Eat WellThe Healthy Way To Pursue A Keto Diet

The Healthy Way To Pursue A Keto Diet

Are you looking for a diet that will help you to lose weight? There are so many kinds, but not all of them are used effectively. In recent years, the Keto diet has become popular because of the health benefits it offers. Originally in the early 1920s, this diet was used to combat severe epilepsy. Recently, it has been used to reduce symptoms of diabetes and for those who are unable to lose stubborn fat.   

If you implement the Keto diet properly, it will lead to a great outcome! But this requires a deeper understanding of how the process works. The body goes through a series of transitions during Keto, and if it’s not managed in the right way, you’ll have poor results.

What Is The Keto Diet?

The primary components of the Keto Diet consist of low carbohydrate, high-fat, and adequate protein intake. In a way, this is similar to Atkin’s diet, which is mainly known for eliminating or phasing out carbs. However, this diet is different because of the way it induces fat loss.

Normally, the body uses sugar and carbs as fuel for energy. When glucose levels are significantly reduced, levels of the hormone, insulin, decrease. This leads the body to release fatty acids from its fat stores. The fatty acids are then processed through the liver and oxidized, turning them into ketone bodies. When the fat produces ketones, this helps with weight loss because it becomes the new source of energy.

Still, committing to Keto involves more than just an overall understanding of how ketosis works. You must take the time to identify low-carb foods, figure out a schedule of eating that works best and learn to recognize the stages of ketosis. Each person must work on creating their strategy since everyone is unique when it comes to metabolism, digestion, chronic health issues, and food sensitivities.

The traditional Keto diet includes major sources of protein such as chicken, red meat, ham, turkey, and sausage. In terms of carbs, starchy foods like pasta, rice, and potatoes are avoided. Instead, it is suggested that you should eat vegetables like zucchini, avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, kale, and spinach. On the other hand, the fats should include nuts, seeds, avocado oil, coconut oil, fatty fish, and eggs with Omega 3.

Side effects of Ketosis

You may not be aware but making any drastic changes to what you eat can provide some discomfort. This is because your body needs time to adjust to a new way of eating and to metabolizing foods that it’s not used to.

During the initial stages of Keto, the body is making a massive transition from burning carbs for energy to burning fats. This process, sometimes called becoming “fat-adapted,” often causes feelings of fatigue, muscle soreness, sugar cravings, and being “hangry.” In addition, you may experience changes in sleep patterns, digestion, hydration, or kidney operation. To counteract these symptoms, it is necessary to supplement your diet with a full spectrum of electrolytes and minerals.

The human body has roughly 37 trillion cells and each one requires electrolytes and minerals to function. A body that is in ketosis requires even more than most because during ketosis your body excretes more electrolytes and minerals. With electrolytes and mineral supplementation, proper cellular function can take place to maintain an internal equilibrium, providing a smooth transition to the fat-adapted state.

Preparing for a Great Keto Experience

First, if you are having issues with feeling lethargic before starting your Keto diet, you should consult with a doctor to determine if you have any underlying health issues that should be addressed first.

Next, you should know that mineral and electrolyte deficiency is a reality for modern humans. Due to production farming methods, our soils are depleted of minerals, which means our bodies are also depleted. Before starting a keto diet, it is recommended to begin taking a full spectrum of electrolytes and minerals. Otherwise, you risk making vitamin and mineral depletion worse. This is also known as the “keto-flu,” where electrolyte and mineral deficiencies result in body cramping, aches, discomfort, and sleep disturbances.

Getting Started

Many people hear about the Keto diet, go home, clean out their cupboards of all carbs and go “cold turkey.” This is definitely NOT recommended. Stopping all carbs like this will create cellular havoc, as your body tries to adapt to metabolizing fats. It’s not an easy transition. Think about those 37 trillion cells you have all starving and crying for carbs! It’s like having a roomful of 2-year-olds all having a tantrum at one time.

So, instead of trying to change everything all at once, go slow and taper off your carbs. Supplement your electrolytes and minerals. Drink LOTS of water. Allow yourself more rest than usual and plan your meals so you don’t find yourself stuck and eating carbs because you’re starving!

With this in mind, remember that the early phases of Ketosis involve patience and self-encouragement. The body will naturally go through a process of finding a new balance. Not every day is going to be easy, but if you stay dedicated, even when your day gets rough, you will more quickly find that high-energy Keto experience that you’ve read about.

Supplement The Keto Transition

The world of electrolyte and mineral supplements is confusing. It can be difficult to know which substances to take and which will work best for your body. But there is a simple solution! Keto-BEAM liquid electrolyte and micronutrient supplements. These plant-based supplements are particularly effective for supporting the Keto Dieter through the transition into full ketosis. It is highly recommended that you start using Keto-BEAM before changing how you eat.

Benefits of Keto-BEAM Supplements

Keto-BEAM products are composed of Humic and Fulvic mineral complexes. These two substances carry 70+ electrolytes and minerals and have specific properties that are key to a successful Keto experience.

As flavonoids, Fulvic complexes enhance nutrient uptake by carrying up to 60 times their molecular weight of nutrients into the cells. For this reason, Fulvic complexes help curb the cravings that can result from the body’s transition into ketosis.

Humic complexes enhance system detoxification, which is a crucial factor for preventing the “keto-flu.” Their unique molecular structure and strong electrical charge make them able to gather free radicals, bind with bio-waste and toxins, and chelate with heavy metals – ultimately carrying them out the body entirely. This cellular waste removal is important because fat contains substantial amounts of environmental toxins. When the body begins to metabolize fat, these toxins are released into the bloodstream. 

Keto-BEAM’s Fulvic and Humic complexes work hand-in-hand to keep you strong and on track throughout the transition into ketosis and in the maintenance of long-term keto dieting.

Keto-BEAM ensures their supplements are:

  • 100% pure – sourced from ancient rain forests that have had no contact with modern pollutants
  • 100% Bioavailable – extracted via an alkaline process that protects the primary electrolytes
  • 100% Fasting Approved – Support intermittent fasting diets (OMAD)
  • 100% Carbohydrate Free – keto approved
  • 100% bioavailable immediately, no digestion required
  • 100% Guaranteed for taste – Keto-BEAM tastes like water



  • Serves as a primary source of electrolytes
  • Contains a Fulvic electrolyte complex
  • Promotes metabolism
  • Works to relieve sugar cravings
  • Provides an immediate electrolyte infusion for the body
  • Supplies the body with over 70 trace minerals

Keto-BEAM recommends taking 1oz. of Electrolyze per day for maximum effect.


  • Contains a humic micronutrient complex
  • Relieves keto aches and cramping
  • Provides full-system detoxification
  • Supports gut microbiome health
  • Enables restful sleep
  • Reinforces the immune system
  • Contains 70 plus minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, amino acids, B-vitamins

Directions include taking 1 oz. of the liquid per day. But if you are taking both products together, it is advised that the doses are modified to ½ oz. of each per day.

Listen To Your Body!

Diets fail when you try to change too much, too quickly and don’t listen to your body. when you are in the midst of a transformation that is taxing you physically, mentally, and emotionally, self-neglect can become a real concern. This is where the proper supplementation can play a significant role! Rather than being fatigued and trying to survive through your new way of eating, you could give yourself the cellular support your body needs and feel yourself come alive from the inside.  In the end, this will result in greater gains and weight loss.

You can also find out more about Keto-BEAM by visiting www.keto-beam.comInstagram, and Facebook

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