HealthThe 2 Powers of Positivity on Health

The 2 Powers of Positivity on Health

A lot can be said for a positive approach to health, wellness, and life overall. It is the case that many of us struggle with the concept of positive thinking to bring about change and better results. However, there is a large school of thought that this may be what’s needed to bring about a lift in our health and wellness.

Think about it, the mind is a truly amazing thing, often, if you focus on something negative the likelihood of it occurring is far more likely. You then get caught in a spiral of negativity as your negative thinking encourages a self-fulfilling prophecy of things not working out or going wrong.

Apply this to your health and wellness regimen; if you constantly focus on what is wrong, what is right seems further and further away. And the motivation to achieve something better is heavily impeded! We do ourselves a massive disservice just by feeding into a sense of negativity and lack rather than a mindset of positive thought. And negativity can rot the body from the inside out.

Your mind is powerful. Use the thought processes to bring about a greater sense of goodness! Here are a few reminders of the powers of positivity upon your health!

Life is about balance!

By embracing an essence of positivity, you do not pretend that the negative does not exist- it most certainly does. However, you simply choose to not focus on it. Your mind does not rule you, you rule your mind. Choose a different thought. Seek a new perspective. Challenge yourself to re-set your mental compass. Spending time outdoors and in nature can prove extremely healing for the mind and body. Look for balance! And balance means a healthy dose of positive to counteract the negative. Mindfulness techniques can help to re-set your mental and emotional landscape. Often, our negative thinking is a trauma response to a past event, or perhaps a fearful reaction to something we are afraid of happening in the future. Mindfulness brings you back to the here and now- this is where you have the control to change things.

What happens in your brain can heavily affect what goes on inside the body.

Numerous studies have found a strong and indisputable connection between positivity and your health. It is noted that positive thinking can bring about positive actions, and positive actions then spur on positive results. First, we think and then we act, so it makes total sense to change our thinking and thereby act more positively for a good result down the line. Positive thought has been noted to help lower blood pressure, lower heart disease, reduce stress, improve immune function, manage a healthier weight and help to balance hormones.

“Physiologically, people with positive views of aging had lower levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of stress-related inflammation associated with heart disease and other illnesses, even after accounting for possible influences like age, health status, sex, race, and education than those with a negative outlook. They also lived significantly longer”- Source: Journal of Gerontology, Quote by Dr. Levy.

Life is about finding solutions. New ways of doing things inspire fresh ways of being and doing. Suspended Solutions have made it their business to do their part and help you reach a greater state of mind, body, and spirit.

Suspended Solutions is a small family-owned and operated company from Chicago Illinois. The company was founded 5 years ago with the passion for wholistic wellness through; detoxification, re-energizing and increasing the electrical conductivity of the body.  

This passion has driven them to produce the highest quality products that are possible to help harness and support our body’s natural intelligence to heal.  

“Our physical, emotional and mental bodies are bio-electric webs of communication that depend on the flow of electricity to carry the information needed. Through detox, we clean our channels to allow clear communication throughout our nervous system, through re-energizing we power the innate healing to perform its work, and through increasing bio-conductivity help the communication throughout our system”- Suspended Solutions

Suspended Solutions was founded by alchemist Jerome Martin who created atomic Ormus and other wellness supplements in the spirit of supporting our expression at its highest capacity.  

“Masaru Emoto’s work revealed the programmable properties of water. In alignment with this work, the wellness supplements created by suspended solutions are programmed to hold a higher vibration which is stored in the memory of the solution.  The materials within are also programmed with light codes of the highest light frequencies to support the highest good for all that consume them”- Suspended Solutions

Here’s some more information on the properties of two Suspended Solutions wellness products: Himalayan Atomic Ormus and C-60 Olive Oil
Pink Ormus
Pink Ormus gets its color from the pink Himalayan sea salt that is used in its creation. The Himalayas are known to be the third eye chakra of the planet, and Pink Ormus is sourced from the deepest reaches of the Himalayan Mountains.

When consuming Ormus created from this area, the land has already programmed this Ormus with the direct consciousness of the third eye of this planet. The intelligence of earth and nature act as our teacher and healer. By sharing space with sacred sites and consuming the medicines from these locations, we can benefit from the wellness, both inside and out.

Pink Himalayan Ormus is known to strongly activate and decalcify the pineal gland opening our inner vision and knowing to higher potential through clarity and a strong connection to our inner truths

  • Re-arranged monoatomic elements are organic room temperature superconductors/ batteries that increase the light quotient and conductivity of the brain and nervous system.  Our nervous system sends and receives light images through photons, and as the conductivity of our body increases these communications happen at a higher efficiency and at a more rapid rate.
  • The monoatomic elements also act as batteries that store these light codes, increasing our body’s ability to store electricity for future demands.

Having this energy stored and flowing throughout our body has shown to increase memory and cognitive reflexes bringing about a state of wellness that assists us in showing up for ourselves and the world around us at our highest capacity.

“Monoatomic elements have been known to be created in Egypt for pharos and were made into bread cakes as offerings as food for the gods. They consumed this as part of their spiritual practices with the belief in activating their immortal body of light and become fully multi-dimensional beings operating on many different levels of reality simultaneously”- Suspended Solutions

Himalayan Atomic Ormus

•    Enhances clarity, discernment, and higher perception
•    Aids in decalcifying the pineal gland
•    Balances the body’s natural ph level
•    Strengthens intuition and assists in tapping into higher wisdom
•    Boosts the shift from polarity consciousness to unity consciousness
•    Promotes divine mystical experiences
•    Energetically programmed by our certified reiki master/alchemist to accelerate healing
•    Includes EMF-free storage pouch for protection and contains no heavy metals

C-60 Olive Oil

Carbon-60 is the strongest anti-oxidant material known to man.  Oxidation is known as the fundamental measure of aging and is caused by free radicals that run rampant in the body.

These free radicals are produced through metabolism, collected as we breathe, and environmental pollution. These free radicals are missing an electron in their outer orbit which makes them want to steal an electron from anything they may bump into, thus destabilizing our cellular integrity and even damaging DNA in the process. It is important that our body’s ability to heal out-passes the damage being done to stay healthy and slow aging.  

“C-60 is an electron reservoir that has up to 90 extra electrons per molecule neutralizing more free radicals in our body than any other molecule known to man. C- 60 is known to have anti-aging properties as was shown in lab mice that lived 200 times longer than mice without c-60”- Suspended Solutions

Suspended Solutions C-60 Olive Oil can help to neutralize free radicals, protect your body against harmful radiation, reduce inflammation within the body, slow down oxidation and help protect you against heart disease.


•    C-60 is a cage-like molecule that traps free radicals. Free radicals are one of the leading causes of aging and DNA corruption. C-60 also reduces inflammation and slows down oxidative stress on the body.
•    Olive oil is an amazing health food with several benefits. Some of the biggest benefits are increased cardiovascular health and healthy amino acids.
•    As always, our C-60 comes protected in an EMF-free pouch to protect its potency and effectiveness.

“We strive to make the best Ormus and alchemical products on the market. That’s why we’ve spared no expense in manufacturing our products. We love what we do. That’s why we’ve put everything we’ve got into making sure our products are the absolute best they can be. We hope you’ll love them too”- Suspended Solutions

To further testify to the capability of Suspended Solutions wellness products, they even infuse every single product with positive healing energy; this is done by a certified Reiki master!

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