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Taste a Rejuvenated Mind: 2 Great Supplements that Will Awaken and Refresh Your Mind

When many of us think of nutrition and all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients we consume, it’s usually to do with our physical health. And of course, that means a lot! We’ve got a beating heart, fresh lungs, clear skin, a powerful immune system, and much more that we need to keep healthy. But what about your body’s most important organ of them all? Yep, that’s the brain!

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to forget about how complex our brain really is. And like any complex machine, it needs the proper care and nutrients to keep functioning at full capacity. And the brain really is complex! So much so that even most doctors and scientists who’ve studied neurology for decades don’t fully understand how it works. And a healthy mind is not just a luxury you might want to think about to look good or keep yourself healthy in 20 years, it’s a necessity for day-to-day life.

Your brain is the central nervous system that controls all other organs and systems in your body, so any deterioration of capacity will likely be felt immediately everywhere else. And it’s not just about keeping your body in good physical health, of course. In the complex world we live in, we need our brains to function at full capacity every day. You know that feeling when you show up to work in the morning and your brain just isn’t there? Yeah, we’ve all been there sometimes, but we don’t have to be, and we certainly want to avoid that being your day in the office every day!

Today, we’ll look at a couple of key nutrients that your mind needs to keep functioning at its full capacity and some easy ways you can make sure your brain is getting what it needs.

Melatonin: The Mysterious Chemical That Keeps Your Body’s Clock Ticking

Your ‘biological clock’ is absolutely a real thing, though like many other functionalities of the brain, it’s something that scientists don’t fully understand how it works (though we’re pretty sure there’s no little grandfather clock up in your head ticking when you need to go to sleep). What we do know, is that there’s one hormone in the body called melatonin does much of the legwork of intentionally fatiguing your body. It does this by binding to nerve receptors to slow and reduce nerve activity, reducing production of the energy-building hormone dopamine, and decreasing the body’s core temperature slightly.

That might seem like a bit of backwards logic, like, why intentionally make the body tired? Would it be awesome if we could just always have energy? Well, we can’t, of course, because the mind and body need sleep periods to refresh and focus on all the necessary functions they can’t spend much energy on when you’re busy using up all that energy going about your day. You know, like muscle and bone growth, tissue repair, consolidating memories and problem-solving skills in the mind, and possibly fighting off a few germs. Anyone who’s ever lost sleep, be it due to cramming for that term paper, jet lag after a transatlantic flight, or an awesome party you just didn’t want to leave, knows just how drained your body feels when it’s not well-rested.

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It is melatonin, a hormone produced naturally within the brain’s pineal gland, that gives us the feeling of tiredness and thus makes it easy to get a good night’s sleep when we need it. As humans are naturally daytime dwellers, the pineal gland knows to produce more melatonin when it’s dark, since this is the time to be sleeping. Conversely, exposure to bright light signals the body that it’s time to be out and about, so the pineal gland slows the release of melatonin. As we’ve (yet) to evolve enough to distinguish between the light of a bright sunny day versus the blue light coming from our TV and smartphone, our bodies aren’t quite as good as they used to be in the pre-digital age at producing the right amount of melatonin.

So, it’s really no surprise that tons of people struggle with getting the right sleep in today’s Western world! And it’s not just because we’re overworked and don’t have time to sleep; the reality is that it is chemically and physically harder for our body to sleep given how much light we’re constantly exposed to by day and night.

If you’re one of the 1 in 3 Americans who struggles with getting enough sleep, then it might be a good idea to look into boosting your levels of melatonin with a natural supplement, like PureBulk’s Melatonin Powder.

While there are many melatonin supplements available on the market, few are as true to their form as PureBulk’s. The Melatonin Powder is 100% pure melatonin. Yep, it’s not just a pill or mixture that contains it, it’s nothing but the real thing. There are zero additives, fillers, flavorings, or even other “active ingredients.” Melatonin is a very well-understood hormone, and it doesn’t need any other fancy chemicals to go with it. Let your body put it to work the way it does best!

PureBulk’s pure Melatonin Powder is available both in capsule form and as a raw powder.

Alpha GPC: What Can (Literally) Sharpen Up Your Day

Alpha GPC, or alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (say that three times fast!) is a chemical compound in the brain that triggers the production of one of the nervous system’s most crucial neurotransmitter chemicals, acetylcholine. This is one of the key chemicals that sends signals through the nervous system around the brain and body and keeps those electric signals in your brain moving so you can stay focused, remember things, and much more.

Although Alpha GPC is normally produced naturally through the choline that we intake as part of our diet, we don’t always produce as much of it as our brain needs. A lot of the foods we eat regularly are rich in choline, such as beef, eggs, soybeans, and a number of fruits. Though the amount we need, approximately 550mg a day for men and 425mg a day for women, is also a lot, and can be difficult to achieve regularly.

So unless you’re absolutely certain you’re getting the right amount of choline to keep those Alpha GPC levels high, it’s not a bad idea at all to take some extra Alpha GPC through a supplement. Or, go pure with PureBulk and take some pure Alpha GPC, which will go straight to your brain and keep those nerves charged and sending signals!

Alpha GPC
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PureBulk’s Alpha GPC Pure is a pure, powdered form of Alpha GPC. Just that vital compound is exactly the same as what’s produced in your brain, and once you put it in your body, it’ll have exactly the same effect! You’ll quickly notice that your memory will get stronger, your focus and attention span will improve, and your all-around physical performance will go up as your brain’s capacity to send signals increases. Studies have shown that all-around performance can increase by up to 14% with Alpha GPC supplementation.

It isn’t recommended to take more than 330mg a day of Alpha GPC Pure, though you may also take less as needed. For best effects, take the supplement with food to ensure that it quickly passes through the digestive system and makes its way to the brain.

If you want your body and mind to function a bit faster with fewer “oops I forgot” moments and memory lapses, give them a boost of the nervous system’s own engine oil, Alpha GPC, to keep that complex engine of the brain running as smoothly as can be.

PureBulk: Your Body’s Superpowers, Delivered Right to Your Door!

PureBulk doesn’t try to be anything fancy, and exists on the very simple concept that by taking just the supplement itself, without all the useless additives, flavorings and other “bonuses,” consumers can keep themselves healthier, save money, and enjoy the same benefits as with more established supplement brands. Now a big player in the market, PureBulk delivers everything as simply as can be. If you buy a supplement, you’ll get…a supplement!

And nowhere is staying true to what your body needs more important than when you’re dealing with supplements for your mind. Your brain is so incredibly complicated, after all, that not even the best scientific minds (let alone some health gurus on the internet) fully understand it. You don’t want to turn your mind into a guinea pig for seldom-tested chemicals and formulas, so why not just give your brain a boost with the chemicals it already knows and loves? Alpha GPC, melatonin, and everything else that PureBulk sells as supplements are compounds that your body naturally produces, and don’t come with anything else. Just the right stuff your mind needs!

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