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The Busy Bees Can Make Your Mind Less Busy

When people think of bees, they often don’t think of anything beneficial. The first images that come to mind are of annoying insects that are a nuisance to people. Bees have been heavily associated with creating hives that disturb people’s habitats. In addition, bees have been known to cause harm to people’s physical health by stinging others when provoked. However, there has been a recent worldwide trend in which people have been educating themselves about the benefits bees can provide. The honey that bees create is more than something tasty that people can eat. It provides a layer of healthy protection to people’s skin and lips. In addition to honey, there are other things created by bees, like beeswax, that can even help people with stuff outside physical health and appearance, like keeping their furniture polished. A new year is here, so it’s time for people to discover the significant contributions to their lives that can be found in certain things like bees that people would never have associated with improving themselves. Learn how to be a new person with a brand-new mindset about bees with the very help of products from Steve’s Bees!


Bees are winged insects that are commonly seen in the spring and summer months in almost every habitat with flowering plants. There are over 20,000 known species of bees known to man. While some bee species have a sting that can be fatal to human beings, most bees are entirely harmless to people if they are not provoked. Until recently, arguably, the most well-known contribution to society from bees has been associated with pollination. This is an essential part of how crops are maintained. While people need to understand the importance of pollination to both our commercial and ecological society, it is just as crucial that people learn about the additional ways bees help society.

Honey Bees

Honey bees are a unique type of bee common to certain tropical regions of the world. As with all kinds of bees, honey bees assist in the world’s pollination process. Hence, the name honey bee also refers to the fact that they are responsible for creating specific amounts of honey. This honey is stored in what are called beehives. Like how bees themselves have been associated with causing great inconveniences for people, the hives created by honey bees have also been intertwined with this narrative. Other than trees, hives are often created in areas of people’s houses that seem a bit out of place. While it may seem like a disturbance to our habitat, the honey bees are creating an enclave, not just for them to reside in, but to provide ingredients that help people’s physical health and also help the upkeep of certain parts of people’s houses. If you look at the human skin and body as an enclave of the human soul, you can then say that honey bees help people keep up both their physical and residential houses.


Honey is a unique substance honey bees create when they collect nectar or honeydew. It is created to nourish themselves and their larvae. In addition, it provides nourishment for human beings. People consume honey regularly. It is included as a condiment on breakfast items such as waffles, pancakes, and French toast. In addition, it has been commonly included in people’s preferred beverages, such as coffee and tea. Consuming honey has excellent benefits for one’s inner body. It’s not just consuming honey that contributes to this factor; it’s even placing honey-based products on one’s skin or lips.

Ways that Honey Benefits One’s Skin

As mentioned, honey helps one’s inner health by being consumed or absorbed through the skin. Notwithstanding the significant benefits people receive when having the components of honey absorbed into the skin, it’s also important not to overlook how beneficial it is to the skin’s surface. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey, produced by bees, enable people to fight off various skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and other harmful things. In addition, when the skin comes in contact with something that fights inflammation, it helps people to recover faster from wounds and infections.

Honey is also a beneficiary component of one pushing back the hands of time when it comes to one’s skin. The human body naturally produces a certain amount of hydration for the skin. However, when people reach a certain age, their bodies do not have as many hydrating features as they once did. This, therefore, results in people developing signs of aging in their skin, like wrinkles and fine lines. That’s why people need the helping hand of some type of natural ingredient to keep their skin moisturized. What better way to do that than with the help of honey and other helpful ingredients? This can lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Benefits of Honey to One’s Lips

A specific part of the face that people often disregard as people’s actual skin is that of the lips. Yes, the lips are human skin. They are a part of the human face that shows facial expressions, sensations, physical attraction, and intimacy. In relation to physical attraction and intimacy, people use their lips to kiss. Due to its essential features, taking care of one’s lips is just as important as taking care of other types of human skin. Unfortunately, during the cold winter months, the lips become parched, becoming chapped. Having chapped lips is both an unpleasant and embarrassing condition. When one’s lips are chapped, it causes the areas around them on the face to become quite itchy and irritable, and it can be tough to eat. In addition, chapped lips are a very unpleasant site on the face that can make face-to-face conversations with both people you know just as uncomfortable as speaking with a stranger. In addition to feeling very uncomfortable, people with chapped lips are very paranoid about their appearance.

As mentioned, people reach a certain age whereby their body does not hydrate as quickly as it once did. You may ask yourself how this relates to one’s lips being chapped. Well, it tells a lot about the appearance around the mouth. It’s well-known that people with chapped lips are self-conscious about their appearance. When you combine the factor of the lips being overly dry and the skin’s hydrating abilities diminishing with time, the area of skin that surrounds chapped lips tends to look wrinkled. With the help of specific types of lip balm that have honey and other ingredients, one can not only eliminate dry, chapped lips but stop the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines surrounding the lips themselves.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a type of oil that comes from, you guessed it, coconuts. It is an ingredient that has been shown to help improve various aspects of physical health. Many people use coconut oil in supplements to help them lose weight or increase their energy. Other people have found it good to use coconut oil to help balance and texture their hair. Most importantly, many people have been presented with the ability of coconut oil to help one’s skin. Like honey, it is used as a moisturizing agent for one’s skin and can assist people when they have chapped lips or can prevent them from obtaining them during the cold, dry winter months or any time of the season. Also, coconut oil’s hydrating features help people reduce wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth when used in a lip balm.

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Beeswax is another natural substance produced by honeybees in their hives. It is the waxy substance that is secreted by the bees to create the honeycombs that are contained in the hives. Like honey, beeswax is also used to help one’s skin and overall health. However, people have also more recently become aware of the purposes of beeswax in making certain household appliances and benefiting certain types of furniture. Beeswax is used to make candles, wax melts, hinges, wood polishes, and other household projects. Candles are an essential part of people’s culture. However, they are also used for fashion and even mental well-being.

Arguably, the most significant benefit of beeswax relating to household living is how it is used to create wood polishes. These wood polishes that are made from beeswax have been shown to help enrich the color and shine of people’s wooden furniture. Keeping one’s furniture in pristine condition is an essential part of keeping up one’s house and maintaining one’s overall well-being. When furniture and household appliances in a person’s living space look as if they are just as new, even if they are not, it provides a sense of security and fulfillment. People tend to feel less filthy and more in touch with the physical surroundings of their residence. Of course, wood polish from beeswax wouldn’t be beneficial if it wasn’t supportive of the furniture itself. With a polished look, furniture can maintain its value. It’s almost like a parallel connection between the value of a physical person and furniture. However, it’s important to remember that it takes a specific type of beeswax accessory to ensure that furniture maintains the brightest polish and touch.

Benefits of Honey, Coconut Oil, and Beeswax to One’s Way of Thinking

Since honey and coconut oil can significantly benefit one’s lips and skin, they can help people maintain a positive attitude throughout their day. With lips free of dryness and areas of the mouth devoid of fine lines and wrinkles, one could argue that using honey and coconut oil on the lips can bring about more self-confidence in individuals and prevent them from being so self-conscious. Also, as mentioned, when polishing one’s furniture, one could say that there is a parallel between its upkeep and the worth one feels about oneself. When furniture is kept polished, and its value is maintained, one can feel more value concerning themselves and their life as a whole.

Steve’s Bees

Steve’s Bees is a honey farm located in Lucinda, PA. Its founder, Jesse Schmader, whose nickname is Steve, has been beekeeping for five years and sells honey locally, in stores, and online at Steve maintains that bees are essential to our world, and he plans to take just as good a care for them as they do for us! The various benefits of bees to people’s health and the appearance of their homes are found in the different products available from Steve’s Bees.

Beeswax Bar

  • One pound or One Ounce Bar of Pure Beeswax.
  • Useful for candle making, wax melts, squeaky hinges, and many other projects.

Lip Balm

  • Contains honey, beeswax, and coconut oil
  • Great for chapped links and reducing the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth.

Be Good with Bees

A new year is here! Now that you have joined the millions of individuals worldwide who have become aware of how vital bees are to society, isn’t it time you took action and reaped their benefits? In 2024, you can finally feel at peace with both you and your surroundings as you take care of both your physical appearance and household surroundings. Your body is indeed one with your surroundings, including your home environment. Let the parallel between yourself and your belongings be a good one. Bees can help you be one with what you are!









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