HealthRest, rejuvenate and energize with nature

Rest, rejuvenate and energize with nature

The room is a special kind of dark. There are no whispers of light. No distractions. You lay on your back and stare at the ceiling. You cannot see the ceiling in the deep black of the room, but you know it’s there.

Rolling over onto your left side, you try to change your position. You try to get more comfortable. Laying in that spot, you think.

Your mind wanders. It moves from topic to topic, the day you had, the kids, and your job. That big project at work is stuck in your mind. And it seems so is everything else.

The bills, the laundry, and your next doctor’s appointment. You roll over to your right side this time and lay there. The bed you are sleeping on is high-quality; it wraps you in elegance and comfort.

However, there seems to be no comfort. Rest and relaxation elude you. Finally, you reach for your phone and check the time. It’s nearly midnight; you have been in bed for two hours and wide awake since you laid down.

What is going on? Why can’t you fall asleep? You are undoubtedly tired enough, and your body screams for sleep. Your mind, on the other hand, will have none of it.

Thoughts race from one to another at a near-blinding pace. Maybe if you could slow them down, you could get some sleep. You have tried all the tricks. You have listened to the sleep gurus and watched countless videos on relaxation.

There have been enough sheep counted in your bed to fill a barn, a big barn. White noise… nope, that’s even more distracting. Meditation techniques? Well, you’ve tried, but your thoughts are just as persistent when you attempt them.

The sleeping pills your doctor prescribed will knock you out.

They are great at that. The problem is in the morning. You are groggy and sluggish, and no amount of coffee seems to snap you out of your zombie-like trance. Half your day is spent trying to clear your head of the drug-induced fog.

What else can be done?

As you lay there, your mind runs out of steam and catches up to the exhaustion your body feels. Finally, you drift off to sleep.

The alarm sounds all too soon. Morning arrives, and you feel like the blood in your veins has been replaced with lead. You are sluggish, have no energy, and your body has received about half the sleep it wanted.

Slowly you start your day. While getting ready, you think to yourself, “enough is enough,” and it is time to begin the search for something different. Something that will change this vicious cycle of no sleep-no energy.

What is there to consider? What else have you not tried? Does natural aid exist? Is there a natural product that will help you on your quest for a regular routine?

Sleep issues are a big problem.

The problem is not unique. The issue of getting restful sleep affects millions. The most recent numbers suggest that nearly 70 million people in the U.S. suffer from sleep disorders.

That makes getting enough sleep a massive problem for nearly 1 in 5 people. Some of the most common sleep issues are:

Short-term insomnia – This disorder describes fleeting symptoms of sleeplessness that last for less than three months. Often caused by stress, short-term insomnia can sometimes develop into a chronic condition.

Chronic insomnia disorder – These symptoms of insomnia are more persistent, happening at least three times a day.

Delayed sleep-wake disorder – This is more common in adolescents. Those with delayed sleep-wake disorder have a later sleep schedule than is typical. Their circadian rhythm is delayed, and this can cause issues with work, school, and their personal lives.

Advanced sleep-wake phase disorder – A person’s circadian rhythm causes them to fall asleep and wake earlier than typical. This generally affects older adults.

Irregular sleep-wake rhythm disorder – Those suffering from this disorder do not have a defined circadian rhythm. This can leave them feeling sleepy or with insomnia at different points in the day.

Shift work sleep disorder – Millions of individuals, do not work a typical daytime shift. Doctors, nurses, police, and emergency services require staff 24 hours a day. It can be difficult for many of these people to adjust their sleep habits to these work schedules.

This list is not inclusive, and many suffer from other sleep disorders, such as snoring/breathing problems and involuntary movement of the arms or legs while trying to sleep.

Likewise, many suffer from the inability to calm their mind, turn off their thoughts, and drift away into a relaxing sleep. An undiagnosed sleeping issue such as this is often the cause of our hectic lives.

Prescription drugs can help you fall asleep, but is there no alternative to pharmaceuticals? Many do not want to be stuck taking medications over the long term. And the feeling of not being able to wake up after their use can be persistent and even trimental.

Being sluggish and tired while the effects of a sleep aid wear off can keep you from being your most productive self.

Clinical studies and thousands of years of use have identified natural compounds that can aid in relaxation and mood regulation and give you a better night’s rest.

Here are some of the most effective:

Ashwagandha root – This powerful root has been used for over 4000 years. It promotes antioxidant properties throughout the body and the brain. Ashwagandha helps support mental clarity, focus, and even memory. In one double-blind study, this fantastic herb improved the sleep quality of 72% of participants, and those participants noticed a significant increase in their quality of life.

Chamomile – This excellent little flower was described in ancient medical writings and was an essential herb in Egyptian, Greek, and Roman medicine. It is used today to promote improved sleep and aid in gastrointestinal issues. Early studies suggest that Chamomile might be helpful for generalized anxiety disorders.

Lavender – A lovely purple flower that has a long history and many benefits. It has been well-studied for its anxiety-relieving effects. The bud of this plant has loads of calcium, iron, vitamin A, and other nutrients that promote overall wellness and relaxation.

Along with these natural products, you can do a few things to get better quality sleep.

  • Keep a consistent schedule of bedtime and wake times.
  • Perform physical activity every day.
  • Don’t use caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol a few hours before bed.
  • Remove your lights, TVs, and computers from your bedroom.
  • Create the most comfortable sleeping environment possible.

These habits are called sleep hygiene. Couple these with natural sleep and relaxation aids, and you can get a restful night’s sleep.

What about the other side of the coin? Having the energy to power through the day. Once you are getting better sleep, is there a way to elevate your mood and increase your zeal for the rigors of daily life?

There are, of course, products out there that can do these things without the aid of prescription drugs. These compounds have a long history and are well documented.

Green Tea – has plenty of well-documented health benefits. Along with natural caffeine, green tea contains a compound known as catechin (natural antioxidant) called EGCG. This catechin is one of the most potent aspects of green tea and plays a vital role in reducing free radicals in the body. Green tea also promotes anti-aging and gives an all-natural energy boost to your body.

Ginseng – with a history older than most natural medicines, ginseng is like Nature’s wellness remedy. Renowned for centuries, ginseng has been shown to reduce inflammation and boost alertness and overall brain function. It boosts the immune system, fights tiredness, and increases your body’s energy levels. This wonder root has even shown the potential to fight cancer.

Rhodiola Rosea – this root that grows in the mountainous regions of Europe and Asia has been used for hundreds of years for its many health benefits. It is an adaptogen or a natural substance that increases your body’s resistance to stress. Reducing the effects of stress on the body makes a huge difference in your energy levels. And we all have stress that we deal with.

Rhodiola was shown in clinical trials to improve burnout symptoms and depression, which are extremely taxing on your energy levels. In another study, Rhodiola improved fatigue, quality of life, mood, and concentration.

Another study pitted Rhodiola against a top-rated depression medicine. This study found that the pharmaceutical worked slightly better on the symptoms of depression. However, the Rhodiola was better tolerated and didn’t produce the side effects that the medication caused.

As you can see, some excellent choices exist for improving your sleep quality, energy, and zeal for the day.

A great company called Vici Wellness has introduced a great way to get the help you need in your wellness routine.

Sweet Dreams Topical Patch

Designed to help melt away the day’s stress and give you a restful night’s sleep, this patch will have you sawing logs in no time.

When applied to the skin, this patch gives you tiny, timely doses of all-natural ingredients proven to promote a good night’s sleep without the groggy feeling in the morning.

Formulated with a proprietary blend of:

And other natural products with your whole night’s rest in mind.

However, with such an innovative product, it’s best to let actual users tell the tale.

Mary B. said – Finally SLEEP – This has been life-changing for me… I used to wake up every night after only 2-3 hours of sleep. Now I sleep at least 7-8 hours every night. If I wake up I can quickly fall back asleep! I notice a big difference if I forget to put a patch on at night. Thank you!

Well, that sounds like a game-changer.

Gina seems to agree – I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore!! – These truly work! These put me in a deep sleep and I wake up refreshed! I rave about these to everyone now my oldest son asks for one every night. He is a night owl and has trouble sleeping. Now he falls asleep fast and wakes up on his own for school. These are my favorite!

Great sleep is one of the best things for your health and wellness. These patches are time-released, lasting 8-10 hours. They can be cut to suit dosage needs and have no side effects.

And, if you find yourself wanting a little boost of energy throughout the day, Vici Wellness has you covered.

Wake Up Call Topical Patch

It was created to give you an extra jolt of focus, energy, and productivity without the extra coffee or energy drink.

They are formulated using b-complex vitamins, biotin, and three great sources of natural energy.

Ingredients from nature that are proven to help with your daily focus and energy levels, these patches will help get you through your day without jitters or a caffeine crash.

These potent herbs and vitamins are absorbed through the skin and time released for 8-10 hours, giving you all-day energy.

Elizabeth F. left one great review-

Pick up the call! I wouldn’t be able to survive without these lil patches. Seriously, despite prescribed treatments, I still feel the difference between days I wear “Wake Up Call” or not. Effective for sure!

Dozens of reviews on this product have given it a 4.9-star rating; the reason is simple – it works.

Just listen to 92kChick describe how life-changing these patches can be.

They got me out of a depression spell!! – I had spent the last few weeks in bed with a bad depression spell and I ordered these not expecting much. I ended up using this and the wake-up call patch. I cleaned my entire house and cleaned out and organized every closet we have. It was unbelievable really. And it wasn’t like caffeine pills with the jittery energy- I was just like a normal person on a mission. I already got more on the way! Thanks for making something that actually works! They are worth every penny, and literally changed my life.

Vici Wellness’s mission is to produce great products that change lives.

Every one of their patches is entirely adjustable in dose. And they will not upset your stomach because they are absorbed through the skin.

Made with only the highest quality natural ingredients in the US, Vici Wellness puts quality, safety, and actual results above anything else.

All patches are free from artificial dyes, Casein, corn, colors, dairy, egg, fillers, gluten, GMOs, latex, MSG, peanuts, preservatives, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, or wheat.

So use these great products with confidence and peace of mind. And see for yourself what a difference Nature’s pharmacy can make in your life.


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