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The Skin of the Century

Taking care of one’s skin is a massive part of daily living for millions of people worldwide, and rightfully so. The skin is the largest organ of the body that covers our internal organs. It is a protective barrier that keeps bacteria and harmful elements in the air from affecting one’s inner organs. Without the skin’s protection, one would be unable to function in society. Therefore, taking care of the skin is a good thing. For decades, there have been skin products advertised as being the best thing around. While some of these items have protected one’s skin, many have not exactly lived up to their potential. The biggest problem with many skin products that have been pushed to the public for years is that many have only been geared towards a specific aspect of the skin and not others. In addition, most of these items have been geared toward only a particular skin type.

One of the main goals many people have when using skin products is to keep their skin looking youthful and attractive. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. Maintaining youthful-looking skin helps people build their self-confidence and enables them to communicate with other people better. However, this idea of skin care has been pushed to the nth degree. This is where people have encountered issues. As mentioned, many of the items that have been advertised as the greatest thing possible for someone’s skin have turned out not to be very helpful. Often, they have left people with further irritation to the skin and unpleasant blemishes. Even more significant is that these lotions and creams that people have applied to their skin do not have the most natural ingredients. Keeping the skin healthy is just as important as maintaining a youthful look. If the skin is unhealthy, it can make people look older and less healthy. Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, it is important to keep it as healthy as possible. Luckily, there has been a recent trend spreading from coast to coast worldwide in which people have been using the most natural products to benefit their skin. CarmaBella Skincare has just the right products for people to use to maintain the look of their skin and its overall health. In addition, they have just the right items for all the different types of skin.

The General Aging of the Skin

The body produces various things that help people maintain youthful-looking skin. The production of collagen contributes to the skin preserving its overall elasticity and tightness. In addition, the general hydration of the skin is boosted by various elements within the body. However, the production of collagen and the ability of the skin to stay hydrated starts to decline once people reach a certain age. This is why people develop wrinkles and fine lines on their faces. Although aging is inevitable for everyone, that doesn’t mean one must look their age. This can be applied to everyone. It doesn’t matter what type of skin one has. Everyone is still going to become susceptible to aging. However, there are ways to combat this.

Different Types of Skin

Like how different people’s bodies come in different shapes and sizes, everyone has different skin types. While there are many kinds of skin, the two main types are oily and dry skin. Oily skin has its advantages as, for the most part, it does not wrinkle as easily as dry skin. However, it often contributes to people having problems with certain skin conditions like acne and blemishes. The oilier skin causes dirt to build up and clog the pores. Dry skin, on the other hand, has the advantage of not being as susceptible to these types of skin conditions. However, whether one’s skin is dry or oily, acne can affect anyone at any age. People who have dry skin often develop wrinkles more easily than those with oilier skin, especially when one reaches the point where the skin starts to show its wear and tear. For many years, different companies would promote a single product that was only helpful for someone of a particular skin type. This forced people to miss out on the benefits of skin products until a specific company marketed their product to their skin type, whether dry or oily. Now, people can access products from a single company for all their skin needs. One of the most important things one must remember to do is to teach themselves what specific types of ingredients are needed to help their kind of skin. In addition, it’s essential to determine what facial cleanser is best for acne and decide which gel moisturizer is best.

Seasonal Effects on the Skin

Dry and oily skin may be different in many ways. However, they do have several things in common. Aside from the fact that they are both types of human skin, they are equally affected by various times of the year. For individuals with dry skin, the winter season tends to be rough. The skin is already free of moisture as it is. During the winter, when the weather is much colder, people do not sweat as much. This adds to the overall dryness of the skin and can cause people to have chapped skin. Also, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines appear more evident.

For those who have oily skin, the summer months can be brutal. Their skin produces as much oil as it can. With the outside temperatures particularly high during the summer months, people tend to sweat consistently. While a certain amount of sweat is healthy, too much can contribute to developing skin problems. Oily-skinned individuals are already prone to have issues with acne. The strenuous heat exasperates this during the summer season.

Ingredients that Help with Oily Skin


A clove is a type of plant that is extracted from a particular kind of tree. As mentioned, people with oily skin tend to be more likely to have problems with acne. Cloves have tremendous antioxidant and antibacterial properties. These properties can attack a specific bacterial strain that causes acne. In addition, there is a compound contained within clove oil that can combat the inflammation and redness associated with acne.


Junipers are unique trees and shrubs. Their oil is very beneficial for people with oily skin. It can prevent the skin from having bad reactions to external factors. The skin acts as the shield to the inner body. Often, this shield can become tarnished by exposure to various things it encounters. With the help of items that contain juniper oil, there is less chance of this becoming a problem. Also, it has the capability of unclogging one’s pores. Individuals who have oilier skin tend to have trouble keeping their pores from becoming clogged. The clogging of the pores, in turn, contributes to one developing acne and blemishes. With juniper oil, the pores can be unclogged, and therefore, the likelihood of acne and blemishes is reduced.


Another ingredient that helps people with oily skin prevent future breakouts is rosemary. This is an evergreen shrub that can contribute to the balance and tone of one’s skin. When one topically applies a product that contains rosemary oil, it can help fight the bacteria that cause acne. The shield that is the skin is inevitably going to encounter something that is going to try and force a breakout. Why not coat this shield with something that enables one to keep unwanted bacteria from entering the skin and causing unsightly spots that lower your self-confidence? Rosemary oil provides the skin, which is a barrier itself, with another protective barrier that protects it from acne and other skin conditions.

Willow Bark Extract

Willow bark extract has a special type of power within it. This is the power of skin tightening. Within willow bark extract is something caused by tannins. Skin tighteners also cause these as they help shrink skin pores. The smaller the pores, the less likely they become clogged and cause acne breakouts.

Ingredients that help People with Dry Skin

Aloe Vera

When it comes to people who have dry skin, ingredients that act as natural moisturizers are very beneficial. One of the best natural moisturizers is Aloe vera. This comes from a cactus-like plant found in dry areas of the world. This is very ironic, considering that what is extracted from the Aloe vera plant is meant to help people with dry skin. Aloe vera extract is close to being almost 100% liquid. This acts as a moisturizer for the skin. As mentioned, people with dry skin tend to develop wrinkles, especially when they reach a certain age. In general, most people start to develop wrinkles at a certain age regardless of their skin type, as the body does not produce as much collagen or other components that help maintain elasticity and keep the skin tightened. With the proper use of items that contain Aloe vera, one can keep one’s skin hydrated daily.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a naturally occurring chemical in the human body. It also is produced naturally in various plants and animals. MSM is another ingredient that helps hydrate one’s skin and, therefore, prevent wrinkles. In addition, it can also help fight off inflammation, which helps people recover faster from wounds and infections. Even people with dry skin suffer from acne, and MSM can help with this as well.

Botanical Hyaluronic Acid

A special molecule known as botanical hyaluronic acid helps the skin trap and maintain moisture. It can grab onto moisturization and keep it retained. This allows the skin to stay hydrated.

CarmaBella Skincare

CarmaBella Skincare is a natural skincare brand focused on healthy skin using eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients and packaging. The company’s mission is to provide skincare that is as close to nature as possible without sacrificing the experience a person should have when caring for their skin. CarmaBella Skincare gives one both natural and luxurious products that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The ingredients in CarmaBella Skincare’s HydroSurge Moisturizing Gel help people with dry skin prevent the formation of wrinkles. However, it can also help people with oily skin. You may ask yourself how a gel moisturizer is good for oily skin, too. The type of ingredients in the gel also helps fight problems that people with more oily skin generally face. The same goes for the Oil Balancing Facial Cleanser from CarmaBella Skincare. It can help prevent problems associated with acne and also help people with dry skin with their problems.

Oil Balancing Facial Cleanser

  • Helps Reduce Excess Oil and Unclog Pores
  • Contains Clove
  • Contains Juniper
  • Contains Rosemary
  • Contains Willowbark Extract

HydroSurge Moisturizing Gel

  • Helps Prevent Wrinkles
  • Helps Prevent Sun Damage
  • Contains Aloe Vera
  • Contains MSM
  • Contains Botanical Hyaluronic Acid

Start Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin Again

Isn’t it time to start helping your skin look more youthful, all while keeping it healthy? Now that you know just what is needed for the type of skin that you have, isn’t it time you acted? Since the skin is the largest organ that acts as a shield, it is a gift to the body. People worldwide are now providing this very gift with gifts. These are the gifts of youth and health. The holiday season is upon us, and people need to equip themselves with what their body needs for their appearance and overall well-being. It’s also important to give this gift to other people.

If you want to hydrate your skin or keep it moisturized, look no further. You no longer must drive from store to store, wasting your hard-earned money on multiple skin products to fulfill your needs. Your skin’s wants and desires can be obtained using products from CarmaBella Skincare. Everything from fighting acne to preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is covered. The year 2023 is about to end, so don’t wait too late to provide yourself and others with just what your body needs so that you can finally feel more comfortable in your skin!









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