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Strengthen your body from the inside

The nails on Sara’s first two fingers broke off with an audible “snap.” She was trying to open a can of tonic water. And then – just like that – they lay on top of the can. Two lumps of nails stared up at her.

This visibly upset Sara, and she sat in a chair to calm herself down. She stared at her fingers and got a chill. For most, it may not seem like a big deal. For Sara, it was quite an episode.

Sara had always suffered from brittle nails. And she had finally grown them out enough to have a professional manicure performed. All her patience and careful consideration seemed to be thrown out the window.

Before that, she had maintained trim and undecorated nails. Plain short nails, while her co-workers seemed to have classy and sophisticated manicures. She often found herself trying to hide her hands during meetings.

Two months earlier, she became determined to change this part of her appearance. She carefully protected and babied her nails as they grew. She watched and guarded them for nearly two months before pulling the trigger.

Three days earlier, she arrived at the nail salon – and watched in awe – as they shaped and painted her nails. Afterward, the drive home was difficult. She stared at her beautiful, brightly colored nails, sometimes drifting in her lane. She was so proud of them.

Her coworkers commented on her new look the next day at work. She beamed with pride and happily showed them off to anyone wanting to see them.

Now she examined her right hand and stared at the broken bits on top of the can. She began to feel a deep sorrow come over her. One of the few things that had always made her insecure – which she thought was done – had just reared its ugly head again.

For a moment, she sensed a burst of tears forming.

“No,” she said aloud in her little kitchen. Sara decided to do something about this. She decided to figure out once and for all what was going on with her nails.

A week later, she was sitting in a dermatologist’s exam room. The doctor quietly listened as she explained her issue. He asked her many questions about her medical history and her diet.

And at the end of the session, he didn’t prescribe a drug – much to her surprise – he recommended a mineral supplement. And he mentioned a well-respected company to provide the best possible solution.

Over time, while Sara took this mineral, her nails began to thicken. And they grew much faster than she ever thought possible. It looked like her dream of beautifully sculpted nails would become a reality. And there were other surprising benefits of taking this supplement.

A common mineral that does so much.

Silica or silicon is rarely talked about in the supplement world. And that’s a shame. Silica is the second most common element found on Earth – after oxygen. Nearly 30% of our planet’s crust is made of silica, so it should be no surprise that it’s found in our food.

Have you heard of using silica as a supplement?

Well, it has been used for quite some time to treat various conditions. It’s also a vital mineral for many functions of the body. As we age, the amount of silica in our body begins to decline. And that can lead to a host of problems.

A clear and concrete function of silica in the human body was established in the 1970s by Edith Carlisle at the UCLA School of Public Health. Its primary function in the body is as a component of collagen production and calcium management. Evidence for the need for silica supplementation continues to pile up. And even though it needs to be studied more, there are many common issues that people continue to sing its praises in treating.

Common uses and benefits of silica as a supplement

Improves bone health: Silica plays an important role in helping the body use calcium. As mentioned earlier, as we age, silica levels drop with age, and so does the strength of our bones. Additional silica supplements may help reverse this.

Promotes hair, skin, and nail health: Silica has been a go-to supplement for hair, skin, and nail health for a long time. It is naturally found in nails and helps make them strong. The same goes for your hair, and silica also plays a role in strengthening collagen, which helps with skin health and elasticity.

Healthier joints: Since silica helps strengthen collagen, and collagen is essential for all connective tissue, it makes sense that increasing silica improves your joints. It does this by helping your joints be more flexible, heal quicker, and bounce back from the daily abuse they receive.

Improve heart health: Silica is more available in patients with healthy hearts. It makes sense because silica strengthens blood vessels and muscle tissue. There is evidence that silica may help limit plaque build-up in the arteries.

Enhances and speeds up the healing process: This combines with the fact that collagen helps with skin health. Proper silica levels hasten the healing from burns, cuts, and scar tissue.

Reduces digestive problems: Silica is critical in building strong stomach and digestive tract muscles and tissue. As our poor diet, age, and other factors damage our digestive system, silica helps to repair these systems.

Immune system boost: Think about it this way, your digestive tract and skin are the front-line defense of your immune system. Silica fortifies and repairs both of these systems, thus improving your digestive system.

Removes toxins from your body: There is starting to be a growing body of evidence that shows silica is very effective at eliminating waste material, toxins, and even heavy metals from the body. It’s a great way to help deep clean your cells.

As you can see, silica plays a vital role in the body. Not just for strong and healthy nails – but so much more. Let’s look at six of the best sources of this vital mineral.

Food sources of silica

Nuts: A healthy snack with good fats, protein, and plenty of fiber.

Green Beans: Another superfood that, along with high amounts of silica, is also loaded with magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorous. They are affordable and easy to cook, making them simple to add to your diet.

Bell Peppers: Each pepper is rich in silica and antioxidants. They also are easy to incorporate with nearly any dish.

Spinach: Green leafy foods are loaded with silica and vitamins. Eating spinach regularly is a great way to boost your energy and silica levels.

Apple: Yes, we all know that one a day will keep away the doctor. That’s partly because they are high in silica, along with antioxidants, fiber, and flavonoids.

Cereal: of the top 18 foods with the highest silica content, 11 are cereals. Those cereals containing oats were at the top of that list.

So, if you find that you may need more silica in your body – or if you want to see if it improves your health – you can incorporate more silica-rich foods into your daily diet. And if you want to be sure and boost your silica levels, using a quality supplement such as this one will definitely help.

Liquid Silica

Brought to you by a doctor-recommended brand –  Eidon Ionic Minerals – this super bioavailable silica will meet your needs. And boost your body’s silica levels.

Wellness Magazine Master Club
  • Improves your collagen production.
  • Manages your calcium usage.
  • Strengthens hair, nails, and skin.
  • Improve your digestive tract.
  • Increase your joint health.
  • Boost your immune system.
  • Flushes out toxins.

This all-natural and tasteless liquid supplement can be added to any beverage. Just two droppers a day to get your optimal level of silica.

And just like Sara, these great testimonials attest to this quality product’s effectiveness.

Clear solution that’s tasteless and odorless. Two full droppers of this product will give the thirty drops recommended for daily consumption. By week two I noticed a major improvement in the quality and health of my fingernails and toenails. They were stronger and looked healthy, especially my middle toenails on both feet. I also took this product with vegan magnesium, which works with silica. This product was non-irritating after consumption. The product dries as a white, flaky residue. I think I’ll repurchase because of the health of my nails. I bought this product for collagen production, and I figure it’s working based on the noticeable difference in my nails.

And here’s one more from another satisfied customer:

Customer for life! There are so many benefits. My favorite is the effect on my hair. It’s shiny, easy to style, and amazingly soft and silky.

Those are just two of the 115 four and five-star reviews on the Eidon site.

Click the link, learn more about the product, and then see if silica could be the answer to your problems.

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