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Safety on the Eyes

Handling various tasks with safety and care is very important when addressing one’s health. However, many times, the proper precautions are not taken. The same also applies to maintaining beauty. Servicing one’s eyelashes may sound like a simple procedure to some. However, like with any beauty process, it involves complex processes. If not appropriately addressed, many of these processes can put one’s safety at risk. Over the years, many people have experienced many problems with their health from a procedure that sounds as simple as getting new lashes. It’s a shame because one’s inner health should still be maintained even when caring for one’s outer appearance. Looking after the internal and external body’s cares has not coincided too well. However, illumino carries products that offer excellent lash extensions and are safe and free of bodily harm. Even just as important, they are also convenient.

The Beauty of the Eyes

The eyes are an essential feature of the human body. They enable us to see and analyze everything in front of us. With our eyes, we can know where to go from one spot to the next. When we drive daily, it is our eyes that provide us with direction to be able to pursue our goal of destination safely. Besides the essential functions that the eyes enable us to counter, it is important to remember that the eyes are what allow us to see the beauty of life. From the beauty of nature to all of life’s cherished moments, the eyes view these occurrences and send a positive emotion to the brain.

Interestingly, the eyes enable us to see the beauty of life because the eyes are what showcase part of our very beauty as human beings. The eyes are part of what stands out on our faces. When one meets someone for the first time, it is the eyes that they see. Also, how the eyes look at people can often portray certain types of emotions and, therefore, cause another person to act a certain way around another person. While everyone’s eyes contain their form of beauty, it’s crucial to accentuate it regularly. One of the best ways to do this is by obtaining eyelash extensions.

As a part of beauty culture, maintaining one’s eyelashes and applying eyelash extensions is relatively new in the broad scheme of things. Unlike the upkeep of hair, preserving the beauty of one’s eyelashes blossomed from the looks of Hollywood actors as the 20th Century began to flourish. As these actors branched out into the 1940s, eyelash companies began and slowly incorporated procedures to extend one’s eyelashes or keep them beautiful overall. Like with the need to obtain beautiful hair and nails, there began to be specific methods adopted by professionals in the beauty field that had harmful effects on one’s physical and even mental health. Before beautifying one’s eyelashes, it’s essential to consider the risks to one’s health.

Health Concerns Related to Eyelash Extensions

Risk of Bacterial Infections

Since the beauty process of extending a person’s eyelashes involves a feature around one’s eyes, it’s understandable that it can irritate this part of one’s body. Some substances that comprise eyelash extensions can cause bacterial infections since they are unnatural. These infections can cause styes and, if left untreated, can lead to even more severe skin conditions surrounding the eyes.

Risk of Blurry Vision

After multiple eyelash extensions over many years, many people develop blurry vision. Many small particles within the extensions often drop into the eyes, irritating and, eventually, distorting how one sees. One’s ability to see is essential to daily navigating from one point to the next.

Risk of Red Eyes

Besides blurry vision, the most common risks associated with eyelash extensions have to do with developing red eyes. Often, allergic reactions to the glue used to form extensions can cause this. Eyelid swelling, itching, weeping, and bloodshot eyes are all signs of an allergic reaction commonly associated with red eyes. When one has red eyes over an extended period, there are certain risks to one’s health and those around them. Since bacterial infections can often cause red eyes, it makes them contagious to other people who are near that person.

Risk of Contracting Headaches

The fumes and scents that come from the particles that are used in eyelash extensions can often cause people to have headaches. When one has a headache, it can be a considerable inconvenience. Like feeling tired, having a severe headache can leave one feeling extremely fatigued and unwilling to work or participate in daily activities. For many years, the type of glue used to provide eyelash extensions made people get headaches often, sometimes severe ones. Having a headache is a huge inconvenience to one’s everyday existence. Preventing them at all costs should be a priority for everyone. Why not care for one’s beauty while looking after one’s overall health?

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Risk of Contracting Respiratory Problems

Besides irritating one’s eyes and skin, the components of eyelash extensions can also contribute to people developing respiratory issues. The large amounts of substances in the glues and adhesives used for eyelash extensions can negatively impact mucous membranes. In the same way that it can have an allergic reaction when it touches one’s skin or eyes, it can cause the same issue when it reaches the lungs. This scenario can result in flu-like symptoms like exhaustion and stuffy nose. If left untreated, it can turn into something worse.

Maintaining Comfort During Eyelash Extensions

With any beauty process, maintaining a certain level of comfort is a huge priority among many people. That’s certainly the case when it comes to eyelash extensions. Besides the irritation from some of the particles, it can often feel very uncomfortable how they are positioned around the eyes. In addition, the procedures that take place when eyelash extensions are placed can be uncomfortable to not only beauticians but also the person receiving the extensions.

Costliness of Eyelash Extensions

Everything costs money. However, many things are unfairly priced. Since most people do not extend their eyelashes, they must pay someone to do it. Because of how expensive having one’s eyelash extensions applied can be, many people may feel hesitant to go through the process. Luckily, a cost-friendly alternative can be taken with products from illumino.

Convenience of Obtaining Eyelash Extensions

For many people, obtaining eyelash extensions, while highly sought after, is very time-consuming and can be a huge inconvenience. Depending on the organization’s structure, it might take several hours to achieve what one is looking for. Also, like having to go to the dentist, how people are positioned when going through the eyelash extension process can be very uncomfortable. With how long it takes to get eyelash extensions combined with how uncomfortable the process can be, many people might not want to go to the trouble to get eyelash extensions in the first place. However, with the most up-to-date technology and convenient products, one can get eyelash extensions with no hesitation, as they are provided with as much comfort and convenience as possible.

Keeping Eyelash Extensions Long-Lasting

One of the biggest problems people face when receiving eyelash extensions is keeping them long-lasting. Many times, changing weather causes eyelash extensions to break. Windy conditions can especially contribute to this factor. Also, contact with other types of makeup can cause eyelash extensions to be disrupted. For instance, the appliance of mascara around the eyes contributes to additional ingredients interacting with those of the extensions, therefore causing them to disintegrate. Even someone’s diet can affect how long extensions can last. It takes a very healthy diet to keep lashes strong and durable. Even just a healthy diet may not be enough, though. Additional vitamins and supplements may be needed to keep one’s nutrition up to snuff so that their eyelash extensions remain strong. While many things are necessary to keep eyelash extensions long-lasting and durable, it is much easier to have an awesome product with a safe and convenient process that helps beauty results stay intact.

Things Needed to Provide Eyelashes that are Safe, Comfortable, and Long-Lasting

Lynk-Gel Method

The Lynk-Gel Method is a new method for applying eyelash extensions that illumino founded. It involves using an LED curling device called the Lynk-Gel Device to harden the Lynk-Gel Glue that will flex and move with your lashes, making them more comfortable and durable. It’s a very safe process that is comfortable and convenient. One will not have to go through any long-lasting process that is uncomfortable and un-enduring.


illumino was founded in 2007 by an experienced lash artist who became addicted to creating different lash sets and growing a successful business helping other artists. With her passion for lashes, Soo-Jin wanted her to share her love with like-minded artists! She wanted to pass her knowledge and expertise to fellow lash artists, as well as her failures and how to avoid them!

Lynk-Gel Glue


  • Cures in 3-7 seconds when activated by illumino Gel Curing Device
  • Extremely low vapor
  • Stronger, Safer, and Faster than Traditional Adhesives
  • It Gives at least 25% longer lash retention than traditional adhesives
  • Compatible with Traditional Lash Cleansers
  • It Does not break down in Oil or Water
  • Shelf-life of 45 days after opening

Lynk-Gel Device

  • Completely safe and effective
  • Tested and found safe by ACGIH, IEC, ICNIRP, IES, and ANSI to RP-27 standards.
  • Lightweight device powered by two small rechargeable batteries, weighing only 1.1 oz. When the batteries are inserted!
  • Activated by a gentle touch, which turns the device on and off

Make Safety and Comfort The Top Priorities of Your Eyes

Wouldn’t you like to finally obtain eyelash extensions while maintaining comfort and keeping your safety in mind? Isn’t it time you saved money on a beauty process that was convenient and fun? The year of 2023 is getting ready to end. People worldwide are joining together in remembering their health and, at the same time, maintaining their beauty. No longer are people wasting their hard-earned money on time-consuming processes that cause irritation to one’s eyes and that only last for a small amount of time. People are now staying healthy while looking beautiful while they save money and time. The most important thing is that these processes are safe and comfortable. Now that you know what it takes to obtain eyelash extensions comfortably and safely, there’s no excuse for you not to act.

Suppose you’re interested in the Lynk-Gel Method. In that case, you can visit illumino’s website to find an artist near you on their lash artist directory or sign up for training yourself to start providing your innovative service to your clients. The safety of your health and well-being is stressed to the highest degree while you experience the comfort of a cost-friendly process that is not overly time-consuming. It’s time to feel better about yourself in the most convenient way possible.









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