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Superfoods Save the Day

There was once a point in time when people heard the word superfood; they would think of an enormous portion of a particular dish or the food a fictional superhero eats. Luckily, that mindset has changed as people have become familiar with what the term ‘superfood’ is referring to specifically. Superfoods refer to nutrient-rich items, ranging from everything from broccoli to walnuts. These foods contain high amounts of compounds such as antioxidants, fiber, and fatty acids. Proper nutrition plays a massive part in benefiting one’s physical and mental health. The right kinds of nutrients help people function in the body and mind. However, no matter how hard one attempts to eat healthily, there are never enough of the proper nutrients in even the most natural foods people purchase at the grocery store. That’s why the use of superfood products has become such a huge phenomenon.

Over the past few years, superfood products have been flying off the shelves like hotcakes. Everywhere you look, there is always a product promising you with the great assistance of superfoods. However, people should know that additional superfoods are taking these benefits one step further.  Besides just giving a boost to one’s overall health, additional ingredients can help increase one’s vitality, boost the immune system, improve gut health, cleanse the blood, and even help the environment. A massive wave of superfoods has encountered a new wave that is even stronger. 2024 is the year to catch this wave!

As mentioned, superfoods are now a part of living a healthy lifestyle. They are essential for many things concerning people’s physical and mental health. The problem, however, that still exists in the world of superfood companies and products is that there is never enough combination of the right kinds of superfoods in one item. Also, there is still no reasonable outlet for people who may be consulting the assistance of superfoods for reasons different from others. For instance, one individual may already receive enough proper nutrition from their everyday foods. They may just be consulting superfood products to have a more robust immune system during the winter season. Others may just want a healthier digestive tract, which they can’t seem to obtain from dieting alone. The struggle is finding a product with the right kind of superfood to cover all these things in one. Even recently, people have been known to go from store to store, wasting their hard-earned money on multiple items to obtain several different superfoods. It’s the issue of, “Why can’t there just be a solution of all the needed superfoods all in one? That’s where THIS Superfoods comes into play.

THIS Superfoods

THIS Superfood’s overarching mission is to elevate wellness, one choice at a time. Their prized commodity is THIS Green, which embodies the mission, providing you with a tangible, daily choice that brings you closer to holistic well-being. By choosing THIS Green, you’re not just enhancing your health; you’re contributing to a movement of conscious living, where wellness is a way of life. Most importantly, THIS Green is more than just a product; it’s a philosophy. It involves a way of thinking whereby living wise is not only supposed to be for everyone, it should also be just as equally convenient. The use of THIS Green from THIS Superfoods allows one to obtain multiple nutrients for the various purposes of physical health and overall well-being.

THIS Green

As mentioned, the ongoing problem surrounding people’s longing for the right kind of superfood products has a lot to do with the lack of the ability to obtain multiple nutrients from individual products that can help with various health needs besides obtaining proper nutrition. In addition, there has always been the issue of people pursuing superfoods for a particular aspect of their health, whereby they cannot locate just a single, simple product at a low price, which encompasses all the great superfoods needed for excellent physical and mental health. Fortunately, THIS Green solves this by combining five of the most potent superfoods in one.

THIS Green Superfood Ingredients and Benefits


Chlorella is a type of algae containing many omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B12, magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, folic acid, and other B vitamins. It is one of the five powerful superfoods found in THIS Green.

Benefits of Chlorella

Very Nutritious

Since chlorella contains various nutritious ingredients, it greatly benefits people’s nutritional needs. As mentioned, no matter how hard people attempt to eat healthily, there is still the issue of not obtaining all of what the body needs.

Helps Improve Digestion

The antioxidants that chlorella contains can help improve one’s digestive system. Having great digestion is very important to feeling good and having more energy. When one’s digestive tract is working correctly, people tend to feel more relaxed and more capable of taking on the stressful tasks of the day. Maintaining excellent gut health can also assist people with aspects of their mental health. It’s been said that there’s an invisible connection between the gut and the brain, whereby when the gut is operating correctly, a signal is sent to the brain, which enables one to have more positive thoughts.

Can Enhance the Immune System

Arguably, one of the most prized benefits of chlorella has to do with how it can enhance one’s immune system. Having a robust immune system is a massive priority among many people worldwide, and rightfully so. When one’s immune system is strong, there are fewer chances of them getting sick. Let’s face it. Getting sick is no fun. It causes people to have to miss time at their job or school and, therefore, fall behind in their work. In addition, getting sick results in people having to miss out on cherished time with their friends and family.

Can Help Increase One’s Energy

Chlorella contains several amino acids. These are associated with giving adequate amounts of energy to the body. Due to this factor, with the help of Chlorella, one can increase one’s energy levels.


Like Chlorella, Spirulina is a form of algae that contains many essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and has many incredible benefits.

Benefits of Spirulina

Can Help Reduce Blood Pressure

When supplementing oneself with Spirulina, they can reduce their blood pressure. Having stable blood pressure is a vital part of maintaining excellent overall health. When one’s blood pressure is too high, for instance, it results in the heart and other organs having to work harder than usual, which can result in heart disease and, even worse, risks of heart attack and stroke. Conversely, when one’s blood pressure is too low, it can result in dizziness and fatigue.

Can Help with Weight Loss

One could make the case that a heavily desired aspect of Spirulina has to do with how it can assist with weight loss. For years, people have always been looking for the next most straightforward way to shed pounds. The problem is that they have not taken the healthiest route in doing so. Luckily, Spirulina products are a safe alternative.


Wheatgrass is another beneficial superfood. Like Spirulina, it can help people lose weight, and, like Chlorella, it can also boost one’s immune system. However, wheatgrass has benefits that make it unique in and of itself.

Benefits of Wheatgrass

Helps Reduce Inflammation

Wheatgrass helps one reduce inflammation in the body. When a person has high amounts of inflammation, their body does not recover well from wounds and infections. With the help of wheatgrass contained within THIS Green, they can heal quicker and with less pain.

Wellness Magazine Master Club


Moringa is a plant extract that has been used for centuries.

Benefits of Moringa

Can Help Treat Mood and Nervous System Disorders

Moringa contains a significant number of antioxidants that some studies have shown can protect against certain disorders that affect the nervous system. Related to nervous disorders are those that affect mental health. Millions of people worldwide suffer from depression and anxiety. Supplementing with Moringa has been shown to possibly help lower levels of cortisol, which are associated with people suffering from high levels of stress.

Can Help Lower Blood Sugar

Keeping one’s blood sugar in check is just as important as maintaining healthy blood pressure. When a person’s blood sugar is too low or high, it can result in issues for one’s physical health. With the use of THIS Green, which contains significant amounts of Moringa, one can lower the chances of having problems with their blood sugar.

Acai Berry

Rich in antioxidants, acai berries are another powerful superfood contained in THIS Green.

Benefits of Acai Berries

Can Help Cleanse the Blood

Acai Berry can help the circulation of one’s bloodstream through various functions. For one thing, it contains high amounts of components that can help prevent blood clots and relax the blood vessels. We need blood, like we need oxygen, to survive. Therefore, keeping the bloodstream pure in whatever way possible is necessary.

Can Help the Environment

One might not think that consuming a superfood would help the environment, but doing so with acai berry can do so in its own way. It has been revealed that a lot of the traditional harvesting methods of obtaining acai berries involve a very meticulous process. This process, in turn, has been shown to not cause harm to the rainforest. Therefore, one can help themselves and the rainforest all at the same time with the use of acai berries.

Make Your Life Super with Superfood in THIS Green

You now know what superfoods are and why the single word super is a part of it. Therefore, it’s time for you to act and start helping so many aspects of your physical and mental health, all with the help of just one product. Until recently, even amid the superfood craze, people couldn’t get all the superfoods they wanted for all their needs with just one item. They had to go from store to store, wasting their hard-earned money. That stops now! It’s a new year, so why not make 2024 the one year you become super in a convenient way? THIS Green from THIS Superfoods gives you everything you need all in one. Start getting super now!









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