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Speak to Your Tummy without Saying a Word

Taking care of the needs of one’s stomach is much more important than some people might think. There is a specific connection between the gut and the rest of the body that enables people to function both mentally and physically. It is our gut health that corresponds with how we are feeling daily. Therefore, it is our responsibility as people to provide the gut with just what it needs. For years, many people have not offered their stomachs the specific vitamins and minerals they require to help the rest of one’s body. It should be noted, though, that it’s not their fault because there has not been an adequate amount of products available over the past few decades that cater to the needs of the gut. Even those that have been advertised as such have often lacked the right kind of fiber or the right kind of ingredients that support good gut bacteria. With the new year approaching, millions worldwide have jumped on the bandwagon of Mineral Resources International, and rightfully so. With the assistance of their products, people are providing themselves with the best gut health possible and are successfully fighting off stomach issues like constipation, indigestion, harmful gut bacteria, and many others. Most importantly, people feel the best they have in years, both physically and mentally. You must find out how you can do the same.

Correlation between Gut Health and the Physical Body

It is the health of the stomach that is one of the most significant determinants of how one’s physical body functions. When there is the right kind of bacteria in the stomach, people have the most significant amount of energy that enables them to fulfill many of the required physical tasks of life. Exercise is an essential part of staying healthy. When one’s stomach is being cared for properly, it enables people to exercise more comfortably and complete better workouts. Besides exercise, many of the other physical activities involved in the activities of the day are handled better. Many people have jobs that require manual labor. People who are in these job positions must continue to maintain a decent level of gut health so that their job duties can be carried out as best as possible. Even for those who do not have jobs that require much manual labor, many household chores require incredible amounts of physical stamina. From mowing the lawn to just cleaning up the house, these types of mandatory activities require extra amounts of energy that can only be obtained by consuming certain nutrients to help one’s gut.

Besides providing the body with that extra boost of energy needed to handle life, a healthy gut plays a massive role in boosting one’s immune system. The immune system plays a vital part in one’s health as it shields the body against bacteria and germs that cause sickness and disease. Let’s face it. No one likes getting sick. It is a very unpleasant inconvenience that forces people to have to miss work or school and often leaves people left behind in their daily responsibilities. In addition, getting sick prevents people from being able to participate in their most cherished recreational activities, such as spending quality time with their family or just enjoying life itself. The bottom line is that it is very important to keep one’s immune system strong, and one of the best ways to do this is to obtain a healthy gut with the assistance of nutrients.

Correlation between Gut Health and the Brain

The most overlooked benefit of excellent gut health is how it relates to one’s mental health. Maintaining great mental health has become a huge priority among people the world over in recent years. For many years, the importance of mental health was often swept under the rug by mainstream society. There was not a significant amount of emphasis placed on the importance of mental health. In addition, those who were suffering from problems with mental health were often disregarded and, in some cases, mocked. Fortunately, mainstream society has taken a different route when it comes to the improvement of various individuals. In addition to counseling, therapy, medication, and other beneficial entities, it’s now coming to the forefront of how important it is to maintain a specific aspect of one’s physical health to assist one’s mental health. This is the aspect of keeping the gut healthy.

There is a connection between the gut and the brain. When one provides the stomach with specific types of nutrients, they can keep their gut healthy, which, in turn, helps one think more clearly. The beneficial bacteria that form in the gut from the specific nutrients causes the stomach to signal to the brain, making one feel more positive and clear-minded. Interestingly, when the brain is free of negative thoughts and is functioning positively, it sends a signal to the stomach that enables one to digest food properly and maintain excellent gut health overall. While it takes physical energy to tackle specific responsibilities of life, many things require proper mental ability. While many people must perform manual labor in their jobs, there are just as many others who must use their minds to approach job duties. Suppose one is thinking more clearly and has an overall good attitude, which can be accomplished with a healthy gut. In that case, one can fulfill job responsibilities that require tremendous amounts of attention and critical thinking.

Ingredients that Help with Great Gut Health


Psyllium is a water-soluble fiber that comes from the husks of psyllium seed. You may have heard “Psyllium for constipation” or “Psyllium for diarrhea.” It has been proven to help people with problems associated with diarrhea and constipation. Many people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which is often accompanied by high levels of constipation. This is where the body cannot excrete wastes properly. It causes low levels of energy and can contribute to problems with mental health, such as depression. In addition to these issues, it should be noted that severe constipation can be very hazardous to one’s health because the constant carrying of waste almost acts as a poison to the body. When one consumes items that have psyllium, they are provided a healthy laxative that does not cause extreme amounts of diarrhea or discomfort.

Besides helping with intestinal issues like constipation, psyllium is also a great contributor to good gut health in how it contributes to the creation of good gut bacteria. The word bacteria tends to conjure up negative images in one’s mind. Indeed, there are destructive forms of bacteria that contribute to bad gut health. However, other types of bacteria are necessary for keeping the gut in tip-top shape. There are compounds known as prebiotics that help feed these healthy types of bacteria and contribute to them multiplying. Much research has shown that psyllium has prebiotic effects. There is a friendly bacteria known as bifidobacteria that is supported by prebiotics. Bifidobacteria is a lactic acid bacteria. This type of bacteria contributes to healthy digestion and the prevention of infections. Therefore, since bifidobacteria is supported by prebiotics, consuming psyllium, which has prebiotic features, is very beneficial to one’s gut health.

Apple Pectin

Another beneficial fiber is known as apple pectin. This is also a great source of prebiotics that contribute to creating healthy bacteria. This beneficial bacteria helps keep one’s digestive tract functioning properly. More specifically, apple pectin promotes anti-inflammatory commensal bacteria in the human colon. Like psyllium, apple pectin also helps people with constipation and diarrhea. Notwithstanding all of the great benefits to gut health that apple pectin provides, its contribution to the physical body extends much further than that.

In addition to creating the greatest of bacteria that highly benefits one’s gut, apple pectin has been shown to possibly help with heart health and lower one’s cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Although not as definite as heart health, some studies suggest that apple pectin might possibly be beneficial in helping people lose weight. The reason this has been theorized is because apple pectin benefits the gut via a slowing down of the digestive system. This slowing down of digestion can help people feel fuller and, therefore, prevent them from overeating.


Lactobacillus is a powerful type of bacteria that has excellent benefits for one’s gut. Of course, there are different types of lactobacillus, so you may ask yourself, “Which lactobacillus is best for great gut health?” Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria has long been known for its ability to treat gastrointestinal disorders. Those who suffer from various digestive issues can significantly benefit from this type of bacteria. Everything from IBS to bloating and constipation can be assisted with this powerful ingredient.


Magnesium is a mineral that plays a vital role in the healthcare needs of individuals. Besides helping one’s bones, muscles, and nerves, magnesium is another essential player in excellent stomach health. With the assistance of magnesium, the stomach and intestines can transport food more efficiently during the digestive process. It’s almost like supplying a car to the stomach to safely drive food and nutrients to their destination.

Magnesium deficiency is a huge issue. It has been shown that there are more people with a deficiency in magnesium than they’re should be. Since magnesium is such an essential mineral to one’s overall physical health, the lack of it can cause various issues to the body’s functions. When it comes to the parts of the gut, a lack of magnesium can contribute to certain factors like bloating, constipation, and irregular bowel movements.

Mineral Resources International

Mineral Resources International (MRI) prides itself on its ability to provide innovative products in keeping with the company’s mission to improve global well-being through mineral nutrition. The company and its employees are dedicated to providing quality products that meet and exceed the expectations of its valued customers. MRI sets rigorous standards for each of its mineral products by thoroughly testing each lot of minerals at the company’s in-house quality assurance laboratory.

Fiber Blend

  • Designed to Cleanse and Strengthen the Healthy Functions of the Digestive System.
  • Contains Psyllium Seed.
  • Contains Apple Pectin.
  • Contains Lactobacillus acidophilus


  • Designed to Cleanse and Strengthen the Healthy Functions of the Digestive System.
  • Contains High Amounts of Magnesium.
  • Contains High Amounts of Potassium.

A Steady Belly is Always Ready

Now that you are fully aware of how important it is to maintain excellent gut health for the sake of all aspects of your physical and mental health, it is up to you to act so that you can take control of your stomach. It’s well known that people have recently joined a huge ongoing trend that is picking up steam daily. This is the trend of obtaining and maintaining excellent stomach health with the exact kind of nutrients the gut needs. People are providing the gut with the gifts of prebiotic fibers. The holiday season is upon us. Wouldn’t you like to give yourself and others the gift of great stomach health to start the new year?

If you are looking to have the healthiest digestive system imaginable, a super strong immune system, and some of the most significant energy you’ve had in years, then look no further. Mineral Resources International has everything your stomach needs. The healthiest kind of bacteria can grow in your belly with the help of their Fiber Blend. Also, you can finally provide your body with the right amount of magnesium it has been missing out on all these years with FortiSalt. A revolution of steady bellies has emerged, and it’s up to you to include your tummy in this movement.









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