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shār: The Artisans of Sharing

In a tale spanning over 37 years, a child amongst nine siblings, became a pro-skier and sales agent for outdoor brands. His career as an outdoors enthusiast led up to a quest for a healthier snack. Peter Rushford crafted the perfect trail mix for those pesky hunger pangs. It took almost 3 years, 52 recipes, and extensive ingredient sourcing to finally have Shār, a responsibly sourced delight, as a result. Partnering with compatible individuals, including Lyn Graft, the Chief Story Officer, Shār strives to be the height of sustainable snacking.

Sustainaiblity at shār:

At shār, we are motivated by a mission to become one of the most sustainable snack companies in the world. We are firmly committed to sustainability and aim to share our idea of protecting the environment with our customers and partners. The word ‘sustainability’ is not just a buzzword for us; it’s a way of influencing every aspect of our functions, from collecting ingredients to packaging and distribution.

We can remarkably impact the environment by involving certain sustainable practices in our professional representation. By sustainability, we not only mean reducing our carbon footprint and decreasing waste but also ensuring that our complete supply chain works on eco-friendly techniques. Our sustainability plan confines us to supporting renewable agriculture and financing innovative technologies that promote environmental protection.

Collaborations with compatible organizations play a vital role in our sustainability journey. Partnerships help us expand our message and raise our reach. By working together, we can pursue more optimal results. These partnerships contribute to raising awareness about our commitment to sustainability. They help us communicate to a broader audience and play an active role in elevating the impacts of our efforts.

Moreover, the combination helps consumers make knowledgeable choices for a more sustainable future. We understand that clients today are more concerned about the environmental effects of their purchases. They want to support brands that go with their values and work for the wellbeing of the planet Earth. By collaborating with organizations that share our commitment to sustainability, we give users the reliability and confidence that their choices and purchases are making a positive difference to the environment.

Various initiatives that we have undertaken show our dedication to sustainability, such as prioritizing the use of organic and non-GMO ingredients in our snacks, which verifies that our products are healthy and nutritious and reflect sustainable farming practices. We work our best to protect the resources by selecting ingredients free from harmful pesticides from the beginning. 

In addition, we are constantly exploring ways to minimize our packaging waste. We ensure that we invest in sustainable packaging solutions that are recyclable and biodegradable. Our approach is directed towards an economy that minimizes packaging waste and reuses resources. 

Awareness and education are also crucial elements of our sustainability efforts. It is of the opinion that by educating our consumers about the significance of sustainability, we can motivate them to make a good impact in their lives. Our aim is to make people aware of environmental issues and promote sustainable living.

At shār, our focus is always on the future and the impact we make. We continuously improve and innovate our sustainability practices. We remain on the level of the latest advancements in sustainability, adapting and evolving our tactics as necessary.

Our approach is simple, as our name says. ‘Shār’ comes from the word ‘share’; we believe in sharing positivity around the planet to value and protect it.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Introducing the New Chocolate Cluster Gift Box:

We are excited to present our new gourmet Chocolate Clusters, nicely wrapped in a custom shār gift box. The delicious clusters are a treat for the taste buds and make the perfect Holiday gift, ensuring the receiver will remember you as the best gift-giver ever. 

Each box of Chocolate Clusters contains six packs, and every non-plastic and biodegradable pouch holds two servings, becoming an environmentally friendly choice.

The Combination of Delectable, Nutritious, and Ethical:

We began our journey in 2013 after we came up with a passionate desire to make snacks that are good for both you and the planet. This aspiration led to a dedicated pursuit of ingredients that met our standards of taste, nutrition, and ethics. Over four years, we carefully chose the best possible components and improved our recipe with multiple trials. We got our outcome as a snack that not only proves to be good for your health and the environment but also tastes fantastic.

Designing the Ideal Snack:

We did an experiment in our Texas kitchen. We took a 32 year old wooden bowl and mixed, weighed, and tasted various combinations. After 52 repetitive trials and 900 hours of attentive testing, we pulled off the perfect balance of flavor, texture, and nourishment. The result was an appetizing snack that you’ll want to share with everyone.

Ethical and Yum Ingredients:

What more could you ask for than a snack that is organic and delicious at the same time? Our trail mix is all about being 100% organic, paleo-friendly, plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free, and preservative-free. Our collaborations with family farms, who make sustainability and exceptional flavor possible, practice ethically to bring these qualities into our snacks.

The nine exceptional ingredients in our trail mix are selected for their health benefits. These components are brought from around the globe for an incredible combination of taste and nutrition.

  • Almonds from Turtle Rock, CA: They add a satisfying crunch and are rich in healthy fats and protein.
  • Pecans from Quemando Valley, TX: Pecans are nuts with a buttery texture and are rich in antioxidants.
  • Cashews from Dongnai, Vietnam: They bring a delightful richness because of their creamy texture.
  • Pistachios from Santa Barbara, CA: These are green nuts that are healthy for the heart.
  • Wild Blueberries from Royal City, WA: They are packed with antioxidants and add a sweet-tart flavor.
  • Montmorency Cherries from Royal City, WA: These cherries reduce inflammation and give a tangy twist.
  • Whole Cranberries from Cape Cod, MA: They are excellent for maintaining urinary tract health and offer a natural sweetness.
  • Dark Chocolate Chips from San Francisco, CA: They add a touch of fulfillment.
  • Coconut Flakes from Katana, Sri Lanka: They bring a tropical flair. 

How to buy it?

Whether you want to shār a lot or a little, you can always choose the right amount. Purchase on-the-go tubes in bulk or refillable tubes. Choose from 1,2, or even 6 lbs; it’s up to you!

Introducing the 3.7oz Dairy-Free shār Gift Box- Mix of Flavours:

Experience the impossibly good snacking journey with our 3.7 oz dairy-free shār gift box, which presents a variety of savory, original, and tropical recipes. Made for people who crave healthy, tasty, and ethical snacks, this dairy-free gift box possesses everything you ask for. You can also save up to 10% by subscribing to our service to ensure you never run out of your favorite snacks.

Sustainable and Easy Packaging:

Our 3.7-oz shār tube is ideal for on-the-go snacking, offering four servings of our delicious trail mix. The shār tube is pack-friendly and environmentally ethical. It proves to be a sustainable selection for consumers as it is recyclable and reusable for up to one year. In addition to this, our labels are biodegradable, further decreasing our environmental footprint. Each box is beautifully packaged with recycled paper straw and adorned with a sustainable raffia ribbon, portraying our eco-friendly practices well.

Carefully Chosen Ingredients:

At shār, we ensure great ingredients lead to great taste. Our trail mixes are crafted with meticulously researched, taste-tested, measured, and ethically sourced ingredients that can add flavor to the snacks and carry nutritional value.

Our original recipe contains almonds, pecans, cashews, pistachios, wild blueberries, Montmorency cherries, whole cranberries, dark chocolate chips, and coconut flakes, as we already know. We have two additional recipes in our dairy-free shār gift box: 

Tropical Recipe:

  • Macadamia Nuts from Island Harvest, Hawaii: These are buttery and rich in texture and flavor.
  • Mango from Fine Dried Foods, Mexico: Dried mango pieces bring a sweet and tangy taste.
  • Pineapple from Amazi, Uganda: Dried pineapple is packed with vitamins and minerals and has a delightful sweetness.
  • Pecans from Quemando Valley, TX: The buttery texture of pecans beautifies the tropical flavors.
  • Cashews from Dongnai, Vietnam: They are creamy and are suitable for richness and depth in the tropical mix.
  • Almonds from Turlock, CA: Almonds are responsible for complementing the softer tropical fruits with a crunch.
  • Coconut Flakes from Katana, Sri Lanka: These flakes add sweetness and texture to the tropical theme.

Savory Recipe:

  • Baru Nuts from Mount Hope, Brazil: These nuts present an exceptional savory flavor and are full of protein and fiber. 
  • Plantain Chips from Amazi, Uganda: With a crunch and a slight sweetness, plantain chips bring a lovely texture and flavor.
  • Golden Berries from Tradin Organics, Ecuador: These berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Cashews from Dongnai, Vietnam: Good for the creamy texture of the savory mix.
  • Pecans from Quemado, TX: Complement the savory flavor with a buttery texture.
  • Pistachios from Santa Barbara, CA: They are heart-healthy and add a unique taste.
  • Montmorency Cherries from Royal City, WA: They balance the savory elements by adding a tangy flavor.
  • Whole Cranberries from Cape Cod, MA: Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and give a natural sweetness.
  • Shār Spice Mix From Austin, TX: This is our very own seasoning blend that adds an exceptional and irresistible savory flavor.

How to buy it?

You can always opt for a refillable, on-the-go tube or buy in bulk; a lot or a little; it’s totally on you!









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