HealthRemember to Drink Your Vitamins Today

Remember to Drink Your Vitamins Today

Don’t forget to drink your vitamins!!  This may sound very different from what you may be used to hearing.  Most people have heard the phrase, “Remember to take your vitamins!”  However, the problem is that people do remember to take their vitamins on a daily basis, but they do not absorb their vitamins.  Also, they don’t absorb their minerals either.  Taking vitamins and minerals on a daily basis is an extremely important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  The year is still young, and people are taking the initiative of not only taking care of their health but also using easy methods to take care of it even more so than they have before.  The body’s bone development, cellular function, and immune system are greatly affected by the adequate absorption of proper vitamins and minerals.  In addition, adequate use of them helps aspects of your exterior body, like one’s hair and nails. There’s a problem, though, that is universal. You can take all of the vitamins and minerals you want.  However, if they are not properly absorbed into the body’s bloodstream, the intended effects of vitamins and minerals are not carried out.  As beneficial and crucial as vitamins and minerals are to the physical body, the biggest issue associated with them is that they are inconvenient.  Let’s face it, vitamins tend to be very large and are sometimes difficult to swallow.  On the other hand, they can be very small and can be misplaced easily.  In addition, vitamins tend to come in large packs that are hard to keep in order.  As far as ingesting vitamins and minerals, that leads to other problems.  As stated, sometimes, they are hard to swallow.  Despite all of these inconveniences, there is a solution to this problem.  The solution comes with products from BUICED.  With these products, vitamins and minerals can be properly absorbed into the body’s bloodstream.  Therefore, the needed effects of them are accomplished, and all hassles regarding the use of vitamins and minerals are eliminated.  Let this year be the year you make things easier for your everyday routines and, most importantly, for your health.

Support Bone Development

Your body is an organism composed of many cells of different shapes and sizes.  The various functions of these cells often need a little bit of assistance to keep them performing accurately.  Whether it’s taking in nutrients from food or assisting with one’s physical structure, these functions can’t always operate on their own, no matter how healthy one might be.  Many cells often act as a gateway to important components being transported to various parts of the body to perform necessary actions.  Therefore, the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals into the body is needed to ensure that cells allow these components to move around properly. 

Keeping one’s bones healthy still remains a popular and necessary priority.   When people become young adults, their bones are still developing for a few years.  No matter what age someone is, the bones are what keep the body intact.  Along with our muscles, they help navigate our daily movements.  Even after bones have finished developing, it’s still important to keep them strong and firm.   One of the key ways to keep bones strong and aid in bone development is via the consistent use of vitamins and minerals.  They are a good way to not only keep them strong but prevent the onset of problems like bone breakage and afflictions like osteoporosis.  Unfortunately, many people who take vitamins don’t benefit their bones like they should, as their components are not properly absorbed by the body.  This year is the year that people are starting to receive the benefits from the vitamins they take via a different form of consumption.  Isn’t it time you tagged along for the benefit of yourself, others, and the whole world?

Boost Immune System

Arguably, one of the most important reasons people around the world use vitamins and minerals is to boost their immune systems.  We want to protect ourselves against unwanted germs and bacteria.  In many areas of the world, the winter season is in full swing while other geographic regions are anticipating it, for better or for worse.  It’s a time of the year associated with getting sick, as our immunity levels aren’t as high.  Since the onset of the COVID pandemic three years ago, people the world over are more conscious than ever about guarding themselves against diseases.  Although mask-wearing is not as widespread as it once was in certain parts of the world, people still seek to protect themselves against sickness, and as well they should be.  As with cellular repair and bone development, many times, the vitamins and minerals consumed to help with one’s immune system are not properly absorbed.  Therefore, no matter how many vitamin C tablets are used, the risk of getting sick still remains high.  The general populous wants to avoid getting sick as it is an unwanted inconvenience that takes us out of our comfort zones and overall enjoyment of life.  Wouldn’t you rather drink vitamin C so you can raise your immunity level to a spot that would keep you shielded from sickness and diseases 24 hours a day?

Support Hair, Nails, and Skin

The exterior body is just as important to take care of as the interior.  It’s not just keeping up a youthful appearance, although that can be achieved too.  It’s also about keeping one’s skin, hair, and nails just as healthy as the inner functions.  The skin is actually the largest organism in the body.  It is our armor that we use as self-defense for the parts of the human body and their important functions.  This is why it’s so imperative to take care of one’s skin just as much as any other area of their anatomy.   The same way that people often don’t receive the proper absorption of the vitamins and minerals they take for the benefit of their physical health, they also don’t absorb them for the full benefit of their skin.  Even if substances with lots of vitamins and minerals are applied to the human skin, there is something that blocks 100 percent absorption of them to receive their fullest benefits.  Healthy skin resonates with the health of the rest of your body.

One’s hair on the scalp, along with the skin, is one of the first things people notice about their appearance.  With that in mind, keeping it good-looking should definitely be a priority.  However, keeping it healthy is just as vital, and, most importantly, when your hair is healthy, it looks healthy.  The same goes for one’s nails on their hands and feet.  Healthy nails on one’s hands are an indicator of proper hygiene.  Essential vitamins and minerals are needed to be fully absorbed into the body to ensure the actual health and appearance of both hair and nails.  However, no matter how many shampoos are used that contain these ingredients, there just seems to be no way to have the vitamins and minerals they contain pass through the body entirely. 

People are now taking it upon themselves to resort to an easier method of consuming vitamins and minerals so that their entire body can reap their fullest benefits.  Drinking vitamins in liquid form has become extremely popular.  This method of consuming vitamins and minerals has been shown to make them more absorbable by the body.  When vitamins and minerals are drunk, they enter the bloodstream faster than solid vitamins, delivering the necessary nutrients to the body more quickly.   Therefore, the needs of one’s bone development, immune system, hair, and nails are addressed quickly.  While drinking vitamins and minerals certainly tackle the challenge of absorbing them properly, the next challenge is finding a reputable company with the right kind of solution. 


In 2013, a man named Ray Doustdar was struggling with consuming his vitamin pack.  Swallowing his vitamin pack every day became nauseating to Doustdar.  It was such a hassle to just put all of the vitamins he needed to take into his mouth.  He tried rearranging his schedule to take the vitamin pack at a different time of day, but nothing could take away that feeling of nausea that erupted, even just thinking of the vitamins.  Eventually, Doustdar made the decision to crush his pills and mix them with water.  Not long after drinking the water with the crushed-up vitamins, he found that his nauseous feeling was replaced by an energetic, healthy feeling that he had almost never felt before.  That incident was the germ of the idea of creating BUICED.  A year and a half after the incident, BUICED liquid vitamins started being sold off of their website.

One of the main purposes of BUICED is to provide a simpler, more effective solution to solid vitamins.  Instead of consuming solid vitamins, a liquid form of both vitamins and minerals is drunk and absorbed quickly into your system.  This comes in handy because people don’t have to carry around solid packs of vitamins that get lost consistently.

Daily Liquid MultiVitamin

  • Pure Liquid in Multi-Vitamin formulated to give you 100% Daily value in each capful.
  • 100% Daily Value of Vitamins A through K
  • Daily Multi in High Absorption Liquid Form
  • Great Tasting and High Potency

Hair, Skin & Nails

  • Helps Men and Women Support Hair Growth
  • Reduces Hair Loss
  • Strengthens Nails
  • Helps Relieve Heartburn
  • Helps Reduce Inflammation

Make Vitamins your Next Beverage

People can now get all the nutrients they need from vitamins and minerals just by drinking a simple solution on a daily basis.  No longer will you have to struggle to swallow oversized or even undersized pills.  Why not use something that’s not only easy to consume but that allows your entire body to immediately absorb all of what it needs to help you maintain a healthy life? You can drink your vitamins every day.  Embrace this newfound fad of liquid vitamins that is sweeping the world and making people’s lives both easier and, most importantly, healthier.  Make 2023 the year you reach your fullest potential when it comes to your health.  The year is still young but don’t wait too long.  Start taking action now to guide your health to the finish line!

If you want to boost your immune system, promote healthy bone development, and strengthen both your hair and nails, then look no further.  Daily Liquid MultiVitamin and Hair, Skin & Nails are both available from BUICED.  You won’t have to carry around vitamin packs and worry about losing pills.  Liquid vitamins are right there when you need them, ready to be drunk.  You will no longer say to yourself, “Don’t forget to take your vitamins.”  From now on, start saying to yourself, “Don’t forget to drink your vitamins.”  Start drinking your vitamins today while the year is still young.  BUICED also has Vitamin Sleep and Zinc Liquid Drops. 









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