HealthRejuvenating Benefits of Colostrum!

Rejuvenating Benefits of Colostrum!

Is there such a thing as the fountain of youth? If there was, there would certainly be a long line waiting for it! 

Perhaps there isn’t an actual fountain of youth but certain things that we do can help us to rejuvenate our youth most naturally and effectively. Time is fluid and it always seems to be slipping through our fingers, but when we focus on our health and reap the rewards then it can help to slow down the aging process- even just a little! 

So how do we rejuvenate ourselves? 

Total body health helps to maintain our well-being and improve it more often than not. So we exercise, we eat well, we sustain a healthy sleeping pattern and take time out to enjoy love and life as often as we can. These are the givens, these are the essentials. But health is a big umbrella term and there is not one specific thing that gets you there; it is a combination and a consolidation of all the things we know that are good for us that improves our wellness and helps to rejuvenate youth. 

In saying that, there is one particular supplement that is not commonly thought of or utilized as a health and well-being supplement. That supplement is Colostrum. Colostrum offers many benefits for health but it’s not something that we frequently see online or on the shelves as a health booster. It is not mainstream- yet! But it is well-worthy of delving into if you are looking for alternative ways to enhance your well-being! 

Why is Colostrum so beneficial?

Colostrum is the first food all baby mammals receive, via their mother’s mammary glands, before the production of breast milk. 

Colostrum is produced for a short time, and testing shows that the purest and richest concentration is typically found from hour 4 to hour 12 post parturition. Colostrum collected within this window is what is classified as “first milking colostrum”. 

Colostrum contains antibodies, nutrients, and other bioactive components that protect a newborn from disease, kick start it’s the immune system, trigger the “on” switch for the healthy development of body tissues (connective, muscular, and organ), and provide a newborn with the best chance of survival outside of the mother’s womb. Delivery doctors and nurses often refer to colostrum as “liquid gold” and cows that do not receive colostrum have less than a 30% chance of survival.

Humans that do not receive colostrum, or fail to be successfully breastfed have been found to consistently have more health problems throughout life. Colostrum from bovine is almost identical in its make-up to that of human colostrum

Of course, if you are looking to try colostrum, you want the very best experience of it! TBR Labs offers just that! 

Total Body Research Labs (TBR Labs) has been synonymous with the best first milking colostrum for several decades.  

“We are not a vitamin and supplement manufacturer that happens to sell colostrum, we focus solely on colostrum, and we do it well. We work with hundreds of USDA Grade A farms across the United States and utilize a world-class team of scientists, doctors, educators, and manufacturers to provide the most naturally balanced and nutrient-dense colostrum on the planet. The colostrum we provide is free from antibiotics and unnatural hormones. Our cow’s diets are closely monitored and the herds are encouraged to pasture feed for as much of the year as possible”- TBR Labs

The health of the herds is TBR Labs number one priority. Momma cows are carefully supervised and the baby calves’ needs are always met before we collect any excess colostrum. It is tested for heavy metals and microbial activity, as well as protein, fat, and immunoglobulin content. 

Ultimately, the most important aspects of colostrum relate to its immune factors, growth factors, and its essential nutrients. Here’s a brief outline!

Immune Effects of Colostrum 

The Immune Factors in colostrum can have a significant effect on the immune system.

Colostrum Helps to Rejuvenate your Youth! 

The 87 naturally occurring growth factors in colostrum are effective at reducing the symptoms associated with aging. 

  • They aid in the promotion of healing and building many of the body’s tissues. 
  • Growth factors help increase metabolism and are responsible for fat reduction and an increase in lean muscle tissue. 
  • They are also involved in the regeneration of the heart, lung, liver, and other organ tissues.

The Essential Nutrients in colostrum are energy-giving ingredients like carbohydrates, lipids, and protein, as well as vitamins and minerals like calcium, sodium, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D among many others.

TBR Labs sole focus is on developing and producing the best colostrum to enhance your health and well-being. Here are two of their colostrum supplements to help you rejuvenate your youth.

Whole Colostrum in 500mg Capsules

Whole Colostrum standard 500mg capsules are by far the most popular way for our customers to consume colostrum. TBR Labs typically recommend 3 grams a day as a maintenance dose for general health and beauty purposes. This equates to 6 capsules a day to be taken on an empty stomach, capsules can be taken at once or broken up into two or three doses. This supplement is packaged in a 180 count bottle so one bottle will last a whole month based on this dosage. 

Colostrum GutLove

GUTLOVE is simply the combination of TBR’s first milking colostrum with a specific 10 strain probiotic blend. A leaky gut is a source for many health issues and colostrum naturally heals the intestinal lining.  As this lining heals “Gutlove” introduces healthy bacteria to improve digestion. It enhances nutrient absorption, strengthens the immune system, and boosts general health markers.



This blend is a unique and highly effective gut healing supplement. TBR Labs loves your guts and this supplement allows you to show them some love too! 


“Colostrum truly works from the inside out. It has been said, “If you can heal the gut you can heal the body”. From improving skin, hair, and nails, building lean body tissue, repairing and optimizing gut health, and encouraging a fully functioning immune system, it’s easy to see how anyone, young or old, sick or healthy, can benefit from the supplementation of colostrum. Colostrum slows the aging clock and in some instances can even appear to reverse its hands. There is nothing wrong with getting older, but aging sucks. TBR Labs is committed to providing colostrum supplementation that not only improves the quantity of life but the quality as well”- TBR Labs 

All of TBR Labs testing is performed to validate the purity and potency of the colostrum and to ensure it is the highest grade of the first milking colostrum they can provide. All of their processes are proprietary and performed under strict Good Manufacturing Practices. 

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