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“Sail into a world of beauty and wellness with our seawater skincare range. Let the ocean’s timeless allure enhance your skin’s natural radiance.” This article introduces the SeaQuarius line of skin care products the  Sea Clean – Foaming and the Sea Serum – Collagen Support Formula which are infused and balanced with seawater minerals giving your skin a highly radiant spirit and complexion.

Before we unravel the miraculous outcomes of these products let us see how Seaquarius was born.

During his teenage years, Rick Fox, the visionary founder of SeaQuarius, harbored an ambitious dream of crafting skincare elixirs drawn from the depths of the ocean. Initiating his endeavors, Fox diligently sourced profound seawater from the Gulfstream current, coursing along the coastal realm near the Florida Keys. This unique aquatic essence, when ceremoniously poured over his countenance and physique, manifested a transformative experience, uplifting his spirits and endowing his skin with a pristine, velvety texture.

However, the ephemeral nature of this rejuvenating elixir became apparent as microbial growth culminated within the seawater after a mere span of days, presenting a potential hazard to skin health. Undeterred by this setback, Fox’s fascination with the notion of crafting skincare from this extraordinary seawater persisted, albeit temporarily shelved amid the exigencies of life. Nonetheless, the allure of this conceptual endeavor resurfaced whenever he immersed himself in the cerulean embrace of the oceans bordering California, Hawaii, and Florida.

25 years passed before the fruition of Fox’s visionary concept materialized into the Sea Clean, a testament to perseverance and innovation. Extensive experimentation, coupled with collaborative efforts with esteemed cosmetic chemists and a world-renowned chemical oceanographer, bore fruit in the discovery of a proprietary physical purification method for seawater. This method meticulously excised organic entities—ranging from natural bacteria to protists and fungi—while preserving the delicate equilibrium of sea minerals. It is within these minerals, harmoniously poised in their native ratios, that seawater derives its life-sustaining essence, fostering the thriving ecosystems beneath its azure surface.

The imperative in this arduous journey was to maintain the seawater’s inherent authenticity, mirroring the pristine conditions of nature. This purification process succeeded in circumventing the pitfalls of decay and bacterial proliferation associated with organic matter, thereby ensuring the integrity of the Sea Clean skincare line—a fusion of nature’s bounty and human ingenuity.

 Why Seaquarius products will work wonders for you.

To understand the authenticity of the Seaquarius products one should know what sea water holds and how it rejuvenates the skin.

Sea water can offer a multitude of benefits for our skin, thanks to its rich composition of minerals and elements. Sea water boasts a wealth of minerals and nutrients that prove beneficial for dry skin, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, selenium, sodium, and sulfur. This potent mineral combination is adept at alleviating dryness and may even contribute to the improvement of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Despite the misconception that a sea swim might exacerbate dryness when coupled with diligent moisturization, the opposite holds.

  • Here are a few probable advantages:
  • Hydration and Moisturization: Sea water is a natural source of hydration for the skin. It helps to moisturize and maintain the skin’s natural balance, making it an excellent choice for those with dry or dehydrated skin.
  • Mineral Infusion: Sea water contains a variety of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. These minerals play a crucial role in supporting the skin’s health, promoting cell function, and contributing to overall skin vitality.
  • Exfoliation: Exfoliation takes the spotlight as a primary benefit bestowed by saltwater on the skin. A refreshing dip in the ocean enables the salt to softly eliminate dead skin cells, unveiling a revitalized complexion by gently opening the pores. The salt content in seawater acts as a gentle and most effective exfoliant, helping to slough off dead skin cells and promote smoother skin. This natural exfoliation can contribute to a brighter and more radiant skin appearance.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: The minerals in seawater, particularly magnesium and potassium, have anti-inflammatory properties. These inherent minerals in seawater play a pivotal role in minimizing the risk of breakouts. By absorbing bacteria and restoring healthy pH levels, seawater aids in preventing acne. Furthermore, it possesses the ability to soothe redness and irritation, offering relief to those with acne-prone skin. Additionally, salt water’s oil-absorbing properties assist in drying up troublesome pimples, fostering a clearer and healthier-looking complexion This is beneficial for individuals with frequent skin conditions such as acne or redness, as it may help soothe irritation and reduce inflammation.
  • Skin Conditions: Sea water is known for its potential therapeutic effects on certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. The minerals in the water may help alleviate symptoms and contribute to the healing process.
  • Detoxification: Sea water can aid in the detoxification of the skin by helping to draw out impurities and toxins. This can contribute to a clearer complexion and improved skin health.
  • Stress Reduction: The act of immersing oneself in seawater, whether through skincare products or actual seawater exposure, can have a calming effect on the mind and body. Reduced stress levels can indirectly benefit the skin by preventing stress-related skin issues.
  • Improved Circulation: Seawater extracts promote better blood circulation, which is essential for delivering oxygen and nutrients to skin cells. Improved circulation can contribute to a healthier and more vibrant complexion.

The Sea Clean- foaming and purifying facial cleanser

In 2013 we brought our first batch of 3,000 Sea Clean to market.  Now people who love the sea as much as the flounder of SeaQuarius or anyone for that matter could benefit from the healthy skin-loving treasures the ocean contains.

The Sea Clean by SeaQuarius stands as a testament to the remarkable ability of natural seawater to purify the skin, orchestrating a delicate cleansing process that preserves the essential lipids and fatty acids vital to our complexion. This unique formula is particularly well-suited for sensitive skin, ensuring a gentle yet effective skincare experience.

Enriched with over 80 skin-loving, dissolved ionic sea minerals, including Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Sulfur, Bromine, and Sodium Chloride, The Sea Clean indulges in the re-mineralization of skin tissues. These minerals work harmoniously to restore vitality and nourish the skin, contributing to a radiant and healthy complexion.

Immerse yourself in a subtle, soothing, tropical experience with The Sea Clean, as it emanates a delightful fragrance derived from essential oils of Citrus limonium, Tilia cordata, and Citrus aurantifolia. This aromatic blend enhances the overall sensory pleasure of the skincare routine.

Beyond its enchanting scent, The Sea Clean delivers tangible benefits, softening the skin, eliminating impurities, and enhancing skin radiance. The result is a fresh and clearer complexion that reflects the rejuvenating power of seawater.

Invigorate your skin with the soothing touch of invigorating seawater, providing relief from the effects of makeup, environmental irritants, and UV exposure. The Sea Clean emerges as a protective shield against daily stressors, promoting a healthier and more resilient skin barrier.

Boasting long-lasting efficacy, The Sea Clean proves its value with over 280 foaming pumps per bottle when used twice daily. This ensures a consistent and enduring skincare companion that lasts month after month.

Harvested from the deep sea in the Atlantic Ocean, SeaQuarius Seawater undergoes rigorous independent laboratory testing to confirm its purity with every batch. This commitment to quality ensures that you receive a skincare product of the highest standard.

Featuring an innovative aerosol-free, foaming technology, The Sea Clean delivers a luxurious cleansing foam infused with natural emollients and surfactants, providing a silky and indulgent cleansing experience.

As part of SeaQuarius’ dedication to skin health, all formulas, including The Sea Clean, are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, endocrine disruptors, and other undesirable ingredients. This commitment reflects a shared understanding that what goes on in your skin matters.

The inclusion of coconut and olive oils in The Sea Clean ensures a thorough yet gentle cleansing, optimizing the face for the anti-aging benefits of the Sea Serum Collagen Support Formula.

Designed to cater to all skin types, The Sea Clean is a versatile addition to your skincare routine. Use it as a fresh start to your morning or after a long day to gently remove light makeup, cleanse, and purify, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized.

All you’ll need to do is begin by moistening your face with warm water either in the shower or at the sink. Dispense 2-3 pumps of The Sea Clean into the palm of your hand. Gently massage the formula over your face and neck, allowing its soothing effects to permeate your skin for approximately a minute. Rinse thoroughly and relish the sensation of having been tenderly embraced by the sea! Bask in the enduring Sea Clean feeling throughout the day.

 The SeaQuarius Sea Serum.

Unveiling a distinctive addition to the SeaQuarius product lineup is the SeaQuarius Sea Serum. This specialized collagen support formula is designed to fortify the underlying structure and bolster the foundation of skin tissues, delivering vital support and essential nourishment for a rejuvenated, revitalized, resilient, and strengthened complexion marking a significant stride in innovative skincare solutions.


As time unfolds, our skin undergoes a natural progression that involves the gradual loss of crucial collagen, often referred to as the skin’s intrinsic “scaffolding” or support structure. Enter our distinctive anti-aging formula, enriched with a potent infusion of collagen-supporting actives derived from rare marine algae. Immerse yourself in the replenishing benefits of this unique blend, designed to nourish and fortify your skin with a generous dose of skin-loving components, fostering a resilient and healthy complexion.

It will benefit you in several ways and deliver effects that will sustain longer on your skin.

The key benefits of the product include

Restoring youthful Density

Enhancing the skin’s firmness, suppleness, and elasticity, contributing to a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance.

Refines Skin Texture

Minimizes the size and visibility of facial pores, fine lines, and wrinkles while promoting smoother skin texture.

Hydration Boost:

 Replenishes the skin’s moisture levels, providing essential hydration for a nourished and revitalized complexion.

Radiant Complexion:

Imparts a subtle and healthy ocean glow to the skin, elevating the overall radiance of your complexion.

Versatile for All Skin Types:

 Suitable for all skin types, particularly effective for addressing dry skin needs, offering comprehensive skincare benefits.

Fragrance-Free Formula:

The Sea Serum is crafted with a fragrance-free formula, ensuring a neutral scent profile. However, a faint musty scent may be detected during application and shortly after, attributed to the concentrated marine actives.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Free of Harmful Ingredients:

The SeaQuarius Sea Serum prides itself on being free of harmful ingredients, ensuring a safe and effective skincare experience without compromising on quality.

In the world of SeaQuarius skincare, our commitment to impeccable cosmetic chemistry and the use of safe ingredients is not just a philosophy; it’s a promise to deliver excellence to your skincare routine. Proudly crafted in the heart of the U.S.A., our formulations stand as a testament to quality and innovation.

Choosing to exclusively offer our skincare line online is a deliberate decision to ensure that you receive unparalleled products without the burden of unnecessary price markups that often accompany middlemen and retail locations. This approach allows us to extend to you, our valued customer, skincare solutions that not only meet the highest standards but also come at a remarkably reasonable price.

As you embark on your journey to radiant and healthy skin, consider the advantage of SeaQuarius – where the fusion of scientific precision and affordability creates a unique proposition. Elevate your skincare routine with confidence, knowing that each product is meticulously designed to offer you the best in skincare science.

Leap today and indulge in the SeaQuarius experience. Join the ranks of those who prioritize not just skincare, but a transformative and indulgent self-care ritual. Your skin deserves the best, and SeaQuarius is here to deliver just that. Treat yourself to the beauty of effective skincare, and let your radiant complexion become a testament to the power of SeaQuarius. Choose quality, choose safety, choose SeaQuarius – because your skin deserves nothing less.









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