HealthStart Feeling Healthy Again! A Quick and Easy First Step

Start Feeling Healthy Again! A Quick and Easy First Step

 It’s a bit of a double-edged sword: in the world we live in today, we have more opportunities than ever to stay healthy, yet Americans struggle with health issues in record numbers. On one edge, there are more healthy eating options and dietary options available than ever before, we smoke and drink far less, and exercise and sports participation rates have hit record numbers since the end of the pandemic. But on the other side, rates of obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and other chronic health conditions have only continued to increase. We’re also sleeping less and working more, and rates of stress and other mental health issues have hit record highs.

We could go on for ages about why this seemingly paradoxical situation exists in our world, but in short, most of our health issues are not due to a lack of healthy options available. It’s about balance. Sure, we might have added a few supplements to our diet and started shopping for organic vegetables at the farmers market every weekend. But there is no magic bullet to good health; good health is about adopting positive habits (plural, not singular) and sticking to them. So while we might have adopted a few healthy habits, that still doesn’t change the fact that the less healthy habits that we stick to will eventually lead to consequences for our mental and physical health.

So what are the right habits to adopt in order to achieve positive health overall? Experts say that there are a few key factors to consider here. The habit should easily fit into your normal routine, as disrupting your daily routine will not only make a new healthy habit harder to stick to, but will also likely have negative side effects on your mental and physical health elsewhere, despite your best intentions. It should also be something simple, affordable, and easily accessible. And perhaps most importantly, you should be able to see a wider health benefit beyond the simple goal.

Let’s take waking up earlier in the morning, for example. If you’re looking to improve your sleep and overall energy levels, this is a great habit. But you should also consider the other potential benefits and how it will change your lifestyle. Will you be more productive? Less stressed? Will you go to the gym and work on getting in shape during those extra few hours in the morning? Will your eating schedule also become more normalized once you start going to be and waking up at consistent hours?

Another great example is body aches and joint pain. And this isn’t at all a small issue; despite Americans being more active than ever, studies show that over half of Americans over 30 suffer from some level of chronic body aches, usually caused by inflammation. If you’re one of them, aiding your joints will obviously have the first-level effect of improving your mobility and easing some point, but what else? Will you become more active and willing to exercise when your body moves easier? Will you be more likely to walk or bike to work instead of driving? Will you spend more of your free time outside and less time sitting at home watching TV? Will your posture improve?

The key to building your overall health is to look at each habit wholistically. Not trying to improve just one thing and one thing only, but focusing on everything that you can possibly improve with a simple and easily adaptable change.

Going off our last example, let’s look at a simple way we can work on improving the health of our joints and muscles and how we can best adapt it to benefit our overall health.

A Quick and Easy First Step: Get Those Joints Moving Again!

Joint pain is caused by inflammation of the joints and/or other tissue around the joints. This can be caused by any number of things, but no matter the cause, our immune system should be ready to deal with it by sending over anti-inflammatory agents to the scene. This is an ongoing game of whack-a-mole that our bodies are always playing. Something swells up, our immune system rushes over to fix it, the swelling reduces, and the process repeats the next time the body detects inflammation.

The key thing to understand here is that this all should be happening very quickly. If your immune system is healthy and properly armed with anti-inflammatory agents, it should respond to regular inflammations before they grow large enough for you to notice them. But often that isn’t the case, and that’s why it never hurts to arm our body’s immune system with more anti-inflammatory agents that it can put to use. While there are many natural anti-inflammatory agents, most of which we consume regularly as part of an ordinary diet and our body is very used to utilizing, one of the most researched and well-tested is turmeric. Or more specifically, it’s active ingredient, curcumin. While not a common component of the average American diet, its benefit to our joints has been proven over decades to be tremendous.

Boosting your joint strength with this natural herb that your body probably doesn’t normally get enough of is an excellent first step to getting your joints moving again! And it can work fast if you use carefully designed supplements and use them right. Turmeric supplements are safe and have been regularly proven for decades to be effective, so there is zero risk in trying.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Mimi’s Miracle Turmeric is one of the most effective turmeric-based joint supplements on the market, and its effects have been proven to be outstanding. Independently-run clinical trials have shown that its immediate effects on pain relief are upwards of ten times higher than most other brands on the market. 96% of patients in the trail reported a reduction in joint pain, and zero reported any adverse effects—scores that most supplements can only dream of.

Mimi’s Miracle Turmeric works its magic with a powerful formula called Mycelle, which ensures that the active ingredients (curcumin and BNRE) are properly absorbed and can get where they need to go in order to be utilized to their maximum potential by the immune system.

The second active ingredient, BNRE (Boswellia Non-acidic Resin Extract), is a lesser-known organic extract that has been found to have remarkable anti-inflammatory benefits and also works to inhibit the production of oxidative agents, one of the most common causes of joint inflation. Nothing like preventing the problem at its root! BNRE comes from the Boswellia serrata plant, native to India and almost unheard of in Western diets and medicine. Mimi’s Miracle Turmeric combines this powerful organic compound with the natural powers of turmeric to create a joint supplement more powerful than anything else you’ll find on the market!

So, are you ready to get your joints moving again and feel less body pain as a first step to good health? Well, like any step to good health we’d recommend, it’s cheap and incredibly easy!

Mimi’s Miracle Turmeric is incredibly powerful, so you don’t need (and shouldn’t) take more than 2 gels per day. For best effects, take one in the morning with breakfast and one in the mid-evening, at 12-hour intervals. Taking it at regular intervals like this helps maintain an even amount of anti-inflammatory goodness flowing through your veins at all hours of the day. As we mentioned, this immune system game of whack-a-mole is something your body is playing 24/7, and as you probably know if you’re reading this, joint pain and muscle aches can pop up at any time of the day or night. But not anymore!

No Pain? Lots of Gain!

As we’d recommend for any steps related to improving your health, you’ve got to think right away about how Mimi’s Miracle Turmeric will improve not only your joint and muscle health, but your overall health and well-being.

Next time you go to the gym or go for a run, try to get some extra reps in or run some extra miles now that your body is less stiff. Sure, it might be nice to just feel less discomfort during or after a workout, but simply feeling less discomfort isn’t going to improve your health! You need to put that extra energy and well-being to work! And you can easily adapt that extra body strength to other areas of your life to improve your overall health. Start walking or biking to work, for example. Get a standing desk so that you can improve your posture and muscle strength from 9 to 5. Start playing a new sport, or try something like hiking or skiing on weekends. The options are endless!

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who’s been suffering from chronic joint pain or body aches at night, do you think easing it will improve your sleep schedule? Well, it can, but you need to make sure that it does! Now that you’ll find it easier to fall asleep and sleep soundly, it’ll be easier than ever before to keep a healthy and consistent sleep schedule, but you still have to do it!

And think about your mental health as well. Chronic pain can be incredibly stressful and distracting. So, think about how you’ll improve your mental well-being once it’s reduced. Will you be able to focus better at work? Become more social and outgoing with your stress and anxiety levels reduced? Have an easier time relaxing and compartmentalizing thoughts?

Like every journey in life, the journey to improved health starts with a small baby step. Thanks to the goodness of supplements out there like Mimi’s Miracle Turmeric, that small step is easier than ever before. So, don’t procrastinate any longer! Get the journey in motion and let the rest of the path to good health unfold once you’ve taken your first step.

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