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The Road to Perfect Nutrition & Health: A Long Path with an Easy Start!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! It seems easy enough, right? Every health specialist, from your health ed teacher in fourth grade to the dietician at your local gym, is probably encouraging you to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. And there’s great reasoning for this. Most fruits and vegetables are incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals and low in unhealthy fats and refined sugars. And of course – they’re natural! Fruits and vegetables grow straight from the earth, after all, don’t they?

While we wish it could be the case that simply adding more fruits and veggies to your diet can do wonders for your health, the reality is a bit more complicated. We’re not going to say don’t eat your veggies; they are good for you after all; they’re just not the magic bullet that the media often claims. Because in the age of factory farming, GMOs, and globalization that we live in, your average banana, kale leaf, or head of broccoli picked off the supermarket shelf isn’t nearly as vitamin and mineral rich as you might read in nutrition textbooks. A study from 2019 found that the levels of key minerals in commercially available fruit and vegetables had dropped drastically (for some, upwards of 50%) since the ‘classical’ nutritional science era of the 1950s.

And there are tons of reasons why this is happening. Overuse of agricultural land has meant the soil we grow fruit and vegetables on isn’t nearly as nutrient rich as it used to be. The overuse of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides has also further dampened the availability of nutrients in the soil. And in our globalized world, most fruits and vegetables aren’t sourced locally; they’re shipped from thousands of miles away. To achieve this, farmers pick the crops when they’re still underripe and not as potent with nutrients as they could be, and then transport them for weeks as they continue to lose nutritional value.

Despite what nutritional labels might make you believe, you can’t simply weigh the vitamin content of a food, as you can with minerals and proteins. Vitamins are fragile organic compounds that will deplete over time depending on how the food is stored, processed, and prepared. And although minerals don’t deplete in the same way that vitamins do, minerals from plants come directly from the soil they’re grown in. So when nutritionists say that a tomato has about 18mg of calcium and 45mg of phosphorus, you need to ask them which tomato they’re talking about. Because unless the tomatoes were picked simultaneously from the same tree, there is no way they would both have the same nutrient levels!

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to ‘count’ vitamins and minerals as you might count calories. But while it might not be a matter of just eating an apple a day, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! So let’s introduce you to a leading nutritionist who’s spent decades looking into how we can perfect our vitamin and mineral intake.

Dr. Elite: A Lifelong Dedication To Nutritional Perfection

Aside from the standard 29 “essential” vitamins and minerals we commonly cited amongst other so-called health science professionals, there are actually literally 1000s of other “essential” food based chemicals the body can benefit from to establish and maintain optimal cellular performance. Although science has long proclaimed to know which vitamins and minerals your body needs and in roughly what quantity, the fact remains that there are yet 1000s upon 10s of 1000s of additional health boosting Phytochemicals still yet to be catatonically identified or clinically explored in depth. All more the reason why Nutritional Health professionals encourage a vast diverse consumption of fruits and vegetables of varying colors. Easier said then done you say?

Well that now brings us to the more important concern, how best to access as much of them as possible, and how best to deliver them. A continuously debated question among the scientific and nutrition communities. Nutritional balancing, it’s called, but what is it exactly? Well, it’s an art, not a science, after all.

B. C. (Trey) Goodman Sr, better known as Dr. Elite, (pre pandemic owner operator of the once renowned, “Elite Health Foods” store in Culver City, California) has spent 3 decades researching and experimenting with this careful balancing act in his goal to create the perfect nutritional balance. From the pursuit of a lifetime, 1 Sport Of Life was born.

As a former professional athlete, master level trainer and physical therapy technologist, Dr. Elite began developing 1 Sport Of Life while working at the internationally acclaimed Kerlan-Jobe Sports Medicine Institute Los Angeles, to help hone in on the intricate performance nutrition needs of the athletes untrusted to him.

Working with elite athletes every day, Dr. Elite was constantly pressed with the question of what nutritional approach could be not only healthy but perfect for the high performance body. After all, you can’t win a gold medal just by eating your greens, now can you. He knew he had to dig deeper than that. Health and wellness are part of a process and a lifestyle that starts (but doesn’t end) with what you put into your body.

In his pursuit, Dr. Elite studied nutritional science, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and sports medicine to take the best bits of knowledge from each discipline and work them into the world of supplemental nutrition. His knowledge has come with the assistance of top professionals in these fields, as well as DO doctors and other natural healthcare practitioners around the world. All of his  #BetterHealthToday focused supplements at 1 Sport of Life go through rigorous testing in the development process, which includes the peer review of top nutritional and medical professionals. Unlike several other top brands we researched for this editorial, all 1 Sport of Life health products are also developed and produced in-house here in the US at a FDA-Registered lab-production facility and are certified by the GMP and NSF, which together ensure therein contains what is claimed.

1Sport of Life formulates all of its supplements and nutritional products with 100% natural ingredients, carefully sourced from both local and global suppliers, simply yielding to the demand where the most nutrient dense sources are. There are never any harmful additives, preservatives, or GMOs, and they come from produce grown in naturally fertilized and well-protected soil. Dr. Elite firmly believes, “what we ingest are the Foundational key steps to competitively living an elite level lifestyle of health”. Continuously emphasizing the most important part of this is to be sure that what you’re consuming is actually beneficial to your health. No matter the calorie count of “superfood” kale you might see at the grocery store, if it was sprayed all over with pesticides, grown on commercially fertilized soil and time delayed from harvest – to the produce section – to your refrigerator – to your plate, you’re unfortunately ingesting a number DNA damaging chemicals, along with the now less-than-perfect nutrient compounds that remain in the Kale.

Your Body’s Superpower Delivered to You

1 Sport of Life’s industry leading nutritional products and supplements are available globally and trusted by numerous high-performing athletes and trainers around the world. From there Global Health Outreach efforts to make quality nutritional supplements affordably available in third world countries, to supporting top athletes in Football, MMA and Track & Field to name a few, fuels their commitment to continue developing the perfect supplements, such as their flagship Foundations of Life ~ Liquid Multi-Nutrient (Super-Food multivitamin) Formula, 1 Sport of Life takes vitamins and minerals from some of the most potent superfoods on the planet. All foods are carefully sourced from trusted suppliers, and each extract is carefully measured to ensure it’s giving your body exactly what it promises. You can’t always trust the labels, but with 1 Sport of Life, trust us that you can!

For each blend, Dr. Elite and his team have designed a unique mixture of vitamins and minerals that wouldn’t necessarily be found together in nature yet can still work wonders for your body. Classically, this is what nutritionists call “food pairing” of essential micronutrients. You know, like eating olives together with kale to add some healthy fats that can facilitate your body’s absorption of the vitamin C and lycopene in the kale. But Dr. Elite takes this concept to another level. Let’s call it ELITE food pairing!

Scientific tests on their formulas have confirmed that your body can absorb and utilize up to 98% of the vitamins and minerals in 1 Sport of Life’s formulas. In comparison, the body only absorbs about 20–50% of the nutrients in your average pineapple or sweet potato. Yeah, remember how we said you can’t just “count” vitamins and minerals?

Dr. Elite and his team have been able to accomplish this by carefully measuring in the right amount of just the right minerals that act as chemical catalysts, or natural triggers, to get your body’s system ingesting all the nutrients. As more nutrients are absorbed, more cells are triggered to absorb the rest of the formula, creating a biological domino effect – synthesizing power!

For a Healthy Body, and a Healthy Life

From Dr. Elite’s background of both the training and injury rehabilitation of some of the world’s top recognizable athletes, comes his commitment to not only creating the perfect nutritional supplements, but also building a healthy all-around lifestyle. One that will not only lead you to lose a few pounds of fat and build some muscles, but one that can build a fitness monster ready to compete at the top levels of Life itself. And if applied correctly, you might see yourself there as well!

Can sports performance nutrition really work for you? Well – by itself, maybe not. Sports supplements like those perfected by 1 Sport of Life’s elite team are the perfect foundation for building a healthy, high-performing body. But they can’t do it all along; for the best results, you’ll need to combine that perfect intake of vitamins and minerals with a good exercise routine, a good sleep schedule, and a healthy all-around lifestyle.

One of the most important aspects of this, as Dr. Elite will always stress, is avoiding eating or taking anything synthetic or unhealthy. 1 Sport of Life can give you a superpowered dose of vitamins and minerals that can work wonders, but not if you’ve followed up with a bunch of junk food! Of course, if you’re leading a healthy lifestyle, medications should not be something you’re tempted to reach for. And this is more important than you might think! All synthetic drugs have side effects, and while not all are extreme, they’re a curveball that you don’t want to throw at your body. Even over-the-counter medications that have been deemed “incredibly safe” for consumption have health consequences that have been observed by the FDA, even in the smallest doses. From a long-term health point of view, if you want to build that perfect body, it’s better to just let the aches and pains go away naturally instead of pumping your body full of Tylenol and ibuprofen.

If you think you’re ready to make a real change in your life and build that body and life you’ve always wanted, don’t wait any longer! Joining the 1 Sport of Life journey to health perfection starts with a simple click, and you’ll embark on your journey. With the right nutritional intake of vitamins, minerals and 1000s of other plant based Phytochemicals, your body will experience more than just energized like never before, but more confidence in your body’s ability to ward off illnesses, and greater feelings of motivation to accomplish your health goals in totality, and the results will come faster than you think! And we’ll warn you – once you start, there’s no going back!

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