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The Study of Nutrition is a Science

There is a reason why nutrition research is regarded as a science. Our body transforms the foods and nutrients we eat into the “building blocks” required to sustain health and regeneration. Understanding how these digested substances transform into the critical nutrients we require and how they interact with our cells on a molecular level is one element of the science of nutrition. Our bodies employ the macronutrients we consume—carbohydrates, fats, and proteins—for energy and cell division. The vitamins and minerals we eat with them serve as micronutrients that support how that energy is utilised. Also, other nutrients included in our meals help the colonies of microorganisms that survive in our gut ecology by providing them with support (prebiotics) or nutrients (probiotics). The nutrients in our food, such as vitamin B12 or inulin, assist cellular processes or enhance the efficacy of our gut microbiome when consumed collectively. It goes without saying that you need both in order to survive. Yet even if you think your diet offers a wide mix of nutrients, there could still be a few gaps keeping you from reaching your healthiest state.

Why Do We Need Supplements?

We frequently observe variations in our daily energy as natural signs of aging as we travel through life. And while it’s perfectly normal to go through physical and emotional changes as we get older, many parts of our physical health shouldn’t be affected. You might notice actual benefits from adding a supplement to your routine if you frequently feel exhausted, struggle to concentrate, have dry mouth, overly dry skin, or even feel like your hair has lost its luster. Several factors might make it more difficult for our digestive system to adequately digest and assimilate different nutrients, even when we eat a balanced diet. Sometimes it has less to do with the things we eat and more to do with how it affects conventional farming methods. For instance, even if you think your diet is varied enough in terms of nutrients, it could not have enough powerful antioxidants, vitamins, or minerals to support your health at its best. Consider magnesium as an example. The low amounts of magnesium in our soil are causing a rising issue known as “subclinical magnesium deficiency,” despite the fact that it can be found in many foods like nuts and seeds, spinach, and avocado.

The amount of magnesium you actually consume from meals can also be significantly decreased by the removal of magnesium from processed foods and drug interactions. And similar changes may be occurring in your intestines. The diversity or balance of your gut colonies may be affecting how well your body absorbs several crucial nutrients if your body is experiencing gut imbalance. It doesn’t take much to upset your body’s natural equilibrium, and sometimes supporting a few specific microbial strains can drastically alter how smoothly you digest your meal. However, until today, there haven’t been many options for specialized pre- and probiotic supplements.

Your wellness test findings may have revealed a remarkable relationship between a variety of straightforward foods and how efficiently your body functions. We all have distinctive health differences; it’s part of what it means to be human. Yet occasionally, even when they are seen as “healthy,” we continue to eat things that we enjoy but that are not very beneficial to us.

A supplement could be the difference-maker. While it’s vital to choose foods that are high in nutrients and are appropriate for you, you may assist your body no matter what challenges you experience by tailoring your diet to include important botanicals or particular bacterial strains. We have adopted a new strategy to provide your body with the focused precision support it requires with Viome’s new line of precision supplements.

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Rethinking Personalized Supplements

Since multivitamins first became widely accessible, about 80 years ago, Americans have been taking supplements in this manner. Nutritional supplements, whether they come in the form of a “once-daily multivitamin,” a particular brand of vitamin and mineral supplements, or a unique formula, are here to stay. According to reports, at least 1 in 10 People suffers from a nutritional deficit of some kind. Pulling a generic label from the shelf at your neighborhood grocery shop, however, may not help you much when it comes to enhancing your diet. A “tailored” nutrition plan might not be beneficial to you either. After all, how much do those five-minute surveys actually reveal about your internal processes?

Even if a test has revealed you’re deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral, there are still other factors to take into account, such as quality, absorption, and bioavailability. All of these factors were taken into account when developing Viome’s new Precision Supplements & Precision Prebiotics + Probiotics range. We’ve already discussed the advantages of precision supplements, but we also understand that there are many factors to take into account before making any kind of health-related decision, particularly if it affects your everyday life.

When someone searches online for supplemental treatments for common health and physical complaints, it is frequently the case that the Precision Supplements and Precision Prebiotics + Probiotics are put together from categories or general health goal surveys.

Viome Precision Supplements, Probiotics and Prebiotics

Viome is more than just a firm that specializes in precision nutrition; it is on a mission to stop and reverse chronic disease by digitizing and decoding each person’s biology, beginning with the gut microbiota. Science has discovered a connection between chronic diseases and the dynamic ecosystem of bacteria that inhabits the gut. Viome is the first direct-to-consumer company that uses technology created at Los Alamos National Lab and solely licensed to it in order to evaluate mRNA (gene expression) in order to fully comprehend what is happening in a person’s body. As their AI becomes more potent and is bolstered by more data, studies, new papers, and the most cutting edge research, every customer—new and old—gains from the Viome platform.

\ By bridging the gap between our diet and gut microbiota, Viome can assist each individual in overcoming problems with their digestion, control of their weight, sleep, skin, clarity of thought, mood, and energy, many of which are symptoms of immune system reactions brought on by inadequate nutrition. Irritable bowel syndrome, depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses affect millions of individuals. Science has demonstrated that a bad diet causes health problems (and more), but that nutrition may be used to improve one’s health. Viome gives people a better grasp of what’s happening in their bodies when combined with precise supplements to fill in natural gaps in the diet and carefully prepared pre- and probiotics to assist recolonize the stomach with healthy microorganisms.

How Does Viome Work?

Viome provides the first at-home mRNA gut and health testing in the world that thoroughly analyze your microbial, human, and mitochondrial gene expressions and make incredibly accurate, individualized food and supplement recommendations. These assessments cover over 30 subscores related to gut microbiome health, biological aging, cellular function, immunological health, energy levels, and stress response and show how an individual’s gut microbiome health is affecting other parts of the body. Although these insights are potent, Viome further empowers people with useful advice. Each person may identify which meals should be avoided and which foods are Superfoods thanks to the connection between their food and supplements and specific scores. Based on a person’s scores, a supplement recommendation is made that contains exactly the proper amount of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, food extracts, herbs, amino acids, prebiotics, and probiotics.

What Can Viome Do For Your Gut Microbiome?

They can identify the metabolites these microorganisms create by examining the genes they express; in other words, they can ascertain their place in the ecology of your body. A person can fine-tune the activity of their gut microbiome to reduce the synthesis of toxic metabolites and increase the production of good ones by adhering to Viome’s dietary and lifestyle suggestions. Customers of Viome claim to have experienced observable or significant improvements in a variety of areas, including digestion, sporadic gas and bloating, sleep, weight loss, energy, mental clarity, skin issues, and more. The gut is the source of health. Improved gut health through nutrition can have a positive impact on various physiological systems and enhance not only digestion but also skin and mental health, among other things.

Isolated Supplements: The Benefits

When looking for customized solutions for health and wellbeing, a multivitamin formula is an excellent place to start because it offers basic nutritional assistance. Depending on your lifestyle and life stage, you can find that you are vitamin or mineral deficient. Those with vitamin D deficiencies are more likely to live in northern latitudes or spend insufficient time outside. Do you fall under this category? Find out by taking the exam at home. A one-size-fits-all multivitamin may not contain enough of a particular vitamin or mineral if you are lacking in that nutrient or if your demands have increased as a result of lifestyle choices or medical conditions. Individual vitamin and mineral supplements may be helpful in this situation.

Each vitamin and mineral is concentrated on a certain nutrient. These particular supplements enable a focused increase in the intake of a given nutrient without increasing the intake of the nutrients you are not low in. Moreover, a specific vitamin or mineral supplement may provide a higher concentration per capsule, giving your unique supplement routine greater flexibility. Moreover, specific vitamins and minerals can be taken at various intervals throughout the day. Certain minerals and vitamins may compete for absorption in your gut when taken in greater doses. As a result, spreading out several supplements throughout the day allows the body enough time to absorb each nutrient without favoring any particular one over the others.

Multi-Vitamin or Targeted?

The response is based on your lifestyle and health requirements. In general, taking a multivitamin helps you complete any dietary gaps in your diet and is more holistic than most other approaches. For a specific health issue, however, taking a specific vitamin or mineral supplement might be preferable. Both can provide a foundation to fill in any gaps in your health and wellness, but taking a multivitamin vs. taking individual vitamins is a topic of great discussion. You can fine-tune your diet and supplement requirements as you continue taking supplements and focus on particular health objectives. For many people, a combination of a multivitamin and certain vitamins offers a more individualized approach to meeting individual needs.


Most people think of drugs when they hear the word “artificial.” The majority of people consider “natural” when they think of vitamin supplements. Yet, medications and vitamin supplements can both be man-made or organic. Today’s vitamin supplements often contain artificial ingredients. But, there are other things to do in the “natural” world than hopscotch games and fairy dances. All natural substances that have the potential to be fatal include poison hemlock, hallucinogenic mushrooms, rhubarb leaves, and sprouting kidney beans.









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