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Spray On and Sleep Well

When people hear the word magnesium, they generally think of something a person drinks to help with things like acid indigestion and hiccups. Did you know? Magnesium has tremendous benefits that extend beyond this. For years, people only resorted to using magnesium to benefit their stomachs. However, a big wave of knowledge about the additional benefits of magnesium is taking form in 2024. People worldwide are helping various aspects of their physical and mental health, including getting better sleep and relieving joint pain. Let this year be the one where you reach great relaxation of your body and mind with the help of a simple ingredient. Magnesium is showing its importance to the world. Most people wonder what magnesium could benefit besides one’s stomach health. People are learning how it helps them sleep better and relieves joint pain.


Sleep is like eating and drinking. It is an essential part of living. We need sleep to survive. It is vital to obtain enough rest daily to properly carry out the required living tasks. With proper sleep, one can adequately exert themselves when performing physical tasks. Many people work jobs that require significant amounts of manual labor. It helps to be rested to even attempt to perform this labor. On the other hand, specific individuals have occupations that entail a lot of office work, necessitating clear thinking. Getting enough sleep and good sleep helps the mind to interpret things better. Unfortunately, sleep does not come easy for every person, and many don’t pursue the proper methods to help with this issue. It’s important that when a person attempts to help themselves sleep, they do so safely and efficiently.

There are various reasons why so many people have issues sleeping at night or at whatever time of day they usually rest. Some people are addicted to caffeine, while others are just naturally high-strung and nervous. Oftentimes, the stressors of everyday life, while being particularly exhausting, also keep people up due to the onset of anxiety. Regardless of the leading cause of sleeplessness, it’s agreed upon by many that too many people resort to unhealthy measures to attempt to treat it. For instance, many individuals purchase expensive over-the-counter sleeping pills that are very addictive and cause problems to one’s health. It’s a challenge for people with sleep problems to get a helping hand that is healthy and natural, but it can be achieved.

Joint Pain

Unlike sleep, joint pain may not be an essential part of life, but one could say it’s inevitable. As people reach a certain age, their physical body does not react to stressors as well as it once did. The strenuous physical exertions associated with everyday life begin to take their toll. Regardless of one’s biological age, though, joint pain can happen to anyone. For instance, young athletes put their bodies through much more physical exertion than average. This can cause them to experience severe joint pain even when they are young adults. Like with trying to treat sleep, many people, unfortunately, don’t treat their pain the best way. Expensive, over-the-counter painkillers have been abused throughout the years. Whether one’s goal is to sleep better or ease joint pain, there’s a safer, cheaper alternative to some of the common ways people have done so. This is with magnesium-based products from Peruvian Gold.

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Peruvian Gold

Peruvian Gold was founded on the traditions and heritages of founder Brynn Jones in 2017. What began as a family recipe passed down through the generations as a best-selling skin healing balm. This healing balm has flourished into a full line of topical applications created to nourish and aid the body’s rest and recovery. Peruvian Gold takes pride in preserving the integrity of each ingredient by practicing infusions, fermentations, and tinctures. One such ingredient that is used by Peruvian Gold to help with various aspects of one’s health is magnesium. Sleep Magnesium Body Spray, for instance, allows people to obtain adequate amounts of healthy sleep. On the other hand, Joint Support Magnesium Body Spray is a safe alternative to the painkillers people use to help the pain in their joints.

Sleep Magnesium Body Spray

Sleep Magnesium Body Spray from Peruvian Gold helps promote natural sleep and is ideal for insomnia relief. It is a healthy blend of natural ingredients. As mentioned, magnesium is essential in helping one fall asleep quicker. It does this by regulating neurotransmitters in the brain and influencing the body’s muscle functions. This provides a sense of relaxation that can help people fall asleep quicker. Combining magnesium and melatonin in the Sleep Magnesium Body Spray is potent. Melatonin, a hormone the body produces, calms one’s nervous system and influences one’s sleep cycles.

Here is a List of Additional Ingredients in Sleep Magnesium Body Spray and their Related Benefits

Lavender– Lavender has been shown to have a calming effect on people, particularly those who suffer from anxiety. Like magnesium, it interacts with receptors in the brain that almost send a signal to the rest of one’s body with a message of “Everything’s going to be alright!!”

Chamomile- This is a plant extract that has a soothing effect on people, enabling them to fall asleep faster.

Valerian Root- Valerian root is the extract of a particular type of flowering plant that has been used to help treat people with sleeping disorders.

Clary Sage- The extracts of the clary sage plant have been shown to help improve one’s skin and sleep quality.

Like how people have resorted to unhealthy means of treating sleep disorders, they have also gone about trying to treat joint and muscle pain the wrong way. Whether at a point in their life where their body is starting to succumb to the hands of time, or they are a young athlete feeling the effects of competition, it’s important to treat the health of one’s joints the right way. Instead of over-the-counter painkillers that can only further harm your health, use Joint Support Magnesium Body Spray from Peruvian Gold.

Joint Support Magnesium Body Spray

A powerful combination of the ingredients of magnesium, MSM, and vitamin B6, Joint Support Magnesium Body Spray supports one’s joint health and flexibility. One of magnesium’s many benefits is its anti-inflammatory properties, which help one heal faster from joint pain. Also, how magnesium influences the signals in the body extends to help relieve pain. It affects the messages that are sent back and forth, resulting in the blocking out of specific amounts of pain. It’s also important to note that when MSM is combined with magnesium, it makes for a full assault on inflammation. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a compound that helps people reduce oxidative stress in their bodies by decreasing levels of certain items that can cause issues.

Vitamin B6, like magnesium, helps control some of the brain’s signals to reduce pain. It also helps improve one’s overall mood by increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body. The former of these two also plays a part in helping one sleep better. Imagine that! Vitamin B6 can help relieve joint pain and possibly help one sleep better all at the same time.

Here are some additional ingredients in Joint Support Magnesium Body Spray:

Thyme: Thyme is an essential oil that has great anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used to treat problems associated with arthritis.

Juniper: The oils from juniper berries have been shown to have high anti-inflammatory properties, which help lessen the duration and amount of physical pain that one experiences.

Clove: Clove oil has been shown to help improve one’s circulatory system, which some say could help with insomnia.

Time to Experience Magnesium Relaxation

Magnesium is more than just an ingredient that can help one with acid reflux. Combined with other essential components and ingredients, it helps people sleep better and can help relieve joint pain. Getting adequate sleep is very important for maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life. It allows people to properly fulfill both mental and physical tasks. Most importantly, sleep helps people feel better overall. It’s also important to ensure that one’s body reacts to joint pain properly. Let’s face it. Pain is not fun. It’s a huge inconvenience to our lives. It helps to have something that can help one recover from pain quicker and easier.

If you want to get the best sleep and keep your joints protected from harm, look no further. Sleep Magnesium Body Spray and Joint Support Magnesium Body Spray from Peruvian Gold are improving people’s lives. You will no longer feel like you must waste your hard-earned money on over-the-counter sleeping pills and painkillers that only harm your health in addition to draining your bank account. 2024 is a year of changes for many people coast to coast. People are learning about how powerful ingredients like magnesium are and how much they have been overlooked regarding their benefits. Don’t miss out on the new beginning of your sleeping life. Experience magnesium relaxation today!









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