vitamins and minerals that you need and have been properly evaluated. It’s time to start making your life easier in the new year and give your body what it needs.

Many people, both young and old, have trouble with both their spine and their necks. Healthy spines assist people with feeling better on a daily basis. When the spine is strong, one can maintain comfort levels. It is also much easier to sleep. In addition, the stronger one’s spine, the better one can exercise. Whether trying to lose weight or gain muscle, if you have a stronger spine, you can approach exercise both more confidently and comfortably. The spine is connected to the neck. We often disregard how important our neck muscles are. Strong neck muscles are important for everything from maintaining good posture to even having healthy breathing. When people experience the deterioration of their spinal area, surgery is often required. It takes specific nutrients to speed up the healing process after surgery.

Our eyes are a very important part of our bodies that we often disregard. It is these organs that allow us to see the world and all its beauty. We must see well to live well. When one’s vision is strong, one can drive better, work better, and even act better. It’s important to see people as well as possible to understand their physical language in addition to their actual spoken words.  Understanding levels of communication is accomplished through one’s eyes, so it’s vital to keep them sharp to continue doing so. Cataracts and macular degeneration are common problems that affect people’s eyes the world over. For cataracts, surgery is the primary treatment. What makes matters worse is that there is not a large amount of medically researched eye vitamins on the market. Fortunately, there is now a way to bypass this problem. It’s up to you to take the next step to conquer it.

Having surgery is hard on the body. One could say that having surgery is definitely a pain in the neck, no pun intended. It is an unpleasant inconvenience. Oftentimes when people have surgery, they must miss days at work and cannot participate in everyday activities that they so richly cherish. In taking specific supplements, though, the recharging of the body that takes place during this time is made quicker and much easier.  Surgery is not fun, so why not make the recovery process less lengthy and hurtful?

Here are three types of problems associated with one’s spine and eyes. It’s important to know how problematic they can be.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Despite what the name of this seems to imply, degenerative disc disease is actually not a ‘disease’ but a condition. It’s a condition whereby a damaged spinal disc causes pain. Once the disc has been damaged, gradual degeneration of it occurs as it cannot recover properly. The pain levels of a damaged disc can vary. Sometimes it’s minimal, and other times it’s large. Regardless, it is a huge inconvenience for the body. When left untreated, it can often force someone to further spine and back problems and even unwanted surgery. Although not an actual disease per se, degenerative disc disease can certainly feel like one. Treatment options for degenerative disc disease generally include disc replacement and other surgical procedures. 

There are various causes of degenerative disc disease. The most common reason has to do with the drying out of the discs themselves. Other contributors include overly intense exercise and handling heavily weighted items. However, people, no matter their age, can benefit from proper supplementation. Even if you are a senior citizen with excruciating pain, it’s never too late to start the healing process. Vitamins and minerals for bone health and joint support include vitamins C and D, phosphorus, iron, zinc, calcium, collagen, chondroitin, and glucosamine. It’s important to mention that usually, the first signs of degenerative disc disease begin to show in one’s 30s or 40s. Considering that factor, it is important to act as quickly as possible.  Do you have pain that forces you to lie down consistently, or do you feel better standing up than sitting down?  Regardless of what your personal case is, start acting now to prevent further damage to discs.


Cataracts affect many people, especially as they get older. However, like with degenerative disc disease, it’s best to start watching out for problems even when one is in their younger years.  Cataracts involve light entering the eye via its lens. As people age, this lens starts to become cloudy and form a cataract. People that have cataracts usually experience symptoms such as blurry vision, double vision, and a lack of determination of colors, among several things.

There are several factors that contribute to the formation of cataracts. Oftentimes in people, it’s a genetic trait. In other cases, diabetes and even extreme overexposure to sunlight can contribute to the formation of cataracts. The only way to treat cataracts is through surgery. Regardless of the specific cause of one’s cataracts, there are ways to them down. A specific formula that contains bilberry and n-acetyl-cysteine (NACS) helps slow down the progression of cataracts. The problem most people have, though, is finding the right products that have this direct formula.

Macular degeneration

Like cataracts, macular degeneration also involves the eyes. Rather than light entering the lens, macular degeneration pertains to light entering the retina. Within the retina lies the macula. Just like how the lens deteriorates to cause cataracts, the macular deteriorates, thereby affecting the light through the lens of your eyes. People that are over 50 years of age and are overweight have a high chance of developing macular degeneration. In addition, smoking and diets high in saturated fats contribute to it. 

The best way to fight macular degeneration, just like cataracts, is by slowing down its progression. This requires specific vitamins and minerals. Vitamins C and E, zinc, copper, zeaxanthin, and lutein are perfect for this. It’s a challenge to go out and buy all of the different nutritional supplements to cover everything, though. Wouldn’t you like to cover all of them with just one simple thing?

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Clinical Experts

Clinical Experts is a company founded and run by physicians and healthcare professionals that seeks to provide proper products that meet the specific needs of people that have previously not been reached. Nutritional supplements and medical devices are developed to counter the many health problems that affect people the world over. There are many medical conditions that have not been properly addressed over the years. In addition, many supplements that are already readily available haven’t gone through the proper background process.

All of the unmet medical conditions are researched professionally and thoroughly by the staff at Clinical Experts. This is to ensure that products can definitely do what they say they do.  It’s kind of like a certification process. Among countering the many unmet needs of individuals, Clinical Experts design products that aim at speeding up the healing process after specific types of surgeries. Therefore, it is up to the physicians and healthcare professionals to perform all required studies to make sure products have the direct ingredients that are definitely going to get the job done. It’s good to have someone trusted.

Spine & Disc

  • Good for Relieving Back Pain and Supporting the Neck
  • Strengthens bones
  • Good for Sciatica and Herniated Discs
  • Helps strengthen Joint Mobility
  • Contains Vitamins C & D
  • Contains Zinc
  • Contains calcium
  • Contains collagen
  • Contains phosphorus
  • Contains iron

CataRx supplements

  • Protects Vision
  • Slows down the progression of Cataracts
  • Slows down the progression of Macular Degeneration
  • Helps alleviate eye strain and fatigue
  • Contains Vitamins C and E
  • Contains Bilberry Extract
  • Contains N-acetyl cysteine (NAS)
  • Contains Lutein
  • Contains Zeaxanthin
  • Contains Zinc

Start Recovering Quicker Today

Now is the time to start living life easier in 2023 by healing your body the simple and easy way.  Why continue taking so long to recover from surgeries and missing out on all of what life has to offer? It’s a new year, so it should be a new you. There are newfound ways to help slow down the progression of various health problems. Those with severe back problems can start feeling much better quicker, more so than at any time in history. People who are having severe issues with their vision are now able to maintain good eyesight for longer periods of time, all with the help of specific vitamins and minerals that have been missing from most supplements. These vitamins and minerals have been researched, checked, and are ready to go and help you right now.

If you’re looking to see your spine, discs, back, neck, or even all aspects of your eyes heal at a rate never seen before, look no further! Are you ready to start feeling like you’re living again after suffering for so long? You’re in the right spot! Supplements with great ingredients like vitamins C and E, zinc, bilberry extract, and everything you could think of is available from Clinical Experts.  You will no longer have to search for so many different things to assist with your specific health needs.  Interested in these awesome products? Check out Spine & Disc and CataRx supplements from Clinical Experts. They also have Amsler Grid to help with glaucoma in addition to macular degeneration.  Make 2023 the year you heal and feel better once and for all!!









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