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Men worldwide must deal with many daily tasks that have to do with being male. One of these tasks is shaving facial hair. When a man’s facial hair looks neat and groomed, it helps create the impression that one takes care of their appearance correctly. Certain types of jobs require that male employees be always clean-shaven. However, even if one is allowed to grow a mustache or beard, it’s essential to keep it neat-looking to make oneself presentable to others. During the Covid pandemic, many men neglected to groom their facial hair regularly. Even though the world is back to normal for the most part, one could argue that many men still wish they didn’t have to shave as much as they did. This is a shame because shaving shouldn’t be considered a chore. Rather, shaving should be regarded as a way of life. Since it is such a common practice in men’s lives, shaving should not be overlooked in terms of its importance.

Besides maintaining one’s appearance, shaving plays several other vital roles. It is essential to shave to help one’s skin look better overall. Shaving helps remove dead skin cells. Removing these can help the skin look younger and prevent the chances of developing certain skin conditions like acne. Also, consistently shaving or grooming the face can help prevent certain types of bacteria from growing on the face or within a beard or mustache. One could also argue that consistently shaving and grooming the face helps people feel better. Without all the extra facial hair and possible bacteria, people can obtain a warm, fuzzy feeling. However, as important as shaving is to a man’s appearance and skin health, it’s just as important to consider the specific types of ingredients that are contained within shaving products.

For years, men worldwide used shaving products that had ingredients that were not the most natural. These unnatural ingredients would often cause redness and irritation on men’s faces. Over time, the constant use of these items possibly contributed to skin infections and unsightly spots and lesions on the face. However, it was a no-win situation for most men because there were no shaving creams that had just the right ingredients. Some of these essential ingredients include the following:

Beeswax- Beeswax is a type of wax that comes from, you guessed it, bees. Despite originating from what one might consider a questionable source, beeswax has various benefits for one’s skin. This is an important factor in the ingredients in shaving lotions, as these products are placed directly on the skin of one’s face. First and foremost, beeswax helps to hydrate one’s skin. The human body naturally keeps the skin moisturized. However, when one reaches a certain age, one’s body does not hydrate as easily, often developing wrinkles and fine lines. Using shaving products with beeswax can lessen the chances of developing these unsightly wrinkles once someone reaches a particular age. Beeswax also helps soothe and calm the skin, especially when one develops high amounts of inflammation.

Shea Butter- Like beeswax, shea butter also helps relieve irritation and helps dry skin. In addition, shea butter also helps to prevent damage from the sun. During the summer months, people’s faces are easily susceptible to harm from the sun’s UV rays.

Beard Oil- Beard oil plays a very important role in both moisturizing facial hair and the skin that it protrudes from on the face. The moisturization of the skin is not the only way a man can help maintain a youthful look. When the beard is moisturized, there is more of a softer look of the facial hair.

 In addition to the lack of proper shaving creams for men, there are not many unique characteristics of lotions. For instance, certain types of people can be reminded of positive things in their lives with just the right smell of a particular ingredient. Many people drink coffee daily, for example. It’s a beverage that certainly helps people deal with their day. When shaving one’s face, if one is using an item with the scent of coffee, it can remind them of that pleasurable coffee scent they experience every morning and the energy it provides. It’s something that has been lacking in most shaving products for years. Fortunately, Whiskermen is changing men’s attitudes towards shaving as their products remind them of great things in their lives. Even former or current military personnel can be reminded of the adventurous times of their service days with the right kind of shaving ingredients that this company provides.


Whiskermen is a Disabled-veteran-owned and operated small business that produces hand-crafted grooming products like beard oil, balm, wax, and butter using only the highest quality ingredients. They offer a line of beard and shave products designed for different occasions or activities, even everyday tasks. Whiskermen believes every man deserves a great beard and mustache experience, no matter their growth stage. Two of Whiskermen’s most popular products are Beard Balm – Barber Shop and Beard Butter – DD214.

Beard Balm – Barber Shop

Whiskermen has ensured that Beard Balm – Barber Shop helps people moisturize and style their facial hair. It contains beeswax, shea butter, carrier oils, and essential oils. Combining these ingredients contributes to a healthy and well-moisturized look of facial hair, whether for a beard or mustache. The carrier oils in Beard Balm – Barber Shop include jojoba and argan oils. These oils contribute to the moisturizing effect.

Regardless of what type of hair or skin one has, Beard Balm – Barber Shop helps to style and care for both. It doesn’t matter if someone has curly or straight hair; they can keep their facial features styled and finessed. Why not help your skin and your beard at the same time?

As mentioned, in addition to the lack of essential ingredients in shaving lotions, there has not been an abundance of lotions geared toward people’s likes and situations. Everyone has their unique tastes. For instance, a person may cherish the very smell of bourbon and whiskey and may not even be a drinker. Similarly, someone may love the smell of Cuban tobacco but not smoke regularly. The same goes for things like the scent of coffee, tea, or any common beverage. In other cases, the scent of an ingredient in a shaving lotion may send one back to a pleasurable moment in one’s life. Many former and current military personnel like to be reminded of the good times they had with others during their duties. Even just using something on the face that has the very scent of gunpowder can help one relive the memories in their mind and soul.

Beard Butter – DD214

Beard Butter – DD214 is so much more than just a shaving product. It has proven to be an effective product in helping people relive or even experience cherished life moments. It’s a combination of various scents that bring positive things to people’s minds when smelled. When one learns of the various capabilities of Beard Butter – DD214, their minds turn to feelings of wonder and amazement.

The scent of Beard Butter – DD214 is a combination of several things. It contains the smell of coffee, for one thing. Many people drink coffee every day. Just smelling it can bring the pleasurable feeling of their favorite morning beverage. Beard Butter – DD214 also contains the scent of Cuban tobacco. Despite what one may think, the smell of Cuban tobacco is very inviting and can arguably soothe one’s senses. One of the most unique aspects of Beard Butter – DD214 is its gunpowder scent. Many military personnel, whether active or not, often yearn for the nostalgia of their times hanging out with their fellow soldiers and serving their country. The gunpowder scent of Beard Butter – DD214 helps these people relive their cherished military days.

Start Shaving the Right Way for Once in Your Life

Shaving is more than just an everyday practice; it’s a way of life for men. A well-groomed beard or mustache gives the idea to others that, despite one having facial hair, they are taking care of their appearance and how they present themselves to others. However, shaving is more than just about maintaining one’s appearance; it’s about improving one’s skin health and overall well-being. It takes certain types of ingredients to ensure that a man can moisturize both their facial hair and skin as best possible. Although the moisturization of the hair and skin is more of a focus on health, it also contributes to a more youthful appearance for both. With the help of beeswax, shea butter, and beard oil, it can be accomplished. 2024 has proven to be the year that shaving can not only be healthy with the right kind of products, but it can also ignite excitement and pleasure. The very scent of certain items brings nostalgic feelings for many; whether it was one smelling coffee and remembering their previous morning or military personnel smelling gunpowder and remembering their initial training, it takes a unique type of product to achieve this.

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If you’re looking to start a new life when it comes to your shaving practices while helping your appearance, skin health, and feelings all at the same time, then look no further. Whiskermen is changing the way men view shaving. No longer is it something that is a necessary chore. It is a practice that helps one replenish themselves. The year 2024 is still young. Why not make it the year you start shaving the right way for once in your life and save the shave?









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