HealthThe quest for a cure

The quest for a cure

Tsoojva stared down at the massive drop in front of her. There was nothing between her and the Grand Canyon. No lines of people, no railings or fences. The year was 1340 A.D. No European had ever stepped foot near this canyon.

Ten steps in front of her feet, the world plunged straight down. For over 1000 feet, it falls. The river at the bottom looked like an aquamarine snake, carving its way through the jagged rock.

She is up and around early today, wrapped in a traditional blanket to guard against the cool morning air. Soon the desert will be hot. The rising sun reflects off the canyon illuminating the red, pink, and golden rock that forms the canyon’s walls.

Tsoojva is on a mission this morning. However, even though she lives here, she can’t help being in awe of the mighty canyon. The sight of this vast expanse always captures her attention and offers her a moment to reflect. Think about how small everything is compared to Nature.

The reason for her early departure from her home is her sick husband. He has been awake most of the night. His chest seems full of sludge, he is coughing, and his skin is warmer than it should be. She is not worried, though. She knows what to do.

Taking one last look at the massive fracture in the earth, Tsoojva begins her quest. She doesn’t have to look far to find the first item on her shopping list.

A short greenish-white plant with medium-sized leaves shoots up to the heavens straight from the ground. Taking out a stone knife, she cuts the plant close to the ground and places the herb into a basket. It has a strong, pungent aroma that is familiar and calming. And it has been used for hundreds of years to heal her people.

This is sage, and it will be the cornerstone of her treatment. The aromatic plant will be burned in their lodge to help purify the air and cleanse her husband’s lungs.

Tsoojva scans the area and quickly identifies her next target.

A medium-sized bush with bright yellow flowers and tiny green leaves. The flowers and leaves of the Brittle Bush will be turned into tea and a salve. This tea will help soothe her husband’s throat, which is raw from coughing. The gum in the stems will be boiled into a balm to help clear his congestion. Tsoojva gathers enough of the plant for her needs and returns to her lodge.

Her people are the Havasupai tribe. They have called the canyon and its surrounding desert plains home for hundreds of years. There are no pharmacies, no clinics, or pills to take. When a member of their tribe is unwell, they turn to Nature.

They have always known that all the body’s needs come from the earth. From their clothes, food, and their powerful healing medicines, there is something in Nature to meet every demand.

Older than civilization.

In the sands of Iraq, the first written record of herbs and other plants being used as medicine was found. Over 5000 years ago, someone had the foresight to record in clay tablets a Sumerian text that laid out twelve medicinal recipes using over 250 plants.

The Egyptians wrote what is now called the Ebers Papyrus. This document contained over 850 herbal medicines. It has been dated to 1500 BCE. However, the evidence of plant-based healing can be traced back even further.

A burial site was uncovered that is nearly 60,000 years old. This Neanderthal man was buried with eight different species of plants, some of which are still used as medicine today.

As you walk through the aisle of your pharmacy or supermarket, think about this. Nearly 65% of the drugs used today are derived from Nature. Timeless qualities, with many uses, are found throughout Nature worldwide.

Doesn’t it make sense that these natural compounds would still be of value today? Healing is not the only thing these plants and herbs are used for.

Too often people will turn to the latest gimmick or wonder drug offered by large pharmaceutical companies. Regular use of potent herbs and natural products can maintain a healthy mind and body. This is done without the thought, “I wonder if there is a natural solution to my issue.”

Cultures worldwide have access to different types of plants and herbs, all with remarkable and differing properties. The great thing about the modern age is that geography does not limit access to these natural materials.

High-grade natural remedies and maintenance products are available to all. The following are just a few of Nature’s beautiful products that should be considered by everyone with a mind for health.

Cordyceps Mushroom – First used in Asia, this mushroom regulates the immune system. It helps boost the immune response in times of infection. And reduces the response when inflammation is detected.

Echinacea – The preferred immune-boosting herb from North America’s indigenous tribes. This plant’s flowers, leaves, and roots have been shown to support white blood cells. This helps the cells act on infection quickly and efficiently.

Elderberry – Having been used in Europe since ancient times, this berry has now been proven to block viruses from entering your body and increase the reaction speed of your immune system.

Self-Heal (Prunella Vulgaris) – Cultures worldwide have harvested this plant for its healing qualities. Self-Heal has properties that stimulate your body to produce more white blood cells – your body’s primary immune system warriors.

These plants and fungi have all been proven to help bolster your immune system and fight infection. And there are other natural products known for millennia that help with clarity and focus.

Known for assisting users in sharpening their wits and being more attentive and focused.

Ginkgo – This remarkable tree can live up to 1500 years and has been around for 270 million years.

And it has been used in Chinese culture for thousands of years. Ginkgo provides powerful antioxidants and increases the delivery of blood to the brain. While it has many, many uses – ginkgo’s primary use is for mental support. This potent tree has been used to treat ADHD, autism, addiction, anxiety, and other neurological conditions.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom – This mushroom grows as clusters of small white tubes. It is found worldwide and traces its medicinal roots back to ancient China. It is firmly entrenched as a staple of Eastern medicine.

Lion’s Mane clears the brain of damaging compounds and beneficial treatment has been shown for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. This fungus has been used in studies to increase neural connectivity and improve spatial and visual memory. This remarkable mushroom has even been proven to improve motor function in limbs with nerve damage.

Salvia (Sage) – Recorded use of this potent plant is documented by well-known Greek practitioners of medicine, Dioscorides, Pliny, and Galen. Found and used throughout the world, this ancient herb has been shown in research to help with attention, memory, focus, judgment, evaluation, and reasoning. It is also anti-inflammatory and antidepressant and has impressive antioxidant effects on the brain.

Fortunately, sourcing these tremendous natural products is much easier than our ancestors did. While all of these can be obtained individually, it only makes sense to find products that contain everything you need.

Medicine Man Plant Co has combined the highest quality of these herbs and fungus to create top-tier supplements that can literally change your life. If you are looking for solid immune support, consider this:

The Immunity Pill

Everything you need to boost and support your immune system in an easy-to-swallow form.

Backed by science and thousands of years in human use, these ingredients bolster your first line of defense in battling the daily onslaught of viruses and bacteria.

Each dose contains –

  • 130% of your daily amount of vitamin C.
  • 540mg of Elderberry
  • 525mg of Cordyceps Mushroom
  • 375mg of Self Heal
  • 540mg of Echinacea

When it comes to your immune system health, it’s best to consider boosting it; naturally, BEFORE you are invaded by a virus or bacteria. The testimonials of this product continue to flow in, and, as you can tell, it can be a game changer.

Irma Klink had this report – Build your immune system! I like it so far! I’ve been taking this for about two weeks now. Haven’t been doing anything different except taking these pills. Normally this time of year I feel pretty terrible with allergies, cold symptoms, etc… given the weather in Texas constantly changing every day. Looking forward to seeing how this goes as the weather gets colder. Would definitely recommend it!

The importance of having a rock-solid immune system is hard to understate. However, Bennett Roberts puts it quite nicely –

I had a sinus infection and started taking Immune Pills and I got well much faster than ever before. My 6-year-old used to run fevers often, but now that she has started taking the immune pills she has yet to have a fever. Thank you, Medicine Man!

With this powerful combination, you have the power to naturally fight infections and ward off microscopic invaders. There is a reason these ingredients have been used for thousands of years.

What about the ancient compounds that enhance your mental clarity and memory and improve your focus? Medicine Man Plant Co didn’t forget this crucial part of your wellness program. They formulated a fantastic all-in-one wonder.

The Brain Pill

You will find potent compounds working together that can enhance all your mental processes.

Designed with improved memory, focus, clarity, and attention in mind, each dose has three powerful main ingredients.

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom – 750mg
  • Ginkgo – 300mg
  • Sage – 750mg

Easy to take daily for continued support, users of this product have nothing but good to say.

J.A.F. called the Brain Pill “legit stuff” and left this excellent review –

I have problems focusing on things at work so I was looking for a product that would help me stay into my detail so I took a flyer on The Brain Pill. I’m always a little skeptical about claims but I was open-minded about this.

I took the suggested servings and after a couple of days, I was pleasantly surprised that I felt a lot calmer at work, able to stay on task, and really keep my focus. I had no side effects from taking it and I think The Brain Pill does what it claims to do. The bonus is that the pills are easy to swallow. I recommend these to anyone.

Imagine improving clarity and focus on the task at hand. Imagine your mind feeling quick and ready to take on any challenge.

Teresa found this to be the case and relayed it in her five-star review.

Only taken for a week and not even at the recommended dose and still seeing great benefits. Increased focus and clarity without the jitters from products that contain large amounts of caffeine. Excited to experience the long-term benefits.

Science, Nature, and history.

Medicine Man Plant Co.’s products are backed by scientific research and studies into these ancient compounds.

Founded in part by world-renowned scientist Mark “Merriwether” Vordebruggen. Mark is a leading authority on edible and medicinal wild plants and has developed 16 patents using Nature’s chemistry. He has a Master’s degree in medicinal chemistry and a Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry.

An actual modern-day Medicine Man, Mark is dedicated to improving lives using these scientifically backed and time-proven natural compounds.

Created using only the purest and most natural ingredients, all Medicine Man Plant Co. products are organic, non-GMO, pesticide, and herbicide free. This provides you with only the cleanest and most beneficial supplements available.

When you consider improving your immune system or increasing your mental acuity, consider these fine products from Nature as Nature intended.

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