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Ride the wave of Good Health

When people wake up in the morning, or whatever time they arise during the day, they drink their first cup of coffee, tea, or whatever their beverage is. At the end of exercising or working out, many individuals drink a protein drink, smoothie, or whatever their after-workout beverage is. Both of these scenarios become common for people, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Most people need something to give them energy when they wake up in the morning or at whatever time of day. In addition, people take something to boost them before they exercise or participate in strenuous physical activity. After people exert themselves, they often need something to wind down. The problem in both routines is that not all of what people have put in their bodies to provide energy or recovery have been the most nutritious items. They do not contain the most natural ingredients to help with various physical functions. For many years, barely any companies paid close attention to what they put into their energy and recovery products. People just went about their day drinking their coffee supplement or consuming a smoothie without caring about what those items contained. Recently, people have been aware of the particular nutrients that they are ingesting for these purposes. Laird Superfood is a company responsible for this awareness that has been spreading from coast to coast. With the new year coming, it’s time for everyone to become aware of this phenomenon.

Ways that People Have Obtained Energy

As mentioned, people drink something when they first awake to obtain enough energy to tackle daily tasks properly. The problem is that many of the particular things that they’ve been drinking, as well as a lot of the additional items they’ve put in their drinks, contain ingredients that can be very harmful to one’s physical and mental health. Coffee and tea are trendy beverages associated with something people drink when they first start their day.  In other cases, people consume them in the middle of their day or at the end with dessert. They are such popular drinks that companies have distorted the ingredients of coffee to a ridiculous degree. Also, the additives that have been made readily available to people contain artificial sweeteners that can be very harmful to one’s overall health and well-being if not consumed in moderation. The problem is that not many people moderate their intake of these additives as they drink coffee or tea almost daily. In addition, coffee shops have pushed various types of coffee and tea that are loaded with dangerous amounts of harmful sugar. Frappuccino is a trendy drink at coffee shops, and not only are they very high in sugar, but they are also costly as well. Coffee shops, in general, are costly, and people spend much of their hard-earned money on coffee and tea beverages that are often not good for them.

Besides the drinks people consume when they first arise, there’s the subject of what is drunken to obtain energy before a long workout or physical exertion. This is where the discussion of energy drinks takes place. Like coffee and tea, energy drinks are a trendy commodity made readily available to the public. One can purchase them at any gas station on the corner or at their local supermarket. Like many coffee and tea beverages, energy drinks are pretty expensive. Also, like certain types of coffee, many of the energy drinks that are readily available contain dangerous amounts of the wrong kind of sugar that can contribute to risks of destructive health issues like diabetes. Besides this factor, energy drinks have hazardous levels of caffeine that can be very harmful to one’s physical and mental health. When these severely high levels of caffeine are consumed, one’s heart rate is increased to an extremely high degree, which can increase the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. As far as mental health, many of these energy drinks make people nervous and jittery. It can affect how well they handle cognitive tasks as well as how they interact with other people. For example, after consuming an energy drink, there is the chance that one would act irrationally or out of impulse during a stressful situation.

Healthy Forms of Energy

Since there are so many unhealthy forms of energy out there, people need to educate themselves about forms of energy that can actually be beneficial to their health. Items added to coffee or tea containing coconut oil can help boost both physical and mental energy. Coconut oil is high in MCTs, providing a rapid energy source that the entire body can absorb. Both the body and the brain are supplied with a significant boost of energy. Besides the MCTs from coconut oil, adaptogenic mushrooms have been shown to help people maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day. These natural, healthy forms of energy provide people with more physical stamina than items loaded with dangerous amounts of caffeine and sugar. It’s also important to note that the type of physical energy provided by coconut oil and adaptogens is not the energy associated with making people hyper and uptight. In fact, one can help maintain their stress levels while obtaining adequate energy when using items with these ingredients. Even with the discovery of the effectiveness of MCTs and adaptogenic mushrooms, there was still the challenge of finding products containing the right amount of these ingredients. At first, people were forced to go from store to store, wasting their hard-earned money on multiple items to obtain the right amount of substances. Fortunately, people now have the convenience of using a single product in the form of Sweet & Creamy with Adaptogens Superfood Creamer®.

Ways People Have Recovered

Like how people have attempted to obtain vast amounts of energy from various sources, people have also sought ways to wind down, either after a long workout or a busy day at work. After exercising, many people drink smoothies and shakes for muscle recovery. While allowing one’s muscles to recover and grow after strenuous exercise is undoubtedly a good thing, many of these drinks, like many coffee and tea beverages, are loaded with large amounts of sugar that negatively affect one’s health. It’s already bad enough that there are so many unnatural ingredients that already exist in foods and drinks that we consume regularly. No matter how hard people try, it seems like it’s almost impossible to avoid at least a handful of things that have some unnatural ingredients. With that in mind, it only makes things worse for the body when drinking an after-workout beverage that spikes one blood sugar levels to dangerous heights.

Besides supplements that help people’s muscles recover after physical activity, there are other ways people have tried to ‘recover,’ and not all of them have been the healthiest methods. For instance, some individuals need assistance in falling asleep at night. While this is not an out-of-the-ordinary scenario for specific body types, how one assists themselves in falling asleep can genuinely make a difference. People have abused many over-the-counter sleeping pills over the years as they tend to be very addictive. In addition, they can harm certain aspects of one’s physical health over time. People who abuse over-the-counter sleeping pills tend to have a hard time waking up. It’s the challenge of finding a healthy balance that will allow one to sleep well and wake up with vast amounts of energy.

Besides the unhealthy ways that people have resorted to in helping them sleep, there are even more detrimental ways of ‘recovery’ that have been used. Going back to exercising, one method in which people who lift weights have tried to help their muscles recover and grow is via the use of anabolic steroids. While some steroids are beneficial for specific ailments, overusing anabolic steroids can be very harmful to one’s heart and other essential inner organs. They are very addictive, so it is hard for people who use them not to abuse them. There is a way to help one’s muscles and entire body recover appropriately after physical exercise, and it comes in fruits and vegetables.

Importance of Fruits and Vegetables to Helping the Body Recover Properly

Regarding nutrition, the importance of consuming enough fruits and vegetables has been stressed to the nth degree, and rightfully so. They contain the most essential vitamins and minerals needed to help maintain the body’s various physical and mental functions. The problem is that no matter how many fruits and vegetables one tries to add to their daily diet, there just never seems to be enough of them. As mentioned, there are so many unnatural ingredients floating around in food and drink products. Items that are advertised as all-natural are going to have some type of additive that is far from an original food source. Therefore, it takes a helping hand with particular supplements with just the right number of fruits and vegetables in their servings.

Types of Fruits and Vegetables Needed for Recovery

Of course, while almost all forms of fruits and vegetables contain some type of benefit to the body, there are specific ones for specific types of recovery. For instance, the antioxidant blend of tart cherry, turmeric, strawberries, beats, and green tea extract has been shown to help promote muscle recovery from exercise. Red and orange fruits and vegetables, which, according to some good sources, many people lack, are what can help people who suffer from lack of sleep or even physical exposure to things like pollution.

Laird Superfood

Laird Superfood is a clean, plant-based food and supplement brand that offers superfood products to help fuel, energize, and improve performance. The company was founded in 2015 by big wave surf pioneer Laird Hamilton, who set out to find a better morning routine to improve and sustain performance while out catching waves. He started in his kitchen and created superfood creamers with a blend of healthy, plant-based fats and other real-food ingredients that not only sustained his energy but also tasted great in his morning coffee.

Sweet & Creamy with Adaptogens Superfood Creamer®

  • Perfect for coffee, tea, and smoothies.
  • Plant-Based Creamer.
  • 2 Pound (32 Ounce).

Antioxidant Daily Reds

  • Supports Muscle Health and Exercise Recovery.
  • Includes 2 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables with two strawberries, 2.5 blueberries, 1.5 cranberries, and one carrot.

Prevent Your Body from Crashing Down

You’ve probably told yourself many times before that you just can’t seem to get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. You also may hear yourself thinking, “I can never get enough energy. Even when I do, I can’t get my body to settle down.” Now, you no longer have to worry about that. You will now be able to supply your body with the right kind of energy it needs while also allowing yourself to recover properly. It’s all just too easy!

If you’re looking to start the day with more energy than you’ve had in years, then look no further. You no longer have to worry about going from store to store to supply your body with everything it needs. With the convenient help of Antioxidant Daily Reds and Sweet & Creamy with Adaptogens Superfood Creamer® from Laird Superfood, you will now be able to energize and recover your body like never before. The holiday season is here, and it’s time to provide yourself and others with the gift of everlasting health!









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